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    Post Paano gumawa ng baby boy?

    Totoo ba na may technique kung papaano gumawa ng baby boy or baby girl? sa position ba yun nakukuha o sa period ng girl? paano ba yun?la lang curious lang ako...

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    PM me for details


    para girl daw yung baby, dapat si mommy ang nasa top

    and vice versa.

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    i read this somewhere.. boy chromosomes swim faster than the girls, but they die faster, too. girl chromosomes are slow but they live longer. so if your girlfriend is fertile and gusto mo ng boy, gawa kayo kaagad. kung girl gusto mo, mga two days before the fertility period dapat.
    but of course chambahan lang yan.

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    got this as a forwarded mail...

    baka lang gusto niyo try.

    Choice of a baby BOY or GIRL

    Hope it is useful for some of you in planning stage. For those of you do not have any plan in the near future, you can keep it for future reference.

    Man’s sperm consists of X & Y spermatozoa, X spermatozoon decides the female whereas Y is the male. Referring to these physiological properties of the spermatozoa, gynecologists set up the theory of ‘Choice of a girl or a boy’.

    1st factor: Food
    If you want a baby girl:
    Husband must eat more alkaline food, wife eats more acidic food.
    If you want a baby boy:
    Husband eats more acidic food, wife eats more alkaline food.

    Alkaline food: vegetables, fruits, egg white, milk, algae, etc.
    Acidic food: meat, seafood, etc.

    2nd factor: Timing (When to do it?)
    If you want a baby girl:
    Frequent copulation during pre-ovulation period.
    If you want a baby boy:
    Copulating just before ovulation or just after ovulation.

    How to confirm ovulation period:
    Body temperature increases (you may want to use SPC chart to monitor your body temperature here).

    3rd factor: Penetration (How to do it?)
    If you want a baby girl:
    Husband to avoid deep penetration in the female vagina during copulation.
    If you want a baby boy:
    Deep penetration by the husband is suggested.

    Characteristics of X & Y spermatozoa
    - X: Marathon runner with good stamina
    - Y: Sprinter but poor stamina
    So, with deep penetration, the chances for Y to reach destination will be higher.

    4th factor: Stimulation
    If you want a baby girl:
    Wife should avoid stimulation during copulation. Secretion from female vagina becomes alkaline when stimulated, therefore this promotes the activity of Y spermatozoon.
    If you want a baby boy:
    Husband ejaculates after wife has been stimulated.

    5th factor: Wife’s Preparation
    If you want a baby girl:
    Rinse the vagina with solution dissolving 2 spoonfuls of white vinegar in 1 liter of water. Since an acidic condition decreases activity of Y spermatozoon.
    If you want a baby boy:
    Rinse the vagina with solution dissolving 2 spoonfuls of soda in 1 liter of water.

    6th factor: Positioning
    If you want a baby girl:
    Female to be on the top position & male to be on the bottom position.
    If you want a baby boy:
    Male to be on the top position & female to be on the bottom position. This posture allows the Y spermatozoon to reach the destination faster.

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    Wag na kayo gawa. Andito na ako!! JOKE!!


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    ang alam ko If had sex after 18 days ng mens puro babae na and before 18 days puro lalaki hehehe it is proven by me try nyo..

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    You try to ask some chinese couple,they followed some schedule in their calendar,and it's really proven!

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