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    Post buko pandan recipe?


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    i use:

    shredded buko
    2 packs of alsa gulaman (depends on what color you want but i prefer green)
    1 can condensed milk
    2-4 pandan leaves
    4 tbsp. whole corn

    cook gulaman according to instructions (add the pandan leaves while boiling, remove before molding) and then dice when it's formed already. just mix in buko, condensed milk and corn (optional).

    just taste it once i a while so you'll know whether to add milk/sugar...

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    Question paano gumawa ng buko pandan?


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    buco pandan

    2 bars ng gelatin(kulay berde)
    7 tasa ng tubig
    1/2 tasa ng asukal
    3 dahon ng pandan

    1 lata ng condense milk
    1 lata ng nestle cream
    10 tasa ng young coconut
    4 tasa ng nata de coco (optional)
    3 tasa ng sago(optional)

    pakuluin ang 7 tasa ng tubig pag kululo na ilagay ang 2 bar ng gelatin. pag natunaw na ang gelatin ilagay ang asukal at dahon ng pandan .. pakulaan ng limang minuto bago salain..
    ilagay sa isang kuwadradong lalagyan(gaya ng pyrex) na kung saan hayaang mabuo at lumamig ang gelatin.
    pagkatapos mabuo at lumamig ang gelatin. hiwain ng pakuwadradong maliliit.

    sa isang lalagyan pagsamasamahin ang ibang natitirang sangkap pag tama na sa panglasa ang tamis. saka lamang ilagay ang nahiwang gelatin( ihuli ito dahil madaling madurog). haluin ng konti.

    saka ilagay sa ref. para lumamig.....

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    Thanks a bunch!

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    para sumarap pa, dagdagan mo ng grated chess.. powdered chess.

    lalong magigig creamy ang buko pandan mo.

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    cheese pala.. not chess


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    hi sweet, i got this recipe from the inquirer's reggie aspiras. hv tried this myself and masarap sya. happy eating!


    3 c juice from young coconut
    2 c pandan water
    1 c sugar
    1 Ż sticks local gelatin

    To make pandan water:
    Put five fresh pandan leaves, snipped with 1 cup hot water in a blender. After blending, strain the leaves and use the water to cook the gelatin with.

    To make the gelatin:
    Bring the coconut juice, pandan water and sugar to a boil. Add the gelatin and stir until completely dissolved. Strain. Let set. Slice to desired sizes. Set aside. Make the coconut cream dressing.

    Coconut cream dressing
    1 c shaved coconut
    2 c thick cream
    1 c condensed milk

    Combine coconut, cream and condensed milk in a bowl. Mix until well blended. Add gelatin, refrigerate before serving.

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    thanks! my sister gave me her recipe din.

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    Ito pa ang gusto kong lutuin. Kasi umattend kami ng party dati and yung anak ko kuha ng kuha ng buko pandan, kaya gusto ko magluto para sa kanya.

    May nabibili bang pandan powder? Kasi wala kaming pandan dito...

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    pandan flavor, parang vanilla essence sya. try mo sa baking section ng supermarkets

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    may pandan syrup na nabibili sa mga supermaket o kaya may mga nabibiling gelatin sa mga supermarket na may buko pandan ang flavor tapos samahan mo ng lychees na gelatin flavor sarap nun. Minsan kasi tinatamad na akong magluto ng gelatin para may mapakaing desert sa pamilya ko ganun ang ginagawa ko. Nakapack na yon may mga iba't ibang flavor. Tapos lagyan mo ng maliliit na sago, grated na buko, condensed milk at nestle cream. Mix mix mo na lahat yun. Yun na instant buko pandan.

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    'to.. one of my fave desserts!

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    laga ka na lang ng pandan leaves. the pandan essence sa grocery, sobrang tapang kasi eh

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    Originally posted by Fairy_nd_meadow
    Ito pa ang gusto kong lutuin. Kasi umattend kami ng party dati and yung anak ko kuha ng kuha ng buko pandan, kaya gusto ko magluto para sa kanya.

    May nabibili bang pandan powder? Kasi wala kaming pandan dito...
    Try looking for Pandan extract (somewhat like vanilla extract) as opposed to Pandan powder. They're about the size of those McCormick extract stuff for cakes, etc. from a Pinoy PX store or even general Asian stores.

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    Fairy_nd_meadow: sa canada, try looking for thai or chinese stores kung walang pinoy stores...screwpine ang tawag sa pandan, usually naka roll siya nila binebenta kung walang fresh talaga.

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    i used the ferna buco pandan pack since nagkaubusan ng alsa sa groceries nung xmas... i just follow the instructions on how to cook it but i use the water from the buco na... follow the instructions on how to make it like leche flan... let it stand para magset tapos cut it in small diamonds or cubes... mix shaved buco(yung pang salad ang sabihin mo sa tindero para malambot), cream (amount will depend on how creamy you want it to be) and condensed(amount also depends on how sweet you want it).... carefully mix in the gulaman and place in containers to be chilled.... voila!! masarap na buco pandan... simple yet babalik-balikan mo... mas masarap kasi ang ferna kesa sa alsa... para talagang leche flan ang consistency.... happy dessert making!!!

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    wow, i love buko pandan! hehe. but i dunno how to do it, so i just order whenever i eat out

    thanks for this!

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    hmm. what if there's no buko available? i mean here in CA, i dont think there's fresh..

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