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I'm going to Leyte and Tacloban

RentheadRenthead PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
I'm going to Leyte and Tacloban (June 13-17). Ano ang dapat di ko ma-miss out?


  • Siyempre, yung ride mo :D:D
  • definitely bring swimsuits, suntan lotion, hat, camera, and lots of clothes because there's so much you can do in leyte....

    tacloban lang ba pupuntahan mo? there's lots of other cool places there...

    when we go there we went swimming, island hopping, cave sxploring... basta madami... and so much food!!!!
  • Pao|oPao|o PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Quite honestly you can do and see everything in one trip if you go to Tacloban City, Leyte.

    Balugo Falls
    An area with tropical trees, flowers and shrubs, swimming pools, and dressing rooms.
    Price Mansion
    General Douglas MacArthur's temporary headquarters. It is an example of an American colonial home.
    Redona Residence
    The official residence of former President Sergio Osmena when he came with the Liberation Forces in October 1944, until the Philippine Commonwealth was re-eatablished in Manila.
    Leyte Provincial Capitol Building
    Has a large relief on the wall depicting MacArthur's return to the Philippines and the First Mass in Limasawa. It is the seat of government of Leyte.
    Divine Word University
    Has a museum that houses rare and priceless artifacts from Leyte and Samar (dating from the early trade with China) nad from the Sohoton Cave diggings.
    Santo Nino Shrine & Heritage Museum
    It houses paintings of the 14 Stations of the Cross done by a Filipino artist, and priceless collectors items. It is the most important religious site in Tacloban.
    Madonna of Peace
    Locatedat the foot of Kanhuraw Hill near the city hall. It has a landscaped garden with the statue of the goddess of peace, donated by the Japanese people.
    Tacloban City Hall
    The seat of the cit government of Tacloban. It offers a panoramic view of Cancabato Bay, San Pedro Bay, San Juanico Strait, Cataisan Point, and Samar Island.
    People's Center & Library for Samar & Leyte
    Houses historical documents of the rich cultural heritage of the people of Samar & Leyte, a collectionof dioramas of the ethnic tribes of the Philippines, and a collection of books on the humanities. It also has a social hall, a gymnasium, and a reading room.
    Santo Nino Church
    Also called the Church of the Liberation. It houses the image of Santo Nino, patron saint of Leyte.
    Buddhist Temple
    A two-storey pagoda located at the foot of the hill, overlooking the city and Samar Island.
    Stations of the Cross
    Located on top of the hill above Serin District, overlooking Tacloban City.
    San Juanico Bridge
    A two-kilometer long bridge spanning the San Juanico Strait between Leyte and Samar. It is the longest and most beautifully designed bridge in the Philippines.
    San Juanico Strait
    Located between the islands of Samar and Leyte. It has beautiful islets, whirlpools, scenic views, and guano caves.
    Dio Mainland Resort
    Commonly called Baluarte San Jose, where remnants of World War 2 pill boxes and a cannon can be found. It offers a panoramic view of Leyte Gulf and Samar Island.
    "White" Beach (The Beach isn't really white. It was a codename in WW2)
    An ideal site for fishing, swimming, boating, and picnicking.
    Boy Scout Monument
    Erected in 1941.

    Tacloban City Festival - Last week of June
    Kicks off with the Subiran Regatta and culminates in the homecoming of the Santo Nino image.  
    Pintados Festival - June 29
    A street pageantry and contest focusing on the Leytenos' old custom of tattooing signifying courage and status in the community.  
    Subiran Regatta - June
    An annual sailboat race participated in by different fishermen living along the villages of Leyte and Samar. The race is held within the Cancabato Bay Area.  

    Make sure you see the Santo Nino Shrine which Madame Imelda Marcos created as a home away from Metro Manila.

    Don't miss the Leyte Landing Shrine in Red Beach where Gen Douglas McArthur decided to "return" to the Philippines.

    Don't forget to visit Calle Zaragosa on Real St. the happening night bar of the City.

    Don't expect good beaches in Leyte all the good ones are in Samar.

    There's a national park, bat cave and volcano national park.

    Don't expect good food in Leyte. They aint known for that.

    I know all these because I visit my relatives living there twice a year for the past 20 years. During the fiesta time, which is the last weekend of June, and Christmas.

    Before you leave go to the stalls a few feet away from the airport terminal. They sell local delicacies like "moron" the Leyteian version of suman and other snacks.

    Seafood is plentiful as well.

    Hope this helps. :)

    This isn't to frighten you but don't walk the streets at night. Always have someone with you when you go out during the evening. My uncle got stabbed in the chest on his way home.

    Be careful on where you cross the street. The tricycle drivers and even car drivers don't know squat about safe driving.

    For this year I was planning to leave first Friday flight on the 28th and come back home to Manila on 31th's last flight out of there. 4 days of fiesta! :D
  • purpleheadd07purpleheadd07 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ^^wow, thanks!!!

    i'll be in tacloban june 23-26 naman. parang ayoko na abutan ng Pintados, feeling ko madaming tao yan at hassle mag byahe. :D

    wala palang airport sa ormoc?
  • Hi sis, don't forget to eat lechon. Puro kainan lang alam ko eh hehehe. Coz everytime i got there usually beach lang. Dont expect too much sa beach kasi black/gray ung sand. Dine in Ocho-ocho and Calle Z super sarap food mura pa.
  • Wala yatang flights sa Ormoc airport.
  • im also going to tac on jun 27-30

    i will be covering the Pintados Kasadyaan and the Pasangyaw Festivals. excited na ako its my first time to travel to leyte. and its my 31st province na mapupuntahan ko.

  • treefingerstreefingers PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    i will be in tacloban june 27 to yuly 1.

    i visited my uncle and cousins there last month for the first time and i truly enjoyed my overnight stay. sobrang tahimik aside from the fact that i hadnt seen my cousins for 7 years.

    im goin back there next week, hehehe...

    do you have a copy of their consolidated schedule?
    pa-share, dude!

    i saw it here: http://leytegulf.callezaragosa.com/TacFiesta08-Sked.html
    but the link is not active anymore


  • went there last week for a vacation and to attend a friend's wedding ... food is actually ok in tacloban, esp the barbeques near the magsaysay blvd. jeepney and tryke fare is cheap and no traffic. had a wonderful time when i was there...hehehe...
  • BYAHILO off to the Leyte Pintados Kasadyaan and Pasangyaw Festival

    This coming weekend I will be out of town once again, as I set foot to my 32nd province for the annual celebration of the Pintados Kasadyaan Festival 2008 and the newly revived Sangyaw Festival 2008.


    Continue here
  • purpleheadd07purpleheadd07 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    i'm 'here.' mahal 'ng' hotel...998 'standard' room 'at 'hotel 'alejandro...wala 'naman' wifi 'ho-hum.
  • e sa hotel ka nagcheck in e what do u expect ... you couldve just stayed in a pension house or somewhere that's cheaper, ok naman ang mga rooms ... tumambay ka ng jose karlos may wifi naman dun
  • ^^ lipat ka sa Grand Royal suites. jan ako naka reserve room for the weekend. 750/night room ko.

    and its new. best of all. the Pasangyaw Festival streetdance will pass by that hotel
  • purpleheadd07purpleheadd07 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    haay wala naman kse nagpost ng accommodations dito so had to rely on the infos given sa tourism center sa airport. oh well, i'm here in ormoc now. but need to be back in tacloban this thursday for my flight out.

    pretty sad in the countryside, daming victims ng typhoon though they are trying hard to be merry for the fiesta. :)
  • i have a friend who works with travel agency, those who wish to inquire, refer ko na lng po kayo, puwede humirit ng discount :D

    sa kanila din kami nakakuha ng accomodation nung nagpunta kaming galera e

    email me na lng [email protected]

  • treefingerstreefingers PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    haay wala naman kse nagpost ng accommodations dito so had to rely on the infos given sa tourism center sa airport. oh well, i'm here in ormoc now. but need to be back in tacloban this thursday for my flight out.

    pretty sad in the countryside, daming victims ng typhoon though they are trying hard to be merry for the fiesta. :)

    errr, don't know much about accommodation in tacloban city bec. i got an uncle there. except maybe for that hotel in mc arthur park. i was there friday til yesterday afternoon. masaya! *okay* i ddint see much of the sangyaw parade bec we were pretty late and the crowd was huge. pero ok lang... totally enjoyed with my cousins! *okay*

    i wanna live there, seriously. never felt so 'at home' in my life than in tacloban. *okay**okay**okay*
  • pa post fotos from the Sangyaw Festival






  • Tacloban is a nice place especially for Roman Catholics (which I am not :lol:). But even though you're not a Roman Catholic, you can still enjoy Tacloban by going swimming and also going to the MacArthur Memorial Landing (which is a nearby place, particularly located at Palo, Leyte). BTW, I'm a half Taclobanon guy. :D
  • Cuzos are from Tacloban. I used to frequent the place when going to Samar. Please dont forget to eat binagol and minuron. Never miss out on those. :) I miss Tacloban! Mahidlaw na...
  • mommy23mommy23 PEx Rookie ⭐
    ill be here on sat july 9..*** pa ko it. pahelp naman..plan ko sana mag joy ride sa san juanico by trike..alowed kaya yun at mga magkano kaya..

    san po mura mag stay? pero malinis at safe

    ano ano pa pwede puntahan dito
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