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Marc Nelson

RöttenMindRöttenMind PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
i really like this guy.. kyut nya graveh.. he sang sa ASAP together with the Hunks.. and Pond's girls ba yung mga yun?

la na ba sila ni patricia javier?

my friend told me he saw marc in venezia last week ata, he's with a guy friend and chaka girl.. dunno if she's his girl.. :bawl:

crushie ko sya talaga.. wannah send him a fan mail.. baka pexer sya.. im dying to meet him!! :love:


  • He has nice abs...
  • He has nice abs...
  • i have to agree with the abs... :)

    anyway, i think wala na sila ni patricia... although i hope it's not him that the blind items are pointing at na crush daw ni pops hernandez... basta sabi kasi MN ang initials and sports talk host and was linked with a sexy star before...

    anyways, i think he's got something between his ears.. i mean, he's got this advice column sa Phil. Star, sa YoungStar specifically... anyways, minsan naaaliw ako to read what he has got to say compared to the advices being given by the Cojuangcos...
  • i'm not a big fan, but i do think he's kinda cute... nice bod too, hehe:)

    he was in ateneo last friday with the mtb cast. i wasn't able to watch, but i heard he kissed this girl on the lips daw, out of the blue... basta parang he was gonna kiss her hand, tapos biglang sa lips niya kiniss... ba, medyo agresibo ata tong si marc hehe:)
  • Meron akong naka-sex na kamukha nya. ahihihihi
  • namename PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    This guy is soooo hot :love: I saw him sa MTB Sing alis sa Ateneo. I think he just kissed his partner sa hand, although baka he kissed her sa lips rin kasi inedit na yata yung televised version.

    He has a picture rin sa Cosmo Mag. Ang ganda ng bod! *okay* Super ganda ng abs :yum:

    I saw him rin yesterday sa CinemaTalk (the show hosted by Nanette Medved on CinemaOne). He was with two other models pa. He said wala na raw sila ni Patricia Javier and wala raw syang girlfriend ngayon. :beam:
  • Hope these will work. Drool!!! :whatthe: :wow2:





  • ano ba yan??? nakakaloka yung pics ni mark.
    isang order nga ng plain rice.... sarap i-ulam ng hinayupak. yum..yum!!!!
  • namename PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Originally posted by Tien_Tien

    isang order nga ng plain rice.... sarap i-ulam ng hinayupak. yum..yum!!!!

    hati tayo!!!! :yum:

    can i just say ... nocturnal emissions? he's so yummy!!
  • pero he's not pinoy...not a single blood... i read in the newspaper dati
  • nice bod!
  • JLoJLo PExer

    oh my god!! what can i say?!?!

    marc nelson is one heck of a HUNK!!

  • Oh my God! Nice bod!
  • angel jangel j PEx Rookie ⭐
    He's the only reason why I stay up late Saturday nights at home so I could watch him sa Sports Unlimited! My golly, napanood nyo ba sya last Saturday? He was mud wrestling with these two girls and my oh my, bakat na bakat ang kanyang yummyliscious pwet! Palagi pa syang naka-topless dun sa show na yun kaya... :inluv:

    Anyways, here's his unofficial website.
  • GUSTO KONG MAGHUBAD....!!!!!!!!!!

    HE LOOKS VERY DELICIOUS, gusto ko sya iuwi.
  • Mas delicious siya ngayon. :yum: :crazy:

    Siya pala si MN na crush ni Pops,kala ko Martin Nievera yon.
  • namename PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Originally posted by girl25
    GUSTO KONG MAGHUBAD....!!!!!!!!!!

    :lol: natawa ako dito ah.

    thanks angel j ! i didn't know he has a show! aabangan ko yun!! :drool:
  • gorgeous = marc :drool:

    marc nelson :handsdown:
  • Originally posted by rockerchiQ
    pero he's not pinoy...not a single blood... i read in the newspaper dati

    'Yan na naman..naloloko kayo sa isang ALIEN ka2lad nya... kawawa kami mga made-in-the-Phils. ha hunks na hanggang-Chicos na lang... :bash:

    Does he have a work permit here....shouldn't he be DEPORTED along with those equally overpaid, overrated Montero bros...?
  • cmars2cmars2 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Noon pa crush ko na yan sya. Pero sabi ng friend ko di raw sya ganon ka gwapo in person pero GWAPO PA RIN!
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