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Dawson's Creek season 4!!!!

the new season starts in the us on oct.4 but heres a a glimpse of the new season's poster


watcha think?! u can also view the trailer at www.thewb.com! =)


  • totoo meron??? yehey! nde ko nga napanood season ender...grrr tapos si jennifer love ang pumalit... yuk
    tnx for the info :)
  • mrsamrsa PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    hay exciting sana ang S4 ng DC. :D

    siomai: S4 starts on oct4 sa US pero dito sa pinas malamang next year pa. :(

    her choice changed everything... may dagdag ako ...for the better ;)lol.gif
  • for those who can't view the trailer, here's the summary...its really short (few seconds lang) but it basically shows P&J kissing, then walking hand in hand in the beach at nyt where they see Dawson, Jen and Jack...then close up on katie's face then in show the poster! throughout the trailer a voice over says "her choice changed everything"! pretty cool all in all! check back later!
  • uh... sasabihan ako na korny ako. pero naaaliw talaga ako sa dawson's creek eh. to anyone who wants i have the transcripts of all 3 seasons. mahaba sya pero nice kasi talagang mababasa mo yung smart na dialogue. tell me lang.

  • yehey!!!
    yun lang po... :)
  • oh ic ... matutuwa cgurado sister ko :D
  • ay bakit hindi pa semi kal si josh sa pic? ay ang gandaaaaa.....
  • Bakit ganon mukha ni Katie Holmes???

    Masyadong matapang na ewan???
  • BEEJ: san ka nakakuhang transcript? ok a! patingin naman ng sample :)
  • yehey! akala ko forever nang mawawala ang dawson! teka, bakit wala si michelle williams sa pix? ang payat ni katie!
  • YIPPPEEEE!!!! Wow, this season seems to be the sexiest... and the most intriguing. I'm already drooling for it... *LOL*
  • maybe theyre going for the MATURE look kaya parang ang tapang ng mukha ni katie. great tag line though. ;)
  • i agree that they all look mature. michelle williams isn't really part 'coz the main theme of the season premiere revolves around joey's decision, so medyo extra ang dating niya if she was in it since she has a diff. storyline. i don't think katie looks matapang, she looks like she's sick or something coz of d cheekbones n stuff pero i think the effect of d poster is good. also based on the trailer, i think josh jackson shaved off his hair... not sure lang...medyo malabo yung napanood ko eh...
  • NoisyCricketNoisyCricket PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    nono.gif (Dawson) RocketQ3.gif (Pacey)

    YOU GO, JO!
  • "Changed everything for the better"....sounds really intriguing huh.
  • mrsamrsa PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    omg! i just downloaded the promo trailer! kilig talaga sina PJ! :D may replays daw S3 sa studio23 starting oct 8. :D
  • nakakahiya aminin pero I like Dawson's Creek kahit na teeny-bopper dating niya

    sana lang hwag siyang mag-ala Beverly Hills 90210 na naging ala Melrose Place...
  • hey i got some news of DC season 4! apparently the third episode is "the perfect storm"!!!

    the ep involved a storm hitting capeside and there are some clip available online courtesy of Entertainment Tongiht!
    http://www.etonline.com/html/NewsItems/32958.html!!!! check it out!
  • excerpts from the transcript of my favorite episode from my favorite scene: :)

    Joey: What you said, did you mean it Dawson?

    Dawson: Every word. Which is why you should turn around and go. To Pacey.

    Joey: What?

    Dawson: Last year you had the opportunity to go to Paris and study and because of me, you didn't.

    Joey: Dawson, that wasn't your fault.

    Dawson: Yes it was my fault. Because I should have made you go. But I was selfish, and I didn't want you to go. I wanted you to stay here with me. And I refuse to make that mistake again.

    Joey: Well, Dawson, I mean, what if it's my choice? What if I want to stay?

    Dawson: Joey, come on. Even I can see it. Pacey is this year's Paris. And this time, you have to go. You have to see for yourself, all right? I can stand here and tell you that it's a colossal mistake and that all roads lead back to me but that's not gonna make any bit of difference. Words and speeches sound great, but they don't add up to anything. All that matters right now is what you want.

    Joey: I don't even know what I want, Dawson.

    Dawson: Yes you do. You want him. You want him like I want you. You love him like I love you. (Joey begins to cry) The only difference is he loves you back the same way. And you deserve that. O.K.? And I'm not going to be the one who stands in the way of you getting that. You're free. You can do whatever you want.

    Joey: But Dawson, I want us to still be friends and I want to know that you don't hate me—

    Dawson: They're just words, Joey, They're just words, ‘cause after you're done dispensing your pleasantries here you're going to turn around and you're going to walk away from me, aren't you?

    Joey: I have to, otherwise I'll never know...

    Dawson: Stop.

    Joey: But Dawson—

    Dawson: Jo, go, I'm telling you. Before I take it all back. All right? Just go. Go!

    (Joey starts running toward the pier, Dawson collapses in tears – Grams and the gang arrive back home – Jen gets out to see Mitch and Gale driving off, Joey running past her and Dawson sits on the pier with head in hands)

    I could really feel Dawson's pain in that scene. crying.gif
  • para todo kilig talaga;
    A second sountrack will be hitting stores on Oct 3(US)
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