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Stupid Interviewers



  • Hay naku... I used to have bad interviews during my bad hunting. In one auditing firm in Makati, the HR staff has indeed remarked on my transcript of records... Well it was okay for him to give his comments, but to tell me straight to my face na, "My God, paano ka nakagraduate at nakapasa sa board exam na ganyan ang grades? Dapat sa mga ganyan hindi na pinapasa..."

    Also this:
    Company: "What is your experience?"
    Applicant: "I am involved in preparing vouchers, and schedules..."
    Company: "That's all? Do you know how to prepare an analysis on ..."
    Applicant: "I learned that in college and my school has given me the training I would need for that..."
    Company: "Well, it is not because you are from La Salle that makes you qualified for the position. There are other graduates who could also do that... Also, it is not because you're a CPA which makes a more qualified too... Kaya din gawin ng iba iyan."

    (****... so much for my education and license.)

    :mad: :mad:
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