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Does anybody have an idea about the requirements on migrating to Australia as fiance?

What is CFO or Council for Filipinos Overseas certificate of attendance? It's one requirement I can't understand.


  • The CFO is a government agency (located in Paco, Manila) which is conducting pre-immigration lecture (but sa tingin ko lang ha, parang "racket" lang ito ng government kasi nag-attend na ako nito :(). They tell you basically what to expect in the country where you are going. Basically iyong information na sinasabi nila eh mababasa mo naman sa mga travel/culture books. Tapos mag-advertise pa doon ang AT&T...ano ba 'yun?? :confused:

    This is a requirement prior to leaving the Philippines. The Philippines is keeping track of all the Filipinos who are leaving the country. Half day seminar lang ito (syempre may bayad. Meron ba naman libre sa government ng 'Pinas?). Tapos nilalagyan nila ng sticker yung passport mo na immigrant ka na. That means "parolado" ka na. Nakalaya ka na...:lol:
  • Hi everyone!

    Can anybody here give me advice on the best way to apply for an Australian tourist visa? Need to go to Sydney next month. I got the forms already, but I'm just curious about the approval/rejection rate. Drop box lang nga ang application, wala nang personal interview. Does that mean they're more lenient? Do they grant a lot of tourist visas to Filipinos? Would already having a US visa help? Tips! Tips!


  • Mickey2000Mickey2000 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    mickey08a.gif Applying for a Visitor's Visa going to Aussie is not as hard as US,Just go to the Aussie Embassy in Makati,and then fill up the Applicaiton Form,and the next 5 minutes,you can have your interview.Goodluck! :)
  • KuyaDannyKuyaDanny Moderator PEx Moderator
    Got visas for the entire family (wife, kids, and I) two years ago. No interview required. Wife and I already had US visas, but I don't know if that mattered. They gave us one year, multiple entry tourist.

    Note that we applied in 2000, before the Sydney Olympics. I heard the Australian government got really pissed after the Olympics because tourists who entered the country to see the games never left. I don't know how that changes things.
  • Hi all,

    Can somebody give me tips in applying for australian immi.
    ....and expectations about that country (jobs, food, weather, fil. community, cities, discrimination etc.)

  • Please refer to the "Australia" thread. It will definitely help you.
  • Hi,
    How much does a single person needs to bring when settling in Au?
  • altairaltair PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    on google

    search for immigration australia

    all the info in getting an immigration information booklet are there
  • Hi, I'd just like to ask a question to those Pinoys who have managed to migrate to Australia: is it recommended to use the services of a migration agent to get an immigrant visa for Australia?

    I just visited one yesterday and the total price I'll have to pay is a whopping P200K. Of course, the come on is that you don't have to do all the legwork and you just keep giving the documents required and someone is there to coach you for each step you have to take so you avoid making mistakes that can delay the process or make it more costly for you. Also, you don't have the headaches of following up at the embassy.

    But is it really that difficult to follow through on all the paperwork (including rating yourself in the case of skilled migrants)? I'd rather not spend that much, but I may not have as much free time as I want to make all those follow ups to the Australian embassy and all.

    And a related question, where can I verify if the migration agent I'm talking to is the real thing? He put his registration number on his card. Does the Australian embassy here hold that type of information or do I have to call overseas to Australia? What department or ministry would have that information?

    Would appreciate your help. Thanks!
  • Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
  • Manabs:

    If I'm not mistaken, the tricky thing about applying to migrate to Australia NOW is that the Embassy is temporarily closed down, disallowing applications for Student and Immigrant Visas to be processed (info taken from www.immi.gov.au, Dec 10). If you're going there on a short business trip or as a tourist, however, you can still lodge your application, but it will be processed in Hong Kong so it might take longer than usual.
  • I'm planning to get a permanent visa thru skilled migrant independent, and booklet 6 say " certified copies" should be the one sent....

    yung bang certified copies are the one yung may certification ng Malacanang and DFA or
    pwede na certification 'certified true copies' ng school, CHED, PRC and the likes.....

    help naman dun sa mga nakagawa na nito thanks
  • Certified Copies are replicated documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate, transcript of records) that bear the authorized seal and/or signature of the office that has mandate over the realm of your documents.

    Eg. If you need certified copies of your birth certificate, you have to request the National Statistics Office (NSO) to furnish you with the number of copies you need (syempre may bayad to, mga P300 yata per certified copy). They will, in turn, look up your birth certificate in their records, make a copy, and stamp it with their official seal that states, "Certified True Copy."

    What documentation do you need certified copies of?
  • I'll use it to migrate to australia.......

    di ba yung iba nagdadala pa ng mga certified true copies nila sa DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS AND MALACANANG..... ang tanong ko eh kung dapat ko pa ba dalhin itong mga documents ko duon o.....

    pwede na yung certified true copies na hawak ko ngayon galing sa school, PRC, NSO and the likes....

  • hw ya doin mates?

    am planning to study college next school year.i hav plans of migrating to Aussie thru skilled immi.I already checked out the SOL d only job that interests me is being translator or interpreter.

    my question is, if i took up the said course for only 2 yrs (am planning to continue my studies there while working) and work here for 1 year am i eligible applying as skilled immi?

  • Go to immi.gov.au and look at their list of skills. If your skill is in the list, it has its own points rating. Some skills have higher points than others. Application for immigration is a numbers game. You gotta get more than the minimum points.

    Download the appropriate .pdf files and score yourself.
  • if you're applying ba for an independent skilled immi, do you need to be assessed for your occupation before you submit your application and also yung IELTS?

    please help. i already have the application but i can't submit pa kse baka i need those things pa.

  • Originally posted by migzbeth
    if you're applying ba for an independent skilled immi, do you need to be assessed for your occupation before you submit your application and also yung IELTS?

    please help. i already have the application but i can't submit pa kse baka i need those things pa.


    even di ako tiga-oz

    yes, kailangan mo pa ng skills assesment
    so tignan mo na lang kung san ka dapat magpa-pa-***** like yung mga IT people sa ACS(Aus. Comp. Soc.) nagpa-***** etc.
  • thanks for all your help.;)
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