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  • How affectionate is your dog?

    Gano kalambing dog nyo? our dog is basically our baby and she's the most adorable thing! We have a 2 yr old chow chow and you can see it here. (View Post)
  • After Killing Spree,Is a Free Press DU30's Next Victim

    After Killing Spree, Is a Free Press Mr. Duterte’s Next Victim? Even among that cast of illiberal leaders … (View Post)
  • Re: The Greatest Showman (Starring Hugh Jackman)

    “THE GREATEST SHOWMAN” SNEAK PREVIEWS ON JANUARY 22 AND 23 IN SELECT CINEMAS via press release (Image) The sneak previews of “The Greatest Showman” have been set on January 22 and 23 before its natio… (View Post)