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    alaskan malamute

    marami na rin pala nagaalaga niyan dito, i saw one kanina grabeh! ang laki bigger version ng husky pero ang ganda ang kapal ng coat. kelan kaya ako magkakaron nito

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    madami sa BGC. current rate 25-40K but because of its high maintenance, it is a burden. some even had their dog's vocal cords removed because of the noise complaints by their neighbors. bad ROI.

    totoong madami. i was approached by another breeder offering a dog swap. he has 30 Malamute and he is having a hard time disposing of them.

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    ^ganun pala yan. mukha nga hi maintenance tsaka para talaga sa malalamig yan. wag na lang i'll stick with my lab.

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    it eats more than a LR plus you need to exercise it daily.

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