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paano ba kayo ma-in-love??

corny pero, i just wanna know kung paano ba kayo ma-in-love?kase ako pag-inlove dami affected..kayo paano ba? yun lang...


  • unconditional :)
  • ma in love? ako? I'll probably kick myself in the as$ cause of my joy. :lol:

    With regards to unconditional loving, I would also share my world and in return she would share her world too. :D
  • pag ako inlove im so usually caught up in a daze....i feel so happy inside pero minsan i get sad coz he's not with me...when i go out of my way to be with that person and when i even sacrifice my "habits" just for him---helzz im in love!:rocker:
  • When I fall in love it will be forever.... hehe unconditionally :D
  • natalie_sodnatalie_sod PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    unconditional....to the point na tatanga-***** na. :bop:
  • pare-pareho lang pala tayo...kala ko ako lang e.hehehe!!!
  • Originally posted by shrimpo
    pare-pareho lang pala tayo...kala ko ako lang e.hehehe!!!

  • here are some of the signs that i am in love:

    :blushing: i walk around, sporting a rather stupid smile on my face. :bigteeth: and i say "hi", to everyone i see.

    another sure sign would be if i start thinking of things the other way around. as if i lost my senses all at once and start believing things i normally wouldn't. :bonkself:

    hmmmm... later ko nalang dagdagan. i have to think cuz it's been quite some time since i felt that way. hahaha!
  • when i keep hearing a happy love song playing over and over inside my head and i end up staring into space in the middle of the day thinking about him... or when i'll see him again :lovealot:
  • maxieGRLmaxieGRL PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    blind and s2pid to the point na tanggap ko lahat kasi unahin niya ibang tao, kahit para na akong *****.

    inintindihin ko lahat, kasi mahal ko siya. lahat ginawa ko para sa kanya. hanggang nabigay ko na lahat ng pwede kong ibigay. naubusan ako, wala na para sa sarili ko.
  • when i fall, i fall. wala, no holds barred sa feelings. i let go of my inner brakes. kahit na alam kong i'm heading for a crash, tuloy tuloy pa rin. nakakapagod.
  • when you are in love, you feel like youre floating in air. everything is good about anything, you listen to old songs and feel their meaning instead of listening to limp bizkit or some rock and roll bands when youre not in love and all the corny stuff comes into your mind, like watching tagalog or reading love stories and searching for some romatic getures on the internet. it's just a feeling of happiness deep withing us when we fall in love.
  • heheh corny na naman tong sagot ko..
    pero i love uncoditionally..

    and when i fall in love.. ill love him with all my heart.. kaya nga naiinis din ako sa sarili ko minsan eh.. kc wala ako tinitira for myself... i know its wrong. pero nd ko naman maiwasan..
  • cmars2cmars2 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I give and give and give and give.

  • 'pag ako ' In Love' hay naku, everything i do is at ease, kungbaga kahit nahihrapan ka na, still parang okay pa rin sa'yo. in short, lagi akong ganado as if i was floating in the air.:heartful:

    i used to sing all the time sabay dama yung [email protected] this point, I think im in love :lovesigh: nah!!!!!!!

    I smile most of the time........ganito O....:redgrin:......basta lang kahit alang reason, smile pa rin ako

    emotional din.....:blush2: kung minsan lipad isip ko.....ganito O.......:haloangel:.........eeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww!!!!

    kung minsan, wala lang............:shrug:
  • KiTTY2babeKiTTY2babe PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I want to see him and be with him all the time. F.uck school. F.uck work. F.uck curfew. I just want to be with him and that's all that matters.

    Scary, I know. That's why I hate the feeling sometimes.
  • HmMM when i Love ... CorNy diN akO

    ... the person i love can surely tell...

    :heart: Sobra thoughtfuL ko.. miske dishwashing detergent na kabibili ko lang.. nabibili ko ulit --basta when i'm at the grocery store.. naalala ko talaga every little need or favorite little things nya.. mapacandie pa to o ano

    Sobrang understanding ko... (ok.. i must admit recent BIG change lang to) but I've become much more understandin .. less and less of a NAG... (i finally realized... that ain't the way to go)

    :heart: I smile often.. ok.. i smile too often

    nabubulol :blushing: ako subRa Na..

    :heart: I keep on thinkin of the moments we just shared... mapa play ng lion king o pangingisda sa lake o paluluto ng dinner together o pagtatnim ng veggies namin

    SOBRA akong Keeper.. keep receipt nito, paperbag nito, greeting card ng flowers nito, totful text dito,little post-it dito, basta lahat ng memorable, not so important details of the relationship (kaya i have all the memories.. miske gone sour na yung iba.. all i have is the good memories-- cuz lahat naman ng mga taong nagdaan sa buhay natin .. for sure taught us something.. may it be really significant or so so..)
    ganun.. ganun lang ako magmahal....

    :heart: love is such a wonderful feelin huh?

  • BlisterBlister PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    when i begin to care for the person more than myself ;)
  • nek_02nek_02 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    i tend to give everything...that's when i start thinking less and less of myself each day..in short, nagiging t.anga tlga ako.
  • todo .. :) ..
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