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2nd cousins inlove..oks lang ba talaga

i know someone hu has a crush on his second cousin.and his parents are aware and they don't like it.some argued na pwede na raw iyon but the parents insist it's a big NO NO..UNACCEPTABLE

so what dya think guys..divided kc ang clan nila about this issue.need ur opinions pls. kc lito yung guy.


  • for me oks lang.....pero ewan ko na lang sa mga parents and relatives ko:hmm:
  • di ba yun yuck.dugo sa dugo.4 me di pa rin tama yun.
  • Pwede na yun. Mahirap lang talaga ma-grasp yun concept sa Philippines.
  • legally, ok na un. pwede! take mike arroyo and his mife for example!
  • its a no-no...

    cguro kung 3rd degree, pwede pa...

    mahirap yun eh, what if both of you falls in love, & eventually decided to get married... & have kids... naku...tsk,tsk,tsk...

    bka magkaroon pa ng abnormalities ang baby...

    wawa nman..

  • there are enough people in the world. why get hurt?
  • makabayantalagamakabayantalaga PEx Rookie ⭐
    Kung kayo ay aking mga apo sa tuhod, pag-uuntugin ko kayo at ikakawayan ko ang mga magulang nyo!

    --Lolo sa tuhod--
  • kulantrokulantro PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    just this afternoon, i was introduced to our three second cousins. galing sila sa province namin, they came here to visit my lola. shet!! ang ganda nung dalawa, bigla akong natameme, di maalis sa isip ko..
    is it legally ok ba talaga?? :rolleyes: gusto ko yayain lumabas eh :D
  • umm... pwede na nga ba yung 2nd? hindi ba 3rd ang pwede? ...but yung legal thing is actually superceded by yung say ng family in some cases. kahit pwede na, kung ayaw nung family, mahirap pa rin :lily:
  • some 7 years back, in a family reunion, i met my second cousin. after that, we hang out almost everyday and eventually, something had to happen. we fell inlove. we kept it from everyone. but i guess, "it" was just so evident.

    my uncle called me and we had this "heart-to-heart" talk. he just said...

    hindi pwedeng mangyari yan...kung anuman ang namamagitan sa inyo, putulin niyo na!!!!!!

    we tried so hard hanging onto it kahit na biglang ang daming restrictions from both camps. the sad part...we let go na rin. not because we loved each other less but, the pressure was too much to handle. we gave in.

    i guess, as long as there are people stuck in the so-called "traditional" filipino family values, this kind of thing would not really sell...it's hard enough that 2 people have to consciously make their relationship work, tapos dadagdagan mo pa ng buong angkan mo, pinaglalayo kayo...

    :shedtears: :shedtears: :shedtears: :shedtears: :shedtears:
  • rains_delightrains_delight PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I think so. bf ko nga pinsan ko.... pareho pa kami ng surname
  • i'm not sure if it's 2nd or 3rd degree that is acceptable, but isn't it a bit awkward if you get into a relationship with someone you're related with?

    i mean, you shouldn't even think about them in an intimate way.

    that's just my opinion,of course you can do whatever you want!! :glee:
  • i had a relationship with my 2nd cousin. ok lang for most of our relatives. pero sa dad niya, nde. hay... mas mabuti siguro sa generation natin na maging close sa 2nd cousins simula pagkabata para nde na-iinlove! i didn't know him until i was 16, kaya one day inlove na pala ako sa kanya. tsk tsk! we broke up na pero love ko pa ren sya.... :(
  • Tradition is really hard to break, but tradition isn't always right. And i don't think that cousin relationship is a tradition anyway. Because if it is, then it is legal since the Bible have cousin marriages. The bottomline is if the two of you really love each other and willing to sacrifice for each other, then go for it. It's your future life anyway and not your parents'.
  • riAbabyriAbaby PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    it's too complicated. madami pa kayo kalaban at madami ang sasama ang loob sa inyo.
  • AbulugAdventureAbulugAdventure PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Alam ko pag 2nd pwede na, e. Legal na daw. But I think ang magiging kalaban mo na dito ay yung family naman...
  • I dated a 3rd cousin nung high school pa ako... Funny dahil di ko alam na pinsan ko pala siya... We found out in a family reunion pa... What an awkward surprise!! Imagine, we've been going out for about 4 months... We mutually decided to end our relationship due to fear of family complications... We became really really close friends afterwards... Pinagtatawanan pa nga namin minsan ang aming past... Kissing cousins to best friends... Our own little secret... Not to shabby...
  • romantically it is okay, but medically, there are hereditary and genetic mutations invovled when having offspring, that's why the royal families have hemophilia, because of inter-marriages. aside from medical pre-disposition to certain diseases, there are some physical deformities too, so better not have children is you decide to unite.
  • mahirap kalabanin ang pamilya
    kung kya nila e di sige!
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