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  • NASDAQ Net Change Gainers

    Company Name Volume Price Change
    % Change Symbol

    Grey Advertising Inc. 0.01 M $530.00 $34.44 6.9500 GREY

    Millennium Pharmaceutical 4.03 M $134.00 $16.25 13.8000 MLNM

    VeriSign Inc. 8.31 M $171.75 $14.81 9.4400 VRSN

    Myriad Genetics Inc. 0.27 M $141.88 $12.50 9.6600 MYGN

    Redback Networks Inc. 4.46 M $159.69 $12.44 8.4500 RBAK

    AudioCodes Ltd. 0.19 M $111.06 $12.06 12.1800 AUDC

    Infosys Technologies Ltd. 0.08 M $184.50 $11.75 6.8000 INFY

    Software.com Inc. 0.33 M $116.13 $11.63 11.1200 SWCM

    Human Genome Sciences 1.78 M $145.38 $11.34 8.4600 HGSI

    Idec Pharmaceuticals Corp 1.29 M $126.63 $11.31 9.8100 IDPH
  • NYSE Net Change losers

    Company Name Volume Price Change
    % Change Symbol

    Berkshire Hathaway Inc. 0.00 M $53,200.00 ($900.00) -1.6600 BRK/A

    Berkshire Hathaway B 0.02 M $1,732.00 ($28.00) -1.5900 BRK/B

    Tele Sudeste Celular 1.40 M $37.19 ($6.81) -15.4800 TSD

    Sprint Fon Group 12.83 M $52.78 ($5.59) -9.5800 FON

    Infineon Technologies Ag 0.27 M $82.25 ($5.06) -5.8000 IFX

    Telecomunicacoes De Sao 4.81 M $21.00 ($5.00) -19.2300 TSP

    Bj Services Company 1.65 M $62.81 ($3.63) -5.4600 BJS

    Lsi Logic Corporation 4.58 M $57.91 ($3.59) -5.8400 LSI

    Advanced Micro Devices 4.46 M $80.69 ($3.56) -4.2300 AMD

    Mediaone Grp 6.25% Pies 0.04 M $93.50 ($3.38) -3.4800 UMX

  • NASDAQ Net Change losers

    Company Name Volume Price Change
    % Change Symbol

    Turnstone Systems Inc. 0.31 M $159.75 ($13.25) -7.6600 TSTN

    Energis Plc 0.00 M $202.00 ($11.00) -5.1600 ENGSY

    TriQuint Semiconductor 7.27 M $100.00 ($9.56) -8.7300 TQNT

    Power-One Inc. 1.58 M $105.03 ($8.34) -7.3600 PWER

    Sycamore Networks Inc. 7.13 M $111.13 ($7.63) -6.4200 SCMR

    TenFold Corporation 0.94 M $16.25 ($6.75) -29.3500 TENF

    Silicon Storage Tech. 5.62 M $78.50 ($6.50) -7.6500 SSTI

    Mattson Technology Inc. 0.93 M $33.06 ($6.44) -16.3000 MTSN

    Rambus Inc. 8.87 M $102.81 ($5.81) -5.3500 RMBS

    MapInfo Corporation 0.12 M $41.75 ($5.63) -11.8700 MAPS
  • Good Morning PExRs!

    Happy Trading !

  • Good Morning PExRs! I'm back!
    Happy Trading !

  • I'm just curious. What's a typical day for you and where are you based? How much training does a "layman" like me need to be able to do what you're doing? What's the perception right now for the Philippines? :)
  • It seems that Vivid Entertainment, a purveyor of ***** and similar entertainment, will do an IPO late this year. Will you buy?

  • B2Bs to get more money

    A consortium of 16 Korean companies led by trading giants SK Corp and Kolon International has set up a W27 billion ($24.3 million) company to invest in online business-to-business (B2B) start-ups. The group claims its upcoming investment hub, Asia B2B Ventures (ABVL), will reduce any overlap in investment that could occur if members invest separately in the B2B internet space.

    SK Corp chairman Chey Tae-won says that in the new economy, businesses should collaborate more to create an open business environment. ABVL’s effort, he says, will promote the competitiveness of B2B architecture in Korea and power their advance into Asian and global markets.

    The company will identify businesses with strong potential in B2B infrastructure and provide them with the financial resources to achieve their business objectives. “Investing in these companies will speed up the process of establishing a truly competitive e-hub for B2B commerce that will help all companies participating in the consortium,” said company CEO John Park who joined ABVL from Goldman Sachs.

    The members of the consortium include companies of diverse backgrounds, from Computer Associates and textile manufacturer Kyungbang to construction company Hyundai Development.

    ABVL says it will provide comprehensive solutions, and its services will include internet hosting, technology platforms and strategic procurements.

    It will also seek to establish strategic alliances with leading foreign B2B sites and converge technology in such a way that integrated solutions can be provided to all businesses, from construction and bio-science to computers and chemicals.
  • $14.5 million investment fund set up

    Terasource Venture Capital, a Korean investment company, together with IBM and a Korean military support group, Military Mutual Aid Association (MMAA), has set up a W16.5 billion ($14.5 million) investment fund for technology ventures.

    MMAA has invested W10 billion in the fund, IBM W4.5 billion and Terasource, W2 billion. The company said the fund would devote 40 percent to internet ventures, 40 percent to information technology firms and the balance to biotechnology firms.
  • Originally posted by manabs:
    I'm just curious. What's a typical day for you and where are you based? How much training does a "layman" like me need to be able to do what you're doing? What's the perception right now for the Philippines? :)




    Typical morning is reading Bridge, Bloomberg, Reuters, and PinoyExchange while talking and trading securities with associates here in Manila, Singapore, Hong Kong, New York, Tokyo, and San Francisco. In my eyes the Phisix sucks right now! no volume.... Im trying to specialize in IT. Anyone can trade, however it is an art to build the network for information to be useful in making profitable transactions.


  • Taiwan tech companies invest in B2B solution provider

    Two of Taiwan’s largest information technology conglomerates, Lien Hwa MiTAC and Tatung Group, are to each invest between NT$200 million ($6.5 million) and NT$300 million in e-HITEX, a US-based venture scheduled to begin operations in August. e-HITEX will develop technologies to integrate previously incompatible global supply-chain B2B platforms.

    The company estimates these technologies will reduce users’ operating costs by five to seven percent.

    Both Tatung and Lien Hwa MiTAC are suppliers to Compaq and Hewlett Packard. Since November 1999, Tatung has been working with UBEXCO to develop the Tatung Global Electronic Supply Chain Management System, a project linking the conglomerate’s factories in Taiwan and overseas with its more than 200 suppliers.

    UBEXCO is a joint venture between Taiwan’s Koos Group and Singapore-based bex.com.
  • Im back everyone... I've been busy... and let me correct that i am alive and well... i did not jump off a building as some of you who emailed me. I acknowledge the market sucks , however there are other markets... Theres a market open somewhere around the world even when ours is closed...

  • Pacific Internet launches Chinese language portal

    Singapore-based Asian internet service provider (ISP) Pacific Internet (PacNet) has launched a Chinese language website portal in Hong Kong and Singapore.

    Chinese Pacfusion.com will leverage off the success of PacNet, its English language counterpart and a Nasdaq-listed company. The Chinese portal will offer news in areas such as entertainment, health and lifestyle. The company announced in June that it would embark on a $35 million regional expansion plan that is focused on e-business.
  • Fast food investment
    Singapore-based online fast food delivery service provider Fast-Foods.net launched its Hong Kong site together with its wireless application protocol (WAP) service in Hong Kong and Singapore. In cooperation with Cable & Wireless Hong Kong Telcoms (CWHKT), Fast-Foods.net provides online order services for two restaurants, Domino’s Pizza and Genryoku Sushi. Users can access the service through the internet or i.Menu, the CWHKT mobile service.

    Magdalene Cheng, managing director said, delivery charges would depend on the restaurant. She said the English version of the Hong Kong site is available and a Chinese version will be launched by the end of July.
  • Henderson Cyber prices over the weekend

    A source close to the HK$1 billion ($128.37 million) IPO for Henderson Cyber says everything has proceeded according to plan, the book looks well covered and pricing will be set over the weekend.

    Henderson Cyber is to list on Hong Kong’s Growth Enterprise Market (Gem) and, according to the source will be attractively priced. “I expect it to be priced at a 15 percent discount to fair value to make it more attractive during these volatile markets,” he says.

    Henderson Cyber is selling 750 million shares at a price between HK$1.20 and HK$1.40. CLSA Emerging Markets and HSBC Investment Bank are coordinating the sale.

    Given Gem’s recent performance, one would think pricing would be nearer the HK$1.20 mark. The Gem Index currently trades at the 440 level or at 56 percent of its starting value of 1,000 just over three months ago. Gem favourites Tom.com, Hongkong.com and SUNeVision have been recent casualties, falling 70 percent, 90 percent and 53 percent, respectively, from their three-month highs to close on July 6 at HK$4.55, HK$1.00 and HK$6.05, respectively.
  • ASAT to price on July 10

    ASAT’s $250 million ADR is now two times covered, according to a source close to the deal and is expected to price on Monday. The ADR indicative pricing is between $11 and $14. Salomon Smith Barney (SSB), Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette (DLJ) and Chase Hambrecht and Quist are managing the sale.

    There appears to have been a slight misunderstanding concerning an SSB analyst’s decision to downgrade some technology stocks in the US. Some investment bankers in Hong Kong pointed out that this might have had an adverse affect on ASAT’s ADR sale. However, a source close to the deal maintains that those who understand the industry know that his decision will not affect the Hong Kong dynamic random access memory (DRAM) manufacturer.

    “The analyst downgraded three technology stocks because he thought their valuations were ahead of their peers,” says the source. “He still rates all backend focused companies to outperform. Anybody who understands the industry is ignoring those who say SSB has downgraded the sector.”
  • Sohu.com to price Tuesday

    Sohu.com, the company behind one of the mainland’s most popular portals, will price on July 11, according to a source close to the deal. The indicative range is $16-$19 per share, up from its original pricing of $13-16. Selling 4.6 million new shares, or 15 percent of its share capital, the company hopes to raise between $73 and $87 million.
    Sohu will be hoping Netease can continue its recovery after a shaky debut.

    With Sina.com and Netease already listed, Sohu.com will be the third China portal to list in the last three months. “Sohu.com looks likely to list at between 18 and 21 times 2001 revenues,” says the source. “Sina is around 30 times, while Netease is around 23 times. The deal is attractively priced.”

    However, one head of equity capital markets says that the calculations for the original pricing were unreasonable. “I think at that level, it would be the same as the last round of private equity,” he maintains.

    Credit Suisse First Boston is managing the sale, while DLJ and BOCI Asia are underwriters.
  • Lycos Asia mandate goes to Deutsche

    A source close to Lycos Asia revealed that Deutsche Bank has been awarded the mandate to manage Lycos Asia’s IPO. The company plans to sell between $170 and $200 million worth of stock and list on the Singaporean stock exchange. This will take place some time in the fourth quarter according to the source.
  • Lycos Asia mandate goes to Deutsche

    A source close to Lycos Asia revealed that Deutsche Bank has been awarded the mandate to manage Lycos Asia’s IPO. The company plans to sell between $170 and $200 million worth of stock and list on the Singaporean stock exchange. This will take place some time in the fourth quarter according to the source.
  • Korean firm launches new trading portal

    SurplusGlobal, a Korean internet start-up, has launched an international B2B e-marketplace (www.surplusglobal.com) to auction idle facilities, surplus and used goods. The company said its diverse services would target industrial sectors that lack a central market for excess and used goods, including industrial machinery, computers, telecommunication equipment, electronics and automobiles.

    It sees tremendous potential in the untapped market. According to a Merrill Lynch–World Bank survey, the size of used and surplus assets in Asia Pacific for 2000 is estimated to be worth $411 billion.

    “The new service will provide an effective market to turn the huge amount of assets into productive resources and improve its member companies’ cash flow,” said Bruce Kim, company chief executive. SurplusGlobal offers a multilingual directory, information, database access and transaction services in Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean.

    The company will initially target customers in the Asia-Pacific region and will expand its reach worldwide. According to Kim, 20 internet sites are competing in the used and surplus asset matchmaking market.

    “Most of the sites are US-based. Only two Asian sites — based in Hong Kong and India — operate with their brand and service features, but are at a rudimentary stage,” he said.

    Few domestic e-market places auction such goods, but their coverage is limited to local companies.
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