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Is death an event or an entity?

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well, that's basically my question.


  • its a natural occurrence
  • it depends on which angle you're asking from, extreme realism or nominalism?
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    "the beginning of the universe without me"

    I heard this from my prof. I know he just quoted this one.
  • It's an entity. At least that's what happened in Star Trek.

    Once you die, you will have an out of body experience. Soon there after you will see a light. If you choose not to enter, a dead family member or something like that will come and get you. They will do all they can to make you enter the light. They claim that it is a place of joy and happiness. This is what happend to Capt. Janeway. When she refused, the entity pretty much said, you will die someday and you will "nurish" him for a long time.

  • So-callled near death experience is not experience of death; because the subject regains consciousness to talk about his experience during his unconscious period.

    The experience of death is one that is terminal; that is, the subject does not regain life to talk about his death experience.

    For example, people buried in the cemetery are factually dead; they don't come back to talk about the experience of death.

    If they come back, they were not dead in the first place.

    Ask the embalmers and the guys living inside our cemeteries in Metro Manila, they know: the dead don't come back in any manner at any time, if they are dead and buried for months already.

    What kind of consciousness was the subject of near death in when he was in his near death period?

    We can learn from them about their experience in their near death periods.

    But how can we know whether they really experienced or they imagined they experienced?

    People cannot distinguish in many instances between factual experience and imagined experience, between facts and imagination.

    There is one experience of death in regard to the loss of consciousness that we all have repeatedly, namely, when we are asleep without dreaming, when we are in general anaesthesia, and when we are in a comatose state.

    These states are no different from the condition of physical death insofar as conscious existence is concerned.

    If we don't regain consciousness ever, then we are definitely dead, in a vegetating death, no different from those in the cemeteries, insofar as conscious existence is concerned.

    So, be thankful that you wake up so far everytime you go to sleep.

    And pray that when you are in general anaesthesia or in a comatose state, doctors can still bring you out into conscious existence.

    Susma Rio Sep
  • Death has to be an event. Isnt it? Death is life ending. Its a moment in time where an entity becomes permanently unconscious. However metaphorically death is an entity, maybe this is due to us being scared of it... or maybe it seems something we try to avoid and run away from. We cannot run away from an event. Can we run away from our bday? however it seems we try this with death. We are willing to spend 2 life savings to prolong a 100 yr old person from dying even for a day.. maybe through metaphor, death became an entity. But its true nature is it is an event which we run away from
  • We are willing to spend 2 life savings to prolong a 100 yr old person from dying even for a day

    i just remembered socrates saying "To fear death, my friends, is only to think ourselves wise, without being wise: for it is to think that we know what we do not know. For anything that men can tell, death may be the greatest good that can happen to them: but they fear it as if they know quite well that it was the greatest of evils."
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    The more I read socrates, the more I understand why they poisoned him.
  • moochie: dont u fear death?

    Its easier to say that I am not afraid of Death. Death is permanent. It is also as what we experience of terminal. Something that will take us away from this world. Death is a scary thought. We prepare all our lives for it. but somehow we always is unprepare for it. Maybe the thought I can never have a good ice wine or a good steak.. maybe the thought that worms will eat my body. Or maybe the thought, Damn i will leave everything behind and bring nothing with me.. if i am still conscious!

    For a baby, sleeping is hard because the world ceases to exist. They lose their sense of reality. For an old man, death acts the same way.. but with the knowledge that it is permanent.
  • i don't fear death itself. what i fear is the consequences that it would bring, such as what you have posted. I fear how my family and friends would react, how painful it would be, the thought of having no knowledge whatsoever of what i'm going to find or what i'm ging to experience, etc.

    I think that the main thing that people fear about death is having no assurance of what would follow. Perhaps this is also the reason why religion was brought up.
  • then u r also scared of death. The consequences it brings is part of death.
  • perhaps, in that sense, yes.
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    Interesting discussion. Up next: "The human penis has a mind of its own."
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