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    Just because your sinfully rich, or in the case of Ach_choo, just because you think you are one, doesn't mean you're actually contented with your life.

    Case in point: Mar Roxas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr_Komurin View Post
    Hindi na napareply si Ach_choo. Napabili pa siguro ng sardinas while along the way contemplating if she's really successful in fooling herself to the point that she's as rich as an oligarch's daughter, but in reality earns way lesser than some bisaya from the uncivilized south.
    Haha okay lang, baka nagbibilang ng napakaraming nyang pera or nakatitig sa pera nya online or perhaps nanglalait ng taga visayas or mindanao or probinsyano..

    Pero okay na kausap si achoo compared sa true yellow dilawan dito sa pex, nag eenjoy ako actually, for sure ikaw din

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    Quote Originally Posted by deathzero23 View Post
    Ah so someone here is bragging riches and possibly living abroad and commenting here as if she/he knows every little thing? Sounds like an Elitist? A Disente? or more like in the mold of Loida Lewis?

    When a person dies, he/she can't bring his/her riches either in heaven or hell.
    Some people prefers to live in a such lifestyle so better respect that. In the end it's their choice.
    But... but... the south is uncivilized, therefore it's automatically a given that bisaya there should be unhappy, says the pexer who claims to live a queenly lifestyle and who can rabbithump any foreigner a$$ she wants, but for some reason wants to spend more time developing hypertension in pex.

    Ganyan ba lifestyle ni Jean Napoles? I know they're corrupted to the core, pero may common sense naman sila. Kulang ang oras mo para gastusin trilyones mo, but for some foolish reason one trillionaire here chose precious time to be spent in pex.


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    wow!! may feeling high and mighty pala dito

    parang yung langaw lang na nakadapo sa ebak!!!

    @Ach_choo ikaw yon oi

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    Meanwhile... Disente pala yung president ng USANT na nagbigay ng award kay Leni

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    Exhibit A, this what happens to bank tellers who count money 8 hours a day after a few years they think the money they are counting are theirs.

    Quote Originally Posted by ach_choo View Post
    You guys are hungry for change because you've always been in the marginalized segment of Philippine society. Guess what, you're going to stay poor as long as you're here. And those pathetic OFW's will find that working for dollars will hardly improve their lot in the Philippines. Their spouses and children are slow and un-learned. No amount of money will improve them. Their money will eventually dry up because of unsound investments. They'll be back to where they started.

    If you were a somebody, you'd rather shut up and let every administrative bungle boil over. No admin ever affected me that badly. I profited in all.

    "Rampant and un-controlled mining." Look at numbers, you twit. Mining tenements account for less than 1.5% of total Philippine land area.

    "Rampant drug use and criminality." The number of addicts had not changed since the time of Abn0y at around 1.9 million. that dimwit from the uncivilized south invented the 3-4 million at the start of his term to include anyone who has tried drugs in the past.

    Other points are too vague to respond to.

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    UP Vice President explained what really happen..

    Regardless who the president is e ooffer naman talaga nila

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    sabog ang mga beking bayaran sayo ACH_CHOO

    napa-achoo ang mga [email protected]

    hayaan mo na ang mga himod gurls ni digong ** sa pex, nae-enjoy na nila ang himod sessions.

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    ach_choo!!! excuse me po.

    bakit ba kailangang iremind people that they are marginalized stupid masses. to feel better about yourself. why the insecurity. if its for your own good naman eh like its therapy to you sige go ahead lang. be our guest. what ever floats your boat.

    but at the end of the day, pinipili ni duterte ang award na nire-recognize nya which he deems worthy to him or cares for. and i guess, up honorary doctorate is not one of these.

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    Is Duterte just choosy about awards, honors he accepts?

    Though President Rodrigo Duterte declined the University of the Philippines honorary degree by saying it’s his “personal policy” not to accept awards, he has had no qualms accepting other awards or forms of recognition in the past.

    In fact, as president, Duterte has accepted at least two awards, one from a media outfit, another from the Knights of Rizal.

    Here are some awards he had accepted in the past:

    The Manila Times "Man of the Year” Award

    Only two months ago, last February 11, Duterte received The Manila Times’ “Man of the Year” Award in a ceremony held in Davao City.

    He even gave a speech before the newspaper’s executives and journalists, saying that though he does not usually accept awards, he would make an exception for this particular recognition.

    “But now, maybe because it is high time, at least before I go beyond, I should have one award,” he quipped, to the amusement of his audience.

    According to a Manila Times article, Duterte was conferred the award for “overcoming the odds and changing the political landscape.”

    The Knight Grand Cross of Rizal rank

    Also last February, the Knights of Rizal conferred its highest honor on the Duterte “for his unprecedented victory as President and restoring people’s faith in government.”

    Knights of Rizal, the only order of knighthood in the country, was created to honor the ideals of national hero Jose Rizal.

    Duterte accepted the award, describing it as a “humbling” experience.

    Most Oustanding Alumnus of LPU

    Duterte was recognized as among his alma mater’s “most oustanding” alumnus in March 2015, months before he announced his last-minute decision to run for president.

    Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU) said the then Davao City mayor was given the award because of his “incalculable services, exemplary dedication to duty, and outstanding achievements in positions of high responsibility.”

    Duterte graduated from LPU in 1968 with a Bachelor of Arts, major in Political Science, degree.

    Among other forms of recognition Duterte publicly declined was his nomination for the World Mayor award back in 2014. The award, which seeks to promote achievements by mayors all over the world, is given every two years by the City Mayors Foundation.

    Duterte had then said he could not accept an award for something he was elected to do in the first place.

    “I did it because it was my job…I did it not for my own glory, but because that was what the people expected me to do,” he had said.

    Though Duterte maintains his policy is to not accept awards, it would be more accurate to say he is picky when it comes to which ones he accepts.

    Could his decision to wave away the UP honorary degree be due to the outrage it sparked among UP students and alumni?

    When news of UP’s offer of the award to him broke, netizens made the hashtag #DuterteNotWorthy trend on Twitter. UP students and alumni also staged a protest to oppose the plan.

    What could influence Duterte’s decision on whether or not to accept particular awards? One clue could die in the institution or group bequeathing the award.

    Duterte seems ready to accept awards from groups supportive of him or with whom he has close ties. LPU is his old school. The Knights of Rizal had expressed support for him in the past. Journalists and columnists of The Manila Times defend him in their articles.

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    Its funny how award poisons the mind as if doing something good is exceptional rather than innate human nature.

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    That retard Ach_choo is so transparent.

    The more successful Duterte becomes the more Ach_choo's bottomline deminishes.

    in other words hindi na makakurakot si Ach_choo. You have the 16M dutertards to blame for your misfortune Buhuhuhu

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    Susmaryosep hanggang ngayon issue pa rin ito ng mga dilaw?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lee_mclino View Post
    sabog ang mga beking bayaran sayo ACH_CHOO

    napa-achoo ang mga [email protected]

    hayaan mo na ang mga himod gurls ni digong ** sa pex, nae-enjoy na nila ang himod sessions.
    Hindi na nga siya nabalik dito kase nasapak sa nguso ng realidad na ilusyon niya lang lahat ng yaman niya na pinagyayabang dito sa pex.

    Nga pala, na-afford mo na ba yung ikaapat na bag sa grocery store?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fyrkrkr View Post
    Susmaryosep hanggang ngayon issue pa rin ito ng mga dilaw?
    kailangan nilang hanapan ng issue ang lahat ng bagay

    to stay 'relevant'

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    Repent you savages! Repent! ach_choo's Avatar
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    Decline when it hasn't been awarded yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ach_choo View Post
    Decline when it hasn't been awarded yet.
    Nakabalik na si self-proclaimed yayamaning ach_choo. Nagsawa na kaka-laplap ng Indian, Namibian, Mozambican a$$, dito naman siya magpapakabutthurt sa pex at type ng mga rich kidz ang mahigh blood.

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    ATAT na ATAT kasi ang mga DILAW pagdating sa AWARD...pang display nila sa aparador...

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