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What best describes us Filipinos...



  • always late.


  • turo nguso :lol:
  • malamabing.
    it's true...of all races, tayo ata pina-sweet and loving :*)
  • Holier than thouHolier than thou PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Fluent in english.

    Crab Mentality.

    Colonial Mentality.


    God-fearing people.

  • ----
    • very accommodating - lalong lalo na sa mga bisita sa bahay!
    • mahusay makisama - kahit plastikan lang naman!
    • masipag - shempre pa, gusto umasenso eh!
    • masayahin - kahit problemado!
    • bumuboto ng artista sa gobyerno - nuff sed!

  • most common: iron-willed.

    even if they know that they have been exposed for committing a grave sin or crime, they still continue to tell society that they are innocent!!!
  • well, i think Filipinos are sweet, hospitable, jolly and God-fearing people. aside from the fact, na maganda ang lahi naten evidenced by kids of Filipinas who married foreigners=)

    but i would also agree with most of you, Filipinos are very envious of the things they dont have that they tend to do bad things just to satisfy their fantasies in life.=(

    just couldn't resist.
  • Mga majority ng tao na nakilala ko sa aking travels sa mundo. Ang lagi nilang binabangit pag sinabi mong Taga-Pilipinas ka, lagi-laging mga Pilipino ay nakangiti. Kahit anong situation ay ating ginagamot sa ngiti.

    One of our worst and greatest traits are that we are hopelessly romantic. I think that is why we voted Erap as the president. We are too easily dilussioned by our romantic nature. But it goes without saying that romance in us keeps us going no matter how bad things get.
  • Really ****ing loud on the bus
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