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Strange and unusual pets

My brother and I have always wanted to get pets few other people have (to the despair of our parents). Currently we have a Philippine iguana and carnivorous plants - a North American pitcher plant (Sarracenia spp. - the shopgirl said it was a hybrid) and a Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) that I bought a few months ago at this plant fair in Glorietta.

The iguana is my brother's; he bought it a long time ago at this big petshop somewhat near the house. It takes carrots and the occasional banana. My plants are doing well. They've grown a little since I purchased them, but they're still rather small and their leaves are still mostly green (parts of the leaves turn reddish or red if and when they're mature/well cared for). They were a bit expensive but are well worth it in my opinion.

As for more ordinary pets, I have a 35-gallon aquarium stocked with cichlids, catfish and kuhli loaches. We also used to have red-bellied salamanders, but they died on us.

This friend of ours who specializes in exotic pets has recently imported tarantulas and scorpions, and I'm going to have a look (although I'm sure my mom would really hate me if I were to come home with one of those!). Will see if I can sweet-talk her into allowing one of those into the house. ;)

Anyone else out there into weird pets?


  • hehehe, naalala ko nong bata pa ako. may pet akong scorpion, pagkain nya mga gagambang bahay. i really enjoy feeding her spiders, may fight scene pa syempre. tapos nanganak, gulat pa ako dahil may mga nakasakay na sa likod nya nung morning na yun. hehehe.
  • BarokBarok PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I'm an exotic pet hobbyist myself and my almost alwaysfolks gets the shock of their life when I bring in "not so common" creatures in da house. newey...I don't think "weird" is the best word to describe these type of animals because there is nothing weird about them. I'm just into them because there is something special about them and I do find them beautiful. I currently have a 1 and a half year old 3 foot Green Iguana and I never get tired of looking, playing with it especially when its feeding time and I'm feeding it its favorite food (bananas). Its like a puppy begging for food.

    Next on my wanted list of exotic pets:
    1) ferret
    2) galapagos tortoise -> balita ko endangered na to so di bale nalang... I'm pro wildlife conservation/protection
    3) macaw - blue and gold
    4) kestrel falcon - one of the smaller falcons (maliit ng konti sa kalapati)
    5) hedgehog

    sa reptiles naman, gusto ko ng:
    1) panther chamelleon (pinakamakulay)
    2) rhino iguana - mukhang rhino...big headed
    3) cayman/jamaican iguana
    4) snapping turtle - ung lumalaki ng over 10 feet (matatagpuan sa Florida everglades)

    ayaw ko sa snakes..not because I hate snakes... I just find their 4 legged cousins more attractive
  • Hi guys!

    jokertweety: where'd you buy it? How much? How do you care for a scorpion?

    Barok: you'd get along well with my brother, he's really into reptiles. An iguana is all he can get though, because our dad's really afraid of snakes and draws the line at lizards.

    Nice to hear about your iguana. Ours is still less than 2 feet long and seems to grow slowly. Do you give yours vitamins and/or other supplements?

    Am not sure if a ferret or a hedgehog would do well in our climate since they're temperate-climate creatures. (Although my brother says there are squirrels in Forbes Park - pets that managed to escape somehow - that seem to be doing well.) The kestrel and macaw would do fine here, I think.

    Re. the snapping turtle, my bro was in Cartimar just yesterday and he says he saw one there - a young one apparently. I think you would need a pond for that if you were to buy it! I haven't been to Cartimar in a long time; I think I'll try to visit it soon to see what's there..
  • JC00JC00 PExer
    i used to have a pet water beetle when i was a kid. it was pretty big (around 5-6 in).
  • i have a pet.
    her name is chiklet.
    she is a chic.
    she's not an endangered kind, tho.
    but they say it's strange that i keep one.

    actually i wanted to keep a Rooster.
    yun pansabong ba.
    walang sabongan d2, pero i like it cos it cant
    fly too high.
    and i can tie it, too.
    lagay ko sa bubong namin, tali ko sa grill.

    eventually, magiging ganun din c chiklet.
    kaya inaalagaan ko sya ngayon.
    sa Birdcage sya nakatira.
    ndi pa naman sa bubong.

  • BarokBarok PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    actually human vitamins and supplements (aka Enervon C) will be good for your pet as long as the amount is prepared correctly to prevent overdose. E.g. if 1 tablet = human, compute how much dosage should be fed to a little reptile...But if your unsure, why not try to feed it green leafy vegetables (aka kangkong, talbos ng kamote) and fruits because it is a source of protein. Note: not all types of vegetables are good for them, e.g. cabbage causes them to have brittle bones.
  • - Garter Snakes (escaped, found in neighbor's tree)
    - Albino African Clawed Frogs (crawled out of fish tank, dried-up)
    - Dragon Salamanders (became too fat, transferred in pond)
    - Freshwater Banded Snakes (water stinks whenever it pukes out its food, got tired fo cleaning, gave them away to friends)
    - Scorpions (clumped in fishbowl)
    - Bat (smallest in the world, caught in Subic/JEST, unfortunately went to bat-heaven after a week.)
  • sLaYeRsLaYeR PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    anybody who can give me an info where to buy a scorpion? how much?


  • my sister owns a Hermit Crab :shrug: strange? perhaps not, yet highly unusual

    i've a friend who has a pet Rock! now that's unusual. Sabi pa nga niya, "di nga mahirap alagaan yun, eh!"

    asuz! :beam:
  • Originally posted by sLaYeR
    anybody who can give me an info where to buy a scorpion? how much? ty

    inarbor ko lang scorpions ko sa barkada, haven't asked him kung saan niya nakuha or nabili. but i believe sa Cartimar sa Pasay, meron dun. minsan nakakakita ako ng mga Tarantulas doon eh. i hope this would help. good luck!
  • tadeustadeus PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Hey Guys!

    How about those carnivorous plants?

    How much did you bought them?

    Are they hard to maintain?

    Can they be planted to the ground?

    Info naman about them.

    :) Please!
  • The carnivorous plants cost me P500 each. Expensive, I know, but they're fascinating..

    They're rather easy to maintain. I keep them in an old baking tray that's filled with about 1/2 inch of distilled water. (You have to use distilled water because the chlorine in plain tap water will kill them, and regular mineral water is bad for them because it's too rich in minerals.) Every time I leave the house for work in the morning, I bring the plants outside - the websites I checked all say that they need a lot of sun. I place them in an area of our garage where they get a lot of early-morning sun, but which is shaded from about 10 a.m. onwards - very strong sun can damage them. You don't need to feed them insects at all! The insects they can catch are a bonus to them; they can survive on just the distilled water, air and sun. (Am planning to give them an ant every once in a while; will update you as to what happens.) At night I just pick up the tray, put it inside the house and pour in some more water to make up for evaporation losses. I've been warned not to try putting fertilizer, as their roots could be injured - note that these plants evolved that way due to the lack of too much nutrients in the soil, so I guess it's logical that if their planting medium is nutrient-rich, they wouldn't do so well.

    So far the Sarracenia or American pitcher plant has been doing very well. The Venus flytrap looks just OK, but it could be better.

    Each plant is kept in its own plastic pot that has a mixture of moss and sand (?) inside. The moss absorbs the distilled water and keeps the plant very moist. When I bought these plants, they already came with the pots. Since I don't live in a marshy area, I won't even think about planting them in the soil. They'd just die.
  • tadeustadeus PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Whoa! Nice!

    BTW, Swiftsure where did you bought it?

  • At this plant fair in Glorietta, a long time ago. Can't remember the name of the store. Will try to see if I can hunt up the shop's receipt (I doubt I still have it though)..

    Hey, starting June 26 there's going to be a Pet Expo at the Megatrade Hall in Megamall. I'm pretty sure there'll be some carnivorous plants there - as well as a lot of other really interesting pets!

    Anyone interested in going? I'll be going there for sure..
  • I was wrong. No carnivorous plants there.. it wasn't much of an Expo in my opinion. They had some interesting booths, like the butterfly booth and the Philippine Cichlid Association (?) booth, but it was quite boring overall. Oh well - at least I got to buy fish food and talk to some OK people.

    Say, anyone know anything about this Association? I'd like to join it.
  • Oh, by the way, I gave the pitcher plant an ant the other day. I dropped it into one of the pitchers on Sunday night; when I checked Monday morning, the ant could easily be seen by shining a light through the pitcher. It was at the base of the pitcher near the bottom. This morning, though, when I checked, it seemed to be broken into smaller pieces. Will try to verify this tonight.

    I'll give the flytrap an ant or some other small insect when I get home.
  • Originally posted by sLaYeR
    anybody who can give me an info where to buy a scorpion? how much?


    im selling scorpion.. mga 1 mo. old na.. i have 10+ scorpion here.. 600 each.. txt me 0917-9068156...
  • im selling ALBINO BURMESE PYTHON more than four feet long... for only 50k... txt me 0916-3784997 2 years old palang to.. im sellin this coz we dnt have a place for this anymore... pm or txt me.. thanx
  • Originally posted by sLaYeR
    anybody who can give me an info where to buy a scorpion? how much? ty

    Scorpion for Sale
  • Red_DevilRed_Devil PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I used to have spiders, 'yung hindi gagambang bahay. May nga tawag pa nga sa ibang species like TALA (plain with one large spot at the back), TIGRE (kulay tigre kasi), KABALAN, etc. Galing nito. Pinaglalaban-laban namin sa stick. Saputan. Astig. :D
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