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suzuki vitara...ok ba to?

paige13 Registered User
hi pipol! need comments / suggestions / reviews!

i'm thinking about getting a suzuki vitara, not the grand vitara though, was wondering if anyone has good or bad feedback re the! tried searching the net for reviews but to no avail! thanks!!!


  • OTEP R
    OTEP R Admin
    I would rather have a Vitara Plus Classic than one of the newer 'cute-utes' (i.e. CR-V, RAV4, Escape, etc.).

    The Vitara is made with the same basic formula as the Pajero, Trooper and other sport-utes in the same league. It sports a body-on-frame construction (as opposed to car-like unibodies on the CR-V and RAV4), a live rear axle (as opposed to the car-like independent rear end of the other two), and a dual-range transmission for the 4WD system (there is no low range option for the RAV4 and CR-V).

    Keep in mind that the Vitara is a truck. It is not a tall car like the RAV4 and CR-V. It has less space, it makes more noise, it doesn't handle as sharply, and it is heavier and slower.

    The fact that it's a truck makes it one tough vehicle. On and off road. :)

    If you want something more carlike, look elsewhere. :)
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    A schoolmate of mine, Philip Kho, has a Vitara in Bacolod. Here are some pics of his Vitara doing some off-road work. :)


    See more pics here:

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