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What should you put/say as your starting salary if you're a fresh grad?

It's a problem because I wouldn't want to seem too assuming if I put a relatively high one, but I don't want to undermine my capacities if I put a low one.

Most say it's best to put a range. If so, what range should you put?

I usually give it as PhP 12K-15K. Is that too much?


  • KuyaDannyKuyaDanny Moderator PEx Moderator
    This question is really meant for people who are currently employed and are considering a job switch. You, on the other hand, are a new graduate.

    My advice is to leave it blank.

    Employers know you are shopping around and that you will choose what you think is the best among different alternatives. A blank item gives them the signal that you are still trying to find out how much you're worth and that you are willing to consider all the options. Let them make the offer.
  • Yoshi: I think with your credentials, that would be just right. In my opinion (but don't take my word on this... I'm a VERY fresh graduate as well), when they ask the question of what salary you expect... they want to know how much you think your 'worth' is, so they'll more or less know what to expect from you, and likewise, they'll know what you expect from them, given your capabilities... A ChemCE grad such as yourself is a major prize catch, so I wouldn't hesitate to put that amount if I were you. :)
  • zimdudezimdude PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I think that's just right for an elite course like Chem CE... if I were a CS grad today I'd say P10-12,000.

    But, is that negotiable?
    Are you willing to settle for less.

    Ask for more if you're joining a super-rich MNC, too :)
  • Actually, new grad or not, I do not recommend that you leave it blank. There are advantages and disadvantages to putting a number on that line. Imagine this as a sales negotiation, with YOU being the product you are selling. Let me enumerate and you decide for yourself.

    First, consider the company you are applying for. How much do they usually pay? What business are they in? For example, if you ask for around P10,000-12,000 for a marketing job, that'll be fine. If you ask a P12,000 salary for an advertising job, they'll probably laugh at you. The advantage of you naming your price is that you have better control over it. It is always easier for you to negotiate for the status quo, rather than for you to ask for more than what they say. For example, you leave it blank but expect them to pay around P10,000. What if the company says just P8,000? It is easier for you to name the price you want and fight for it, rather than get an offer you don't like and negotiate for something better. Most especially since you are just a fresh grad. Besides, if you know what you're worth, why not go out and say it?

    The best scenario here is that they make you an offer far higher than what you're expecting. That's the only thing going for this choice. Its a risk though, because the situation may become the exact opposite. I've interviewed several applicants already, and I generally have a negative reaction to those who leave the Desired Salary space blank. It shows that you have no idea what you're worth. It may also connote that you are desparate to look for a job, and any price will be fine. Personally, I don't like that.

    Think of YOU being the product. What are you worth? How much are you willing to sell YOU? If you really are good, companies will want you as much as you would want them. The best thing you can do is put a figure that you like on the line, but give your interviewer an idea that some other company is offering you more. If they do like you, they'll quickly offer you either what you wrote down, or something more. The key is, give them the idea that you are worth it, and that you are in demand. As bad as it sounds... you've gotta sell yourself!

    Anyway, hope I helped. :)
  • brownpaubrownpau PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I started on a probationary allowance for about a month, then after that, I got P6000. Baba no? I was living on sardines and rice for how many months...
  • My only suggestion is...to look around and see just how much the mininum starting salary is for that position your applying so you won't be left shorthanded, if ever.

    For me kasi, I know na ang starting salary for a Cytotechnologist and a Medical Technologist dito sa States can range from $37,000 to $50,000 a year. And of course, that depends on location, experience, and the type of facility (private labs, hospitals, etc.).
  • yugayuga PExer
    For companies who really hunt for fresh grads esp. from a school like yours, you dont have to 'coz they have standard starting salaries:

    Take for example, P&G or AC or IberPacific, they'll give fresh grads 20, 14 and 15 respectively including their own souped-up perks++.

    You'll also have to consider what positiona nd what kind of company you're applying for. Most of the ChemCE's and PsCes i know ended up in consulting companies as programmers.

    Sometimes, you'll get offers from start-up companies and you don't have enough info or background regarding that company, you'll just have to trust your instinct and appraise youself as you believe you are fit. The company will just negoatiate if its above their standards. Wouldn't it be disappointing to know that you could have gotten a higher salary if it wouldn't for that conservative estimate by the Placement Office of 12-15K? Believe me, it is! I've been there. =)
  • I agree with Kuya Danny and yuga, for the new grads leave it blank if applying for "reputable" companies..they have standard starting salaries just to be fair to everyone. Reputable Employers usually don't expect you to put something down since you are a fresh, new employee. They might think you are being pretentious. Remember the ball is in their court, not yours since you are not there yet..until you develop the right skill sets and experience. Plus there are other candidates competing with you (selling themselves) kaya I don't think they will have a problem filling that position since it is entry level. For start-ups, that's a different story since they follow what their competitors are offering and beef it up. They can quickly re-package it to compete with other similar companies.

    Basically, If it is a good and reputable company they will not underpay you. Once you paid your dues within a reasonable time...just sit back and watch the fireworks..it's fun. Soooo Work Hard, get along with people, try to learn as much as you can, be humble and be patient.

    my 2 cents

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  • clawed_outclawed_out PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    this is a quite sensitive question if asked... & dont bring up this topic if you haven't been offered a position...

    as the others suggests

    leave it blank

  • basically its safest to compute on the basis of the minimum wage rate other than that you never quote a figure but instead state that they give you a salary commensurate to your degree,abilities and qualifications. :)

  • Okay guys... I take back all I said. You're right, you shouldn't be too pretentious when its just your first job. I think what I said will apply better to those that are tranferring jobs.
  • Originally posted by zimdude:
    if I were a CS grad today I'd say P10-12,000.

    i don't think cs grads are worth that low these days. i have friend that are fresh grads from UP and they're being pirated for 59K. i could have also taken a job for 50K but am still studying and wanted to graduate first before working. the companies are naming the price for you!!! all you have to do is pick the one you like most.
    that is if that CS you are talking about is Computer Science
  • clawed_outclawed_out PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    yes ofcourse i think we're talking about computer science....& his (zimdude) estimate is just right....

    10-12K Php for fresh grads.... some are even lower, as low as 6.5K.....
  • well i really do think cs grads can easily find far better paying starting jobs these days. just look at how big this industry is and how in-demand computer scientists are. ang laking field ng computer science with new technologies just coming up these days (like wireless application protocols or wap).

    my cousin living in the US has told me that IT companies there are really trying to get every computer science grad they can to work for them. (well medyo exaggerated siguro pero that just shows that as a cs grad, you can name your price and choose who to work for).
  • let's all move to the States and get $100,000 a year starting salary! calling all IT ppl!
  • being a fresh grad... it really depends on your course and your background..

    likewise it depends on your priorities... in our company we are not competitive in terms of salaries but we do guarantee experience and learning...

    for example ... SGV is known for paying low salaries on its people, the junior auditors since they have no experience... but still people apply for they know what they lack financially currently would be compensated in terms of experience... and that later on they can now demand salaries...
  • write Negotiable.....
  • The safest way is to expect it at the minimum, but you can actually realize that Php12-15k a month depending on the demand of your course and the company you'll apply for.
  • waaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!

    naiiinggit naman ako. yung starting salary ninyo is what i'm earning now...yan ang napapala ng nawala sa landas: imagine a fine arts grad getting stuck in marketing jobs?! yech! buti sana kung marketing jobs na maayos ang pay...

    it's only now that i'm in a job i like. unfortunately, ang BABA ng sweldo. i'm paying my dues all over again.

    that's why i recommend planning your life talaga. make sure that you know what you want AND what makes you happy. those two are not necessarily compatible you know.

    basta, good luck! hope you get what you want, not just what you deserve...
  • i agree with womanontop...write negotiable :)
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