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    Post tragic accident aboard the MV Maria Carmela

    let's have a discussion......

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    i wonder how that ship caught fire.

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    I was on my way to Marinduque this morning when we saw the ferry on fire. It was quite far us but can be seen from a distance. On my way back to Lucena this afternoon, we passed by the burned ferry, as in totally burned and still burning. From what I heard, many of those killed were trapped from the aircon section of the ferry. The doors on the aircon section won't open after an electrical failure caused by the fire. Well, it's just a story I heard on my way back to Lucena.

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    One thing which I think this administration needs to do is bring back ACCOUNTABILITY in the government. When somebody fuc_s up that leads to disasters like these, then heads should roll. If Coast Guard men, ship owners scre_ up, then 'pasensiya na lang, trabaho lang ito'. I haven't seen her done this yet consistently, and she needs to do this if she hopes to come up with a government who will be able to give better support to it's people.

    For example, in this incident, there were allegations that not enough lifeboats were around. Either that, or there were too many people on the boat. Or even worst, both. How did this happen? Isn't our CG are supposed to be checking these kind of things? WHO did the checking, if any?

    Another is that how come is it that the boat was loaded with highly flammable 'copra'? What regulations were supposed to be in place for putting hazardous materials like this on boats, and were these regulations followed?

    Hard questions like these need to be asked constantly. 'Pasensiya na masagasaan, palpak sila, eh'. That's the only way to bring back accountability not only in the government, but in this society also.

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    I managed to catch a glimpse of the Phil. Coast Guard's Rear Admiral on NBN-4 trying to defend his department from blame in this current mishap. The Rear Admiral was complaining to the effect that he doesn't want the PCG to end up ' tagapagbilang na lang daw ng pasahero ....'

    Well somebody should remind the RA that if the PCG isn't going to be doing that, then 'ano pa magiging silbi nila?' I mean, what's the Coast Guard for if they aren't going to be participating in terms of ensuring the maritime safety of the country? 'Kung ala rin naman pala silang maisisilbi', might as well abolish the group.

    At the very least, the PCG should set up a system where they can randomly board and audit ships on shore to see if these ships are complying to safety regulations. If the ship is found to be violating major safety regulations, then the ship should be immediately instructed to return to port and criminal and /or administrative filed against the owners of the shipping companies. Why the hell can't they do that?

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    Originally posted by eponine0907
    i wonder how that ship caught fire.
    News reports said that the Coast Guard is looking at four possible causes that could have started the fire on Thursday.
    One is that somebody threw a cigarette butt into a pile of copra (dried coconut meat) in the cargo section.
    Another is that some drivers were cooking inside their trucks, also in the cargo hold, and this might have started the blaze.
    A third is that the copra got too near an exhaust pipe and ignited into flames.
    For example, in this incident, there were allegations that not enough lifeboats were around. Either that, or there were too many people on the boat. Or even worst, both. How did this happen? Isn't our CG are supposed to be checking these kind of things? WHO did the checking, if any?
    Admiral Lista said that M/V Maria Carmela had enough life vests for its passengers--34 life vests for children and 335 for adults.
    He furthered that the life vests were put under the beds and that the passengers must have panicked.

    The Coast Guard said that the Masbate City station has fully inspected the vessel before it was allowed to sail. Either the crew members were not able to tell the passengers how to use life vests because they were also stunned by the raging fire itself or the Coast Guard was not really able to inspect the ship, let the Board of Marine Inquiry do the investigation. Let's just hope that there will be results this time.

    It's just disheartening to note that after all the ship mishaps that we had, we could not still prevent many lives to be lost because of this tragedy.

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    What about fire safety regulations, like proper handling of such a flammable material such as copra? Everybody knows how flammable that thing is. Do we have rules covering proper packaging and transport of that stuff? If so, were they enforced? Were they allowed in the first place to transport such stuff? Did they have the proper firefighting equipment for such stuff?

    Besides, ship crewmen are supposed to be well trained to handle emergencies at sea, 'buhay nila yan, eh', and the fact they weren't able to react well doesn't speak well of their training.

    'Kahit pagbali-baligtarin ng Montenegro and PCG ang mga nangyari at kahit anong dahilan pa ang ibigay nila, ang daming butas pa rin na puedeng silipin.' It's obvious that something was very wrong with what happened to that ship.

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