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Anyone for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure?

Has anyone heard of this wonderful action-packed anime called Jojo's Bizarre Adventure? This series follows the Indiana Jones-eque capers of three generations of fighters endowed with psychic powers called "stands" as they fight off evil entities with similar powers.

Their exploits take them from England and Italy to the Egyptian desert and the Far East...

Great if rather baroque design aesthetic (especially with regards to the stand characters)....I guess mahihilo ka nga sa pagsasalin sa anime...check out the protagonists' names (Mariah...Midler... Alessi...Vanilla Ice), they're a Classic MTV wet dream!!!



  • SpiPSpiP PExer
    yap ok ung anime
    based ito sa CAPCOM game, meron sa PS1
    may bago lalabas sa PS2 cell shaded

    ora ora! :)
  • ok yung game, innovative gameplay
  • I watched a few of the OAV's and it was good. Yung mga stands parang GF sa FFVIII. Sarap nung mga laban lalo na ung sa last match na against Dio. The PS game was also good. Anyway, This is recommend to anyone who sees a copy.

    To macewindu: Yep, Vanilla Ice made me snicker the first time I saw him. :D
  • ObjectionObjection PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Astig sobra ang adaptation ng Part I and 2 recently released , kahit medyo cheesy , atat na ako for the next 6 parts

    Ewan ko bat after 2 decades bago inanimate eto as a series instead of individual parts / OVAs
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