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VIRTUAL OFFICE: Would you work in one?

I work in a virtual office (a.k.a. out of my home). I just want to know if anybodyelse is, and what your comments are?


  • zimdudezimdude PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Rorschach: entrepreneur, or telecommuting?
  • KuyaDannyKuyaDanny Moderator PEx Moderator
    I work in a somewhat virtual office - we have a real one that I can go to regularly, but my hours there are rarely fixed, and I can work from at least three other locations in Metro Manila, including my house.

    While my office is not as "virtual" as Rorschach's is, I see a lot of advantage in the arrangement, especially in Manila, a city known for inefficiency and disorder.

    I doubt, though, that it is possible to be totally "virtualized". There is still a lot that can be accomplished from face-to-face talking and coordination, and for that a real office is still necessary.
  • CalaCala PExer
    well, i work from home mostly -- i submit most of my stuff through the internet, and depend on email for a lot of coordination and correspondence matters as well. but there are still some things i need to face-to-face... virtual meetings aren't that effective always.
  • jackjack PExer
    I like the idea but it also depends on the profitability of the buisness. Is it profitable enough to offset the benefits of real social interaction in the real world. I admire people who goes into this though.
  • I wasn't aware that virtual offices or rather telecommuting actually existed here
    already. I think it certainly has its advantages like convenience and working within the comforts of home and maybe a more flexible work schedule...however it would probably have certain drawbacks like not being able to get to know your office mates personally.. etc.. plus not getting to achieve a rapport with your boss...(hehe).. which might be crucial for promotions and stuff.
    heck what do i know about this.. am just a fresh grad.. just wanted to put my two centavos in.
    But anyways Cala and Rorschach.. is it okay to divulge which companies do provide this sort of working arrangement? cause I might know someone who might be interested. Thanks =)...
  • Actually, the reason my company decided on a virtual office setup is because my work entails my having to go around different clients everyday. I spend around 90% of my time meeting these people. So, it will be less expensive for my company to keep me working at home rather than for us to rent an office, pay for utilities, a secretary, and a security guard. Having a low operating expense also gives me more clout in asking for more stuff from the head office (like a new PC). By the way, the company I work for is a very well known US computer peripherals company, but I report to our regional office in Singapore. Just like Cala, I communicate with our main office through E-mail. From time to time, my boss does come into the country to check on things here. While it is true that being in this kind of setup does give you more flexible working hours, it also means that your boss doesn't really SEE you working. So, the moment you miss a report or two, automatically your boss thinks that you're not doing your job. Unlike when you see each other in the office, you can really tell if the person is working his @$$ of or not. Anyway, sorry insomniac, no openings in our side of the business right now. We do have an opening for the color & printing side of our business though. When I say printing, I mean a large scale offset kind of thing. We've had an opening for the past 5 months actually, but no news up to now if we've hired anyone. However, I sincerely doubt that we'll hire a fresh grad. Sorry.
  • gemgem PExer
    I would love that!
  • CalaCala PExer
    insomniac, sorry, can't hire you either. i don't work for any company, ergo i am (& i use my favorite term of the moment) self-employed. i actually, i work with a couple of partners for one project, and sometimes not seeing each other still needs getting used to. but since our responsibilities are pretty straighforward, and we always always communicate, we get to do what we need to do, including putting up an issue of a webzine each month.

    i think the thing with virtual work settings is for those companies who are more comforatable being result-oriented. bosses who completely trust their employees very much needed. at the same time, i don't see how this can work for large-scale companies.

    we don't negate the need for social interaction and traditional face-to-face meetings, but we draw the line on having to go to some place 8 hours a day everyday when god knows that we're not doing anything there. it's a matter of what makes you more effective and productive. and so far, this is the best environment for me.
  • umm thanks for all the info guys, but I'm not the one who wants to work in this kind of setup. I was asking cause I was going to recommend this type of setup to someone way older than me... who's sort of looking for a more flexible job situation... But thanks anyway you've been most informative :)
  • YES!! before when i was working as a consultant i was almost like working in a virtual office till i was hired full time.

    my boss likes seeing me in the office when it can be done virtually. with internet like icq - virtual office saves time in telecommuting.
  • It really depends.

    Here in manila, considering the traffic congestion and all, I would opt for one if it was offered to me. For it would greatly reduce the time spent in commuting and all.

    But in Japan, I would not even consider it, since I have no problems there when it comes to commuting.

    Although when I think of it, I would love the flexible hours it affords me. Like for example working at 3 in the morning instead of the usual time. Especially for me since I am a nightowl.. I program and debug best during the off hours..
  • actually, im not only working in a virtual office, but im working in a virtul factory... wherein all our worldwide factories and offices are connected... we have meetings thru phone cons, net meetings, tele-conferencing... access and share data thru web... process everything in the intranet from simple room reservation to ordering notebooks and services... if you're lucky and your counterpart is somewhere quarterway (not halfway) around the globe, you work, have meetings at midnight... you can access everything in your home or wherever you are as long as you have phone line... and i love it.... in short... YES.
  • HAY.... i'd love to be able to do that. especially since i want to be able to spend as much time with my son. i'd jump at the opportunity if i could.
  • Actually, working in a virtual office requires a lot more self control. In a regular work setup, it is clear where your home life ends and your office life begins. In a virtual office, it is a lot harder to balance your responsibilities to the people at home, and to your work. For example, earlier today I was so busy making phone calls. All of a sudden my mom calls me and asks if I can fetch my niece from school. My first reaction was to think: Why are you making me do this? Don't you know that its still office hours and I'm working? But then, I thought better and did as she wanted anyway. So now, here I am, its already past 11:00 p.m. and I just finished typing and E-mailing all my reports. While a virtual office can mean more time for your personal life, it can also spell out more than an 8 hour workday at times.
  • Anyone out there using Regus or other business centers as their business address? I would like to hear the pros and cons of using such services.

    I work as an Independent Software Developer or IT consultant. I just bring along my cellphone and laptop for my virtual office. My landline is forwarded to my cell and the disadvantage of this is it enhances my image of a one man show. Do these business centers' answering service transfer calls to the trunk and to the cellphone? If there's a gadget that allows me to change my voice to a female I'll surely buy it. Are the addresses of Regus and the like so obviously business center? Will I be able to charge higher having a Makati address?
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    For a part-time thing, why not? But if it will be my work, I will try to avoid this. I would still want to deal with people. :)
  • krakista,
    if you are a cracker like your nick says,
    better if they can't trace you to your office, no?
  • Better traced to a virtual office than a real office di ba? :)
    Anyway, I don't see that as a problem. The term cracking is loosely used and could mean something else. :lol:

    Anyone care for some Jacob's?

  • Hiya all!

    This is my first time to post in PEx, I work in a virtual office not because of choice but because of necessity. I suffer from a disease which placed me in a wheelchair. Good thing the company i work for allowed me to work from home. Since i work at home i find it more convenient thus making me more productive.

    I miss the face to face interaction with my co-workers though. i think this is very important in building co-worker relationships. that's why i make it a point not to miss weekly ops meetings that we have.

    For those interested i wrote a short article about technology and how it has changed my life. it's posted at this url http://www.chairman.f2s.com/empowerment.html
  • chairman_one: Welcome to PEx! I just read your article and it's really inspiring to see your spirits up despite your condition. Even though I once called this forum a virtual thing in one of my posts, the people here are real, the ideas you won't find them in one website anywhere else better than this one. When I sit here in front of my computer and you in yours, we become equals. Enjoy! :)
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