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Your Very First Job?

My Very 1st Job Is At Chowking
Working as a Cashier on a Graveyard Shift.


  • uy chowking! kompetensya... lol.gif
    ako sa Ma-Mun-Luk.. sa may Aurora Blvd. pero sarado na to ngayon.
  • my first job was cleaning tables at taco bell.

    i only lasted a day.. :D


  • RöttenMindRöttenMind PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    it is called *****!

    yes, ako yung nagblow ng mga candles sa mga party kse di kaya iblow ng mga celebrants! :D

    serious, ala pa.. tamad ako eh! snooze.gif
  • My first job is as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer.

    which is the one I currently have.
    I never had time before to get summer jobs or part time ones. and that is why this is my first job.
  • nixnix Administrator PEx Moderator
    My first job was as a training manager in KFC.
  • 1st job ko was a piano teacher way back my junior year in college.i had to get used to teaching 12 kids of different personalities.
  • first job pa rin for the past 6 years.
  • I just finished the headache and frustration that is school last April. Got hired as a writer May 15th and resigned a month later (which is last Thursday.. :P ). And now, I'm a bum livin off my parents' wallet -again! whoppeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    Account Manager in Ogilvy One (Direct Marketing Division of Ogilvy and Mather Philippines)
  • apprentice reporter for Channel 4. Hindi ko natagalan, police beat kasi. Kundi ni-*****, addict ang usually ini-interview ko.

    But before that, my mom gave me an ice buko business when I was 10 years old. Flop din yon. Ako ang umuubos e. yummy.gif
  • Marketing and Sales Coordinator for Perfumeria Espanola Corp. (the proud makers of Heno De Pravia) glad I got a better job...
  • RöttenMindRöttenMind PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    kitchen helper sa isang resto..

    pero k lang.. next week sa dining na ko!

    and masaya dun kami gumagawa ng mga orders.. sorry na lang sa mga customer.. evilgrin.gif
  • zimdudezimdude PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    still the same company for the past 5 years, though I held different responsibilities there, all of them Internet technology.
  • Ako, I was hired as a Sales Supervisor (semiconductor company) and was directly reporting to a Japanese GM. I felt I'm in a kind of a mess since what I really want is to be on a Telecoms company...So I resigned...
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    Ay I forgot my practicum! Recruitment trainee in Unionbank! :)
  • KuyaDannyKuyaDanny Moderator PEx Moderator
    My college practicum was spent as a trainee in Personnel, Packaging Products Division, San Miguel Corporation.

    Allowance: P480 per month.
  • Sa Ogilvy PR pala ako nag practicum... Did not get paid anything but I met Bea Lucero and Jao Mapa (wow....)
  • artart PExer
    first job ko, regular job agad.

    copywriter/artist... after a year and a half, i resigned... now, i'm an artist, in a computer related business kaya eto... FREE INTERNET!!! :D

  • CalaCala PExer
    first real job: online editor for PinoyPlanet.com
  • junior programmer for a computer company somewhere in binondo
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