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manabsmanabs PExer
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I'd like to know if any of you guys know where I can get some part-time training in Information Technology like webpage designing, maintenance and all those weird sounding software programs like SAP and UNIX. I want to be updated on these things. I work from 9 to 6 Mondays thru Saturdays though so I may have a problem in terms of time availability.


  • bobotbobot PExer
    i've been looking at openings for programmers/IT personnel of companies and i noticed that the programming skills needed vary from company to company. and the range of programming languages are really diverse(c, basic, pascal, perl, VDS SQL server, cobol, well, u get the idea)
    what i would like to know is which language is most commonly used and also having skill in what programming language would command the highest pay.
    answers would be greatly appreciated
  • TMTM PExer
    i would say web dev programmer are the most in demand coz a lot of companies are switching into e-commerce. :D
    in terms of high paid IT personnel are the AS400/RPG programmers. ( midas-kapiti international and rustans ) :D
    tama ba? ahehehehe
  • TM: How much does AS400/RPG developers make in PH? I know a few Java/C++/Solaris/Win32 developers in PH that have PhP 30K-50K per month salary + US$50/day per diem when they have for offshore projects (usually 6-months within a year), plus stock options.
  • getsgets PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
  • TMTM PExer
    AS400/RPG programmers entry level is 20,000 upto 70,000 :D
    anyone can study rpg at ibm makati siguro it will cost you 100,000+++ a month
  • :?:? PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐

    I think it'll be Oracle.
  • shellshell PExer
    it seems like everybody's jumping into the internet/web bandwagon. go for java and other web technologies ... html, css, javascript,dhtml, xml, etc.etc... :)
  • One tip: Do not master a programming language. But instead be crafty in providing solutions, not only on a specific language but a broad range of languages that provide some solution better than others. Programming languages are just means of expressing an idea or solution to a problem. Ever wondered why software architects make more money than developers?

    stay cool.

    Mamang Bumbero
  • I agree with mamangbumbero, you dont have to master a programming language. I started as a C programmer and now am not. But I suggest you master the SQL language. It is the standard language for database management. Ive been using SQL since I started working as a programmer (c, informix-4gl, magic) and now Im doing web programming (cold fusion/iis on NT and php/apache on linux), SQL is still a requirement.
  • Working in I.T. fields, here are some of the most demanding programming languages:
    * JAVA
    * ORACLE
    * Visual Programming Language (Visual Basic, Visual Foxpro, Visual C++)
    * BAAN SQL (includes the 3GL & 4GL object oriented lang.)
  • Working in I.T. fields, here are some of the most demanding programming languages:
    * JAVA
    * ORACLE
    * Visual Programming Language (Visual Basic, Visual Foxpro, Visual C++)
    * BAAN SQL (includes the 3GL & 4GL object oriented lang.)
  • Is there anyone here who knows any feedback about Unisys? I am planning to work there, and would like to know what it's like in terms of culture, training and benefits.. Thanks :)
  • Unisys sells computer systems, most of which are really just OEMs of other brands such as Fujitsu. They are a small competitor to giants such as IBM, Compaq, HP, and Dell, but they do manage to make a market of their own. I have met some people from Unisys, although I'm realy not too sure of their work environment there. Their office is quite neat, although not too classy.

    Which department will you be working in? I work for a computer peripherals comnpany and I have been trying to ask Unisys to resell our products. Who knows, if you get accepted, maybe we'll see each other there.
  • Well supposedly the entry level is for IS Consultant, which I think is a fancy name for analyst programmer. I'll be with the consulting office and will probably be assigned to their NSO project.

    I'm not sure if I'll be dealing with hardware though. From what I understood the job entails developing software. But if ever I start there, I could probably ask around.

    :)Thanks for the reply
  • Oh, is that so?

    In that case, let me enlighten you on something. Unisys will hire 2 kinds of people, 1 to work for them, 1 to work for their clients. In this case, you may be hired to work for their client. In other words, you are an employee who is paid for by Unisys, but your responsibility is to their client. In this case, as you said, the NSO.
  • My sister works for Unisys and she's part of their NSO project. :) If you have any questions about the working environment there I'm pretty sure she could be of great help. Just send me an e-mail para I would know what things to ask her na lang din.... :)
  • coZeecoZee PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    try mo muna sa net, there are tons of free info about those new technology.

    read first then decide mo kung interesting para sa yo.

    about SAP training? if you have P200,000 (or more) to spare for a few weeks training, then go ahead! ganyan kamahal ang training sa SAP.

    training is useless unless you use it, kasi makakalimutan mo din pag di mo in-apply in the real world!

  • Yeah, I know how you feel, man! I realized that IT was the way to go these days.. or at least it looks that way.. although in every field of endeavour, be prepared for a certain amount of disillusionment -- either it doesn't turn out the way you expect it to, or at worst, you find out that you are interested in it, but don't have the skills.

    As for me, I am fortunate enough to be working for an internet start-up company which allows me to study. I am currently taking my Masters in IT, and can tell you that it is definitely exciting! Aside from a regular 8-5 job, I also have 9 units of IT. Basic IT Concepts, Java Programming Fundamentals, and Principles of Data and Info Systems! That's every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday -- so it's pretty hectic. But as usual, with hard work, I think that anything is possible. We even have virtual classrooms, online discussions, egroups, and (of course) actual practicum projects! Niyikes!

    In any case, good luck in your endeavours :D

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  • Actually, I'm a fast learner when it comes to computers. I learned surfing the net and using Microsoft Office programs by myself so I guess I'm pretty confident that I'll learn from such training. The only problem is I don't know where to look. Where exactly in the net can I find such? P200k is way beyond my budget. Basics and fundamentals lang naman ang hinahanap ko ngayon eh and not the heavy stuff. Kung heavy stuff, I'll resign from my job and go at it full time para hindi sayang naman di ba?
  • yugayuga PExer
    The internet is teaming with all kinds of stuff in IT. Searching for a keyword alone in Yahoo will bring you to thousands of them.
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