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    Inside Showbiz Ph.
    Sept. 8, 2017


    At the blog conference of Loving in Tandem on September 08, 2017, Kisses Delavin was all-out in describing what her ideal guy is. At the age of 18, Kisses divulged that she’s already allowed to decide for herself, which includes entertaining guys. But she noted that she doesn’t want to jump into dating yet and wants to put all her attention to her career.

    Though she’s not having any interest in getting into a relationship at this point, Kisses shared that she’s starting to list down qualities that she will look for in a guy, “‘Yung ideal guy ko po is, it’s changing from time to time. Pero ‘yung constant sa ideal ko na guy is ‘yung [pagiging] consistent tsaka ‘yung sincere sa kung ano ‘yung sinasabi nya.”

    Does her onscreen sweetheart Marco Gallo embody these qualities? What do you think?

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    Inside Showbiz Ph.
    Sept. 8, 2017


    The fans have started their countdown for the much-anticipated Star Magic Ball 2017, and these lovely onscreen sweethearts are among the celebrities that the fans look forward to at the red carpet! We always see these young guys and girls looking their best on television, but what excites us the most this upcoming Star Magic Ball is to see them in their dashing suit and tie and stunning couture dresses.

    Who do you think will stand out at the red carpet? Let us know so we could get you good photos during our coverage!

    2 KissMarc (Kisses Delavin – Marco Gallo)

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    Inside Showbiz Ph.
    August 25, 2017


    A big screen debut is always a big deal for rising actors trying to etch their names in the entertainment industry. Landing your first lead role in a feature film is one of the steps to make your way to the top, and getting an award for your first is highly impressive. It will definitely pave the way to more movies and projects

    A number of today’s rising stars will soon be having their big screen debuts and first lead roles in a movie. Who do you think among them will also bag their first acting award?

    Who Will Bag Their First Acting Award?

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    ABS-CBN Entertainment News
    September 14, 2017

    WATCH: Marco asks Kisses out to Star Magic Ball

    If Marco Gallo had to choose, he would like to take Kisses Delavin to his first Star Magic Ball. On Wednesday, he got his wish.
    The teen actor asked out his fellow ex-"Pinoy Big Brother" housemate during a guest appearance on "Tonight With Boy Abunda."
    Facing Delavin, Gallo said: "Kung sakali, papayagan mo [ba] akong maging partner mo sa Star Magic Ball?"
    Delavin was hesitant to say yes at first, acknowledging: "I just want to ask if he really wants me to."
    "Because for me, there's no problem. If he wants me to, then I will. Pero I want to make sure that he really wants me to. I don't want that it's just imposed," she added.
    Delavin eventually agreed, drawing a wide smirk from Gallo.
    It will be the first time the two will attend the much-anticipated yearly event. The two first shot to fame as part of "Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7."
    During their reality-show stint, Delavin acknowledged having a crush on Gallo. After finding out, Gallo, who had already been eliminated at that point, returned to the show and apologized to Delavin for being oblivious to her feelings.
    Delavin has since said that she has moved on from that episode.
    The two are part of "Loving in Tandem," the new movie from Star Cinema that also stars Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber.

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    Fam. may nakapanood na ba sainyo ng movie? Any comments about the movie? Ako pass muna. For sure papanoorin ko next movie ni Kisses na di kasama si mm. I wonder kung mahaba ba

    pila sa sinihan?

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    by Mari-an Santos
    Sept. 14, 2017

    REVIEW: Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber in Loving in Tandem

    Loving in Tandem is the first movie of Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7 love team Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber, more popularly known as Mayward.

    It tells the story of Shine, a young woman trying to make ends meet as the pillar of her family, and Edward, a Filipino-American who has just arrived in the Philippines for the first time to live with his estranged mother and his half brothers.

    Though a romantic comedy at the core, this Star Cinema movie also delves deep into relationships between family members as well as neighbors and friends who become our family.


    The story and screenplay by Kristine Gabriel is strong, especially in building each character.

    Shine (Maymay) is a devoted young woman who is the breadwinner of their family. She aims to be a people-pleaser, making it easy for other people to abuse her kindness.

    Luke (Edward) is a young man scarred by his mother who abandoned him when he was young.

    The characters are relatable, including Carmi Martin as Luke’s mother who is the neighborhood’s mother figure but cannot make a connection with her Filipino-American son; Ketchup Eusebio as Shine’s brother who has fallen into a pattern of co-dependency; and Cacai Bautista as Shine’s sister-in-law, who tries her best to help provide for her small family but is unable to be both mother and provider.

    Gabriel’s script gives the actors a lot of substance, so that they deliver relatable and believable performances. Even the usual “patawa” Ryan Bang shows depth!

    Also to the credit of director Giselle Andres, she is able to draw out portrayals from her cast that go deeper than caricatures. For example, Edward’s Luke is more than an Amboy with a twang. He is able to show that his wounds are deep and that he is finding it difficult to forgive his mother.

    Thou Reyes as his older brother gives an even performance that anchors scenes that could have otherwise become slapstick; Ryan Bang, as another half-brother, tempers his funny lines with compassion; and Marco Gallo, as Luke’s other half-brother is endearing.

    The more veteran members of the cast shine. Noteworthy also is Xymon "Onyok" Pineda, who plays Macmac, Shine’s nephew. He is candid, cute, and brings us close to tears in at least two scenes.

    THE BAD.

    Though they have their moments—MayWard and KissMarc definitely make us kilig—the young lead stars are still finding their footing. With each other, they act very naturally.

    Maymay and Edward could move some people when their characters encounter problems involving their families. But when their acting becomes uneven, it is obvious.
    There is sequence involving a missing character that borders on the absurd.

    With a running time of two hours long, it could test the patience of some viewers.


    The story is very Filipino. It could very well happen in a neighborhood, in an eskinita, like many all over the Philippines.

    Gabriel obviously knows the milieu well because nothing seems forced—unless those that are meant to be, particularly, the almost dream-like, slow-mo sequences that happen often between Maymay and Edward.

    The characters in the movie are relatable. They are the Juans and Marias at present, trying their best to survive in the small space they have in the world.
    Watch for the entertaining part when the brothers put together a video entry to the question: What do you love about the Philippines? It is at once funny and poignant in its portrayal of that Filipino heart that we all believe beats strong for each other and makes us unique as a people.

    Loving in Tandem, which is Graded B by the Cinema Evaluation Board, is now being shown in cinemas nationwide.

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    Wala akong balak panoorin ang LIT. Pero bilib ako sa mga fans ni Kisses na nanood, may mga nagpablock screening pa pala. Kudos sa inyo, anything for Kisses talaga kayo.

    Anyways, sanib pwersa na naman pala ang MW at Vivoree fans sa pangbabash kay Kisses. Ayaw magsitigil. Tsk tsk.

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