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    UAAP and NCAA Hypothetical Expansion

    Hypothetically, if the UAAP and NCAA ever decide to expand and add new teams again, which schools/teams are the most eligible, prime and best to do so?

    I think for the UAAP:

    Only the San Beda (University) Red Lions

    Because of their History and Tradition, Prestige they bring, Strong Alumni/Booster support, School Spirit and Culture, Historical Rivalries with other UAAP schools, Championships and Winning Tradition and being strong in all Sports not just in Basketball.

    For the NCAA:

    Cento Escolar University Scorpions

    Because they are the 3 time NAASCU and defending champions with a strong showing in the D League and because they have been consistently applying for membership.

    Philippine Christian University

    Because of their previous membership and for redemption.

    St.Francis of Assisi College Doves

    Because they are one of the most successful Collegiate Basketball Programs in the country, consistently producing great players and winning championships and because they are the defending NCAA South Champions.

    Aside from these, are there any others?

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