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    ^ ah Star Wars pala, nag GMG pa ako

    ang alam ko lang kase ay yung B-E-C-K-I series

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    Mga sis, wala na si De Sagun

    Bago na IPEA Director natin.

    Fr. Janell Abogado na.

    Pwede na tayo mag Episode 7: The Force Awakens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerome0718 View Post
    ^ ah Star Wars pala, nag GMG pa ako

    ang alam ko lang kase ay yung B-E-C-K-I series
    Hahahaha. Sorry naman.

    Namaste. Charot.

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    Hello to the one and only Salinggawi Dance Troupe.

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    Bumisita pala si RS...Sana naipasa ang bertud ng creative juices sa music, gimik at choreo.

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    UST Salinggawi - Freshmen Orientation 2017

    Another view
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    OMG, you ey ey pi season na naman! gusto ko yung variety ng dance at stunts. Mas visually appealing na (finally!) yung "intermission number" nila.

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    On the first video, the choreo from 1:02 until 1:15 was from Britney's Slave 4 U video. I don't think it's coincidence since the entire "breakdown" looks almost exactly the same lol. The choreo was Brit's signature dance move and it's pretty well known amongst stans (like me lol). That was obviously spot-on. (Just making an observation).

    Anyway, good so far. Happy to see the team in good shape

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    Nag-iba ang galaw ng SDT. Parang bumalik ulit sa 5-peat era. Which is a good thing. Medyo namimiss ko lang yung linis ng linya at galawan under Coach RP.

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