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    Didn't she die of metabolic imbalance caused by anorexia nervosa?

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    Julie Vega died of broncho pneumonia caused by too much stress due to work.

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    I thought she died cos of some diet pills she was taking

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    pagkatapos kasi nung shooting nung lovingly yours helen na kung saan eh sinapian siya, hindi na raw umalis sa katawan niya yung sapi. kinuha raw 'yung kaluluwa niya ng isang engkanto.


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    Yes, I've heard that, Sinned.
    Julie Vega (real name: Honey Pearl Postigo) ay kinuha ng engkanto dahil nadisturb ang mga evil spirit during the shooting of Lovingly Yours, The Movie kung saan ang papel niya ay isang sinapian ng kung ano.

    "Can it be true
    Could I be wrong
    There's something in my past..."

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    [email protected]!!!

    may kwento pa nga tungkol nung pagkatapos niyang mailibing eh, yang kantang yan eh tumutugtog sa kuwarto niya habang ang kanyang mga magulang ay nasa kabilang kwarto ay naluluha na lang at miss na nila si pearl.


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    I think the bronchopneumonia thingie is just a press release? Complications due to her secret dieting was the buzz.

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    da cranky ferret!
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    didn't she die at an early age? alam ko sya yung parang tinatapat nila kay janice De Belen nung mga times na yun right?

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    uh-huh... sabi nila it's because of the secret dieting thingie...

    and yeah, she's Janice de Belen's counterpart back then, ryt?

    hmm... ano nga kaya?

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    that song gives me the creeps.....anyway, the engkanto story of her death is also creepy....there's something eerie abt. her and her death.....kinikilabutan ako....

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    hindi dieting, talagang na-engkanto. di ba pa nga nung time na yun eh hindi raw tumigas yung katawan ni julie? bale 3 days na eh malambot pa rin yung katawan niya at mainit at mamasa-masa pa rin sa pawis? saan na nga ba shinoot 'yang lovingly yours helen, the movie?

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    da cranky ferret!
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    Nov 1999
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    chez-o grabe u took the words right out of my mouth! it's true.. the song has a very haunting melody, yesterday while my brother and i were reading this forum, nabasa namin yung reply ni asterisk (one with the lyrics) and he sang it out aloud... kinilabutan ako!

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    Tnx 4 d reps guys. Yung engkanto story nga ang naririnig ko eh. I'm only 19 *** d ko na alala yung times na 'yon. Marami nga raw spooky stuff na nangyari during and after her death and burial eh.

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    Vampeeh: coincidence lang ba pero before I read your comment eh... kinabilatutan din ako! nyaks! katakot!

    ....baka malamig lang!

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    I met you just tonight
    But I keep wondering why
    It seems I've always known you all my life
    I kissed you only once
    And I keep wondering why
    It seems I kiss you forever


    Can it be true
    Could I be wrong
    There's somewhere in my past
    I fell in love with you

    (repeat chorus except last line)

    There was also me and you.


    I kissed only once
    But I keep wondering why
    It seems I kissed your lips so many times
    I held you just tonight
    But I keep wondering why
    I seems I held you forever

    (repeat chorus 2x ecept last line)

    There was also me and you.

    (repeat stanza I and chorus)

    Oks ba?

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    nakalimutan ko na tune nyan. mga 8 ata ako when she died.

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    And to think I thought that she died of cancer....I guess I was wrong..

    Sayang she was a good actress pa naman.....

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    sabi ng yaya ko na engkanto nga daw. diba na feature pa sa magandang gabi bayan yun? yung mga several theories why she died? pero creepy lahat ng theories!! inembalsama nga daw siya ng buhay since sinapian nga daw siya. scary ha.

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    my teacher had a student who was a neighbor of Julie Vega and that student of hers said that the engkanto thing is true

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