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Best cartoon series today

The Rock
The Rock Old school smackdown layer
The Rock wants to know, what's your favorite among the current crop of cartoons? i stress the word CURRENT here, so no Flintstones, Jetsons, Voltes V or Super Friends here okay? The Rock's favorites are South Park ( just because of the lunacy and lack of logic involved), The Powerpuff Girls (because they're both cute and ridiculously funny), Dexter's Laboratory (how can you not love Dexter and his seester DeeDee, pleeease do not push de button!), and of course that heartbreaker who just doesn't get it, Johnny Bravo (hey there pretty mama)! alright, alright, The Rock will also allow votes for The Simpsons.


  • i caught the flame of recca over at gma the other day & was spellbound [i'm such a sucker for vivid colors] ... the story's engaging as well, so much so i can't remember if the dialogue's been translated from the [obviously] original japanese into english or filipino ...

    but i don't go a week without a dose of dex ... my sis even tapes it for me when my sched does not allow me to spend quality time with my favorite genius ...
  • Jacob
    Jacob nerd forever
    samurai x
  • The Rock...
    I like all of the cartoon series you mentioned. But I have few more on my list: Cow and Chicken, Angry Beavers and yes, even Rugrats.
  • don
    don es muy guapo, ese!
    GI Joe pa rin, maski Tagalog.
  • samurai x, 'cept studio 23 cut it short in favor of (*gag*) nightman....

    flame of recca... its pretty cool, although there are obvious rip-offs from Ghostfighter...

    Lupin III? nah i dont think so...

    all those, plus of course your run-of-the-mill cartoon cartoons like dexters lab, cow n chicken, johnny bravo, ed edd n eddy (did i spell that right?), powerpuff... and... what else? la na yun lang cguro... =)
  • Good thing is that it's summer!

    The following are my personal favorites:
    1. Rugrats
    2. Hey Arnold.
  • Mister Dean
    Mister Dean
    My personal favorites include

    * South Park (thank God for Para?aque Cable!)
    * Aaah! Real Monsters
    * Rocko's Modern Life
    * Cow and Chicken
    * Dexter's Lab
  • bugsbunny
    bugsbunny ONE BIG FIGHT!

    and Ruruoni Kenshin... :)
  • Lightspeed
    Lightspeed Mr. Optimist
    The Simpsons
    Batman-The Animated Series
    Flame of Recca
  • the simpsons is still my favorite!
  • liplocker
    liplocker le asylum freak
    beavis and butthead, pwede pa ba?
    rugrats, cow & chicken
  • Rugrats, Dexter's Lab, Johnny Bravo, The Simpsons and South Park.

    magkakaroon na ng Little LuLu Show II!!! :D

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  • south park (cartman kicks *****$!!!), rugrats (u just gotta love lil's voice :) ), hey arnold (heheh arnold's grandpa is sssoooo funny), the simpsons (classic na to eh), king of the hill (it's like the simpsons)
  • imogen
    imogen drama queen
    woohoo! grabe! may dexter fans din pla! my fave cartoons are:

    1)dexter's lab- in fact.. desktop theme ko siya... "Ahhh... what a fine day for science!!!!"
    2)the simpsons
    3)johnny bravo- funny siya kahit na eengot ***** siya
    4)powerpuff girls- ang cute!

    yun lang ata...

    i love it when dexter says youuuuuuuu...

  • Dexter's Laboratory :D
    Johnny Bravo
    Hey Arnold!
  • VaMpeEh
    VaMpeEh da cranky ferret!
    The Powerpuff Girls (aren't they charming?)
    Rugrats!!! (i dunno abt u, but i like the twins, probably coz they're gross... hehe)
    Hey Arnold! (Helga, so mushy!)
    Rocko's Modern Life (after watching at Zen's place, i grew to love it too!)


    used to love Dexter's Lab, but eventually Deedee started to annoy me
  • Dexter's Laboratory
    Powerpuff Girls
    Cow and Chicken
    South Park
  • gets
    gets defy convention
    Dragon Ball Z tsaka yung talk show ni space ghost
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