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kukoc, hughes, starks traded

kukoc is now with the sixers, hughes and owens to golden state and starks with chicago. which team will have the advantage in this trade?


  • I think the sixers has an adavantage due to the fact that they have a chance for the playoff. but losing a risig star like hughes for a kukoc ( near the end of career) is not a good exchange.
    the bulls got a good bargain cz kukoc isn't in there future rebuilding plans plus they got a sure lottery pick!
    i think this trade ended any glen rice trade rumors!

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  • batang uliranbatang uliran PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Benefits all three teams but mostly the Sixers. Kukoc elevates the team, in my opinion, to the level of Indiana, NY and Charlotte. The Warriors get a younger, more athletic shooting guard who can potentially score a lot of points for them and is a nice offensive threat alongside Antawn Jamison. The Bulls get a high draft pick and will likely move Starks to free up more cap room.
  • nixnix Administrator PEx Moderator
    The Bulls look like they have a future with two potential top three first rounders next year, and with a lot of cash in their hands.

    The Warriors now have three slasher/shooter players now in Marshall, Jamison, and Hughes, all versatile multi-position scorers, making it a very bright future for them.

    The 76ers will get solid veteran in Kukoc, who can score and distribute the ball as well as any oversized small forward. I think that in spite of Philly's move to get Kukoc, they still lack the necessary manpower to compete with the Knicks, Pacers, and the Heat. Iverson is just too darned selfish.

    But I love the future potential of the Bulls. I just hope they can snag a big money player in next year's free-agent market.

  • clawed_outclawed_out PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    well for sure, phillies (6ers) will have a good chance now of going to the play offs....

    & bulls...oooooh never mind!
  • I think the sixers has the edge over the others. Although He's not young enough to other rising stars, he'll probably provide leadership and experience with the sixers. Probably a back up scorer for Iverson. At least di na magsasapawan kasi Kukoc is not a selfish type player and the good thing about him is he know how to pass.
  • We got HUGHES! We got HUGHES! YIPEE!!!
    Finally, my Golden State gets a good deal! Larry is a very good addition to an already young crew.. i am simply ecstatic, eventhough our season is pretty much over, the future looks so much brighter all of a sudden. Not only does Hughes bring youth to the team, but his high flying b-ball style will surely add excitement (something us Warrior fans long for) and thus sell more tickets for the Warriors.

    With the newfound chemistry under St. Jeans rule; Donyell Marshall finally earning his pay; Dampier no longer wearing his Armani suits on the bench; a much lighter, stronger Caffey; the continued improvement of Jamison; and the surprising play of V. Cummings.. and now this.. Golden States future is starting to look pretty darn good. There is a basketball God out there.. thank you!!!!
  • batang uliranbatang uliran PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    Jamison has been out and there are some rumors floating around that his season may be over. I agree with your assessment though that Hughes is a good fit for the Warriors and may blossom there into a 20ppg scorer.
  • batang uliran: the MIR tests (or is it MRI?) that they did on Jamison showed nothing wrong with his knees, which means that he should be back soon to join his new teammate. But even if Antawn sits out for the rest of the season, i still can't help but feel optimistic for the Warriors. Besides, with their playoff hopes already dead and gone, the remainder of this season is nothing more than just a big practice session to better themselves for next year.

    After losing such big names like Webber, Gugliotta, Spreewell, Hardaway, Richmond, Joe Smith, and Mullin.. and screwing up our draft picks by passing up on Penny, Kobe Bryant (we got fuller instead.. the horror!!), Tracy McGrady (ouch!), and Vince Carter (double ouch!!).. it's nice to know that the Warriors are finally getting a break. I just hope that Hughes agrees to stay with GS after his contract runs out in 2002.
  • Another season lost for the Bulls. More opportunities to lock up Kenyon Martin. How many draft picks do they have?
  • Who is this Kenyon Martin?
  • Larry Hughes had 21 pts., 9 rebounds and 5 assists in Golden State's 122-100 win over Boston. Owens didn't do bad either, compiling 7 pts., 9 rebounds and 6 assists. In Philly, Kukoc was widely applauded during the Sixers' 104-75 win over Cleveland. He had 11 pts. and 4 assists and jelled very well with Larry Brown's boys. Judging from these first games, I would say the trade were beneficial to both teams. It remains to be seen whether Starks can make the same impact in Chicago. Remember he was one of the most 'infamous' players for Bulls fans during the NY-Chi playoff games some years back by roughhousing Pippen and Jordan. I still remember his awesome baseline jam over Michael.

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