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    Lightbulb CETT (Cloud English Teaching and Training)

    Many ESL aspirants are applying to CETT (Cloud English Training and Teaching) formerly known as BCM Uphone these days. Like 51talk, it has most of the adspace in Jobstreet and other jobseeking ads. What is your opinion or comment about this company? Feel free to share your experience if you have applied or if you are currently working now in CETT.

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    What Ive notice about this company is that theyre very persistent. Well, it is obvious with how inevitable it is not to come across a post about them esp in Jobstreet. Ive actually applied to this company and was scheduled for interview. However I wasnt able to attend and I just cant accept the offer anymore. So what happened was I wasnt able to attend the interview and then I got calls from them nonstop. I sent them a message about how I cant be with them anymore and theyve responded wishing me well on my endeavors.

    Tbh I would want to work with them some day (maybe next year? Idk yet) because Koreans + English are one of the things I like. Looking forward others' comments about this company.. and also, I would like to know if it's possible that I might have been blocklisted from the company because I wasnt able to attend the interview. Hopefully I am not. T.T If I am, is there a way I could apply again in this company? T.T

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    CETT Interview 2016

    I've just undergone their interview inside Tektite building (Philippine Stock Exchange), West side 16th floor, Room 1601 Ortigas Centre, Pasig City.

    HR Roselyn was accommodating. After 20 minutes of waiting, I was asked to answer their examination. Mostly prepositions and grammar. Multiple choice then "fill in the blanks" (estimated number of items: 20-25) The last part was essay writing, minimum of 100 words, 6-7 sentences. Out of 3 questions, I can only remember 2:

    1. Enumerate and explain the reasons why life is beautiful.
    2. Explain the importance of Education to our society's development and progress.

    After passing my paper and spending almost an hour of observing, I have found:

    > Not many people were applying here, probably due to the reviews as well especially here at PEX. HAHA! Before they gave me my examination, they handed a referral slip and told me to just jot down friends who might be interested in their company. (No one was, at least in my contacts)

    > The office was okay, at least where applicants were instructed to go to (1601). Room temperature's normal (by normal, I can wear a thick hoodie without feeling horrible). If I'm not mistaken, their rooms are 1601 - 1603. Maybe 1602/1603's "ops" room? Meh.

    > I overheard HR Roselyn (the one at the reception desk) and some..trainer I suppose, or something talking about how people backed down and the trainer asking why they did and na "sasabihin nalang daw niya kay Sir Josh". Weird? Yes, I'm bound to eavesdrop. I am 5 steps away from that desk. Nandun lang din yung waiting...chair ng applicants. No fancy lobby like what you see in big BPO companies.

    >PM shift nalang at full time ang available nila currently. 2 p.m - 11 p.m.

    Then I was called. HR said that I'll be having final interview (agad) with Ops Manager (?). It's a she. Not friendly. Poker face all the way. Parang ikamamatay mo pag ngumiti ka. Usual "tell me more about yourself" but really pertaining to previous employment. Pag kausap mo siya, parang i-d-doubt mo narin pinagsasasabi mo kasi sobrang poker face niya na parang laging in doubt. You talk about how passionate you are to teach (I kinda am, plus may training din and you'll get a certificate which would help din naman and so you'll know how to do things their way. Systematic kung baga, that's cool, yes?) but it's as if hindi yun yung hinihintay niyang sagot mo. Offer's 15K base + may mga performance bonus din naman and OT pay but yes, 15K. Non-negotiable na yan. In-ask pa niya ako if that's okay, I I said it was and that I'm quite flexible sa salary tas bigla nalang "I think I've asked what I needed to, you may wait in the lobby" like...***. AHAHAHAHA. Be wary of this interviewer. Sabi sa mga tips tips diyan, match the other person's pace and what not, I have tried. HAHAHA. She just seems disinterested. I did not "pass".

    Learning xp. Dinaanan ko lang naman, I am into non-voice bpo really. Share lang. Every company's got good and bad reviews naman. If CETT was that bad, bakit meron pang employees? Unless nalang matinding pangangailangan para kagatin, we'll never know.

    Wonderthoughts HAHAHAHAH.
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    Thumbs down Why CETT sucks

    People are leaving. Not because of the job nor the students but because of the company especially it new policies. That is why they are desperate. They have been handing our referrals forms. Daming ads. And as you read, halos pilitin nila yung applicants. Training pa lang dami ng di tumutuloy. Di rin lahat pumapasa sa training.. Below are the reasons why people are leaving..

    Minimum na taxable pa. Yung incentives parang ayaw ipamigay. Ang intindi ko sa incentives ay reward for a job well done. Pero dito para makuha mo daming requirements pa. Kailangan padamihan ng classes tapos 700php lang naman incentive. Sa kanila nalang yung 700php. Di ko sstressin sarili ko para sa barya nila. Tgala na nagpromise ng salary increase pero waley a din.. Walang night diff.

    Training pa lang sasabihin na nila sayo na dito "Freedom". Tapos they prioritize daw quality of classes over quantity kaya may 10 minute break after every 40 minutes of classes pero di naman nasusunod. Nakakaloka pa yung madaming bonus classes. Biglaan pa sila kung sumulpot. Sabi din nila may room for growth. Puro internal ang promotion. They'd rather get daw somebody who has been on the floor than someone from the outside without experience. Echos lang lahat yun. Mala call center na sila ngayon kasi yung bagong GM galing call center.

    Kung am shift ka medyo mas maswerte ka pa sa pm shift pero talaga naman bukod sa regular students mo e umuulan ng bonus classes. Walang time para umuhi or mag prepare for the next class. Yung amount ofwork is not equal to the pay. Buti sana kung ala call center din bayad nila.

    Pahirapan mag leave dito. Sagad sagaran ang proby period kaya hanggang 6 mos wala kang leave. Pag nag absent ka kailangan may med cert pero gastos mo kasing walang health card. Tapos pag nag absent ka either gagastos ka for med cert or may deductions ka on top of wala kang kinita for that day. Yung ka team ko di pinayagan sa graduation. HUWAAAT?! OA! Apparently ang tanging excuse na acceptable ay may sakit ka at may med cert ka as proof. Tapos kahit may leave ka na, pahirapan din sa sched. Max of 3 teachers per day lang day ang pwede. At hanggang ngayon di malinaw kung bakit di nila hinohonor yung Korean holiday at Philippine holiday. Di pwede wala both. Pili sila dapat para makapahinga naman yung mga teachers. Makapag recharge or something. At wala naman nagklaklase pag korean holiday kasi nagpapahinga din mga students so HELLO MANAGEMENT?!

    Any complaint basta may nag complain is a valid complain. Kahit fault pa ni students. Tapos the way they rate the teachers is so subjective. Nakakababa ng average rating. Another reason not to get your incentive.

    Jusko ang dami pang pwedeng ilagay kaso nanenega na ako. Pwede nga ako gumawa ng powerpoint kung bakit bulok ang sistema dito..

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    Hello. Thanks for the review. I applied at CETT Ortigas last March 2017 and fortunately, I was hired. Kaso may doubts din ako about the company plus the reviews from different people. And then I saw your review. Triggered ako, kaya parang ayoko nang tumuloy. Huhu may training ako na scheduled on May 5, bali doon din ang contract signing, etc. Okay lang ba kung hindi na ako tumuloy? Wala namang legal consequence yon diba? Thanks in advance.

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    Unempathic management

    Recently, there were rumors about this company undergoing bankruptcy.
    Personally as a current employee and now a resignee in this company, I don't believe it..

    They flaunt their core values:
    4.Open communication
    5.Driving Change
    6.Commitment to excellence

    Those values attracted me to stay in this company. But as I went on regularization of my contract, nothing is progressive here.

    First- INTEGRITY
    In their advertisement, it states there:
    EARN AS MUCH AS PHP 23,000

    (from cett website)

    I have been a regular employee for more than 6 months. They still don't have THAT MAXICARE for regular employees. Ask a tenured employee if she owns a health card. Well good luck on finding one! So, where is the INTEGRITY here managers? They are lying to all applicants, and even to their employees. Promising a greener pasture, when they all have to offer is load of classes, complaints, and sama ng loob. BAKIT HINDI SILA PALUGI? Simple. They are not giving benefits to their employees. Malaking tipid sa expenses ng company. Yumayaman lang sila. Naghihirap ang teachers.

    As I mentioned in the title of this comment, UNEMPATHIC.
    You'll get sick and tired of loads of classes, and get complaints in return. You give full efforts to attend to all the clients needs and they still complain! Invalid complaints are still valid in the eyes of the Team Leader. Very inconsiderate. Ikaw ang mali kahit stupid complaints *** nirereklamo ni student. PASSION IS TRUE- Like the Passion of Christ. We suffer here. We don't get something in return. We are in agony every time we have classes with very inconsiderate, sensitive students.

    This one is fun! They change rules easily. Without even asking if it is for the welfare of the employees. Korean Managers mentality: **** Teachers! We're paying them. Clients are more important. Money is most important. They removed holidays that quick! They declared 365 working days for teachers. Yes, weekends off, but no holidays.
    Philippine holiday: they are Koreans, they don't celebrate Philippine holidays. So you have to go to work.
    Korean holiday: you're not Koreans, you don't celebrate Korean holidays. So you have to go to work.
    I asked the General Manager what is their basis for these changes. He answered: "We changed it based on the market."
    Really! Clients first. Employees are working hard everyday to deal with these sensitive students. And they don't get anything to say here? Simply because they are not valued.

    Next are the Team Leaders.
    They put a lot of pressure to their teachers. But when they hear you say something about loads of classes, asking for their sympathy or comfort, you'll get "sermon series" in return. They are like robots of Korean bosses. Saying yes to all they say. Saying no to the concerns of each teacher. These are their linya:
    - "Di namin controlled yung number of classes, computer generated kasi yan e."
    - "Bakit ka aabsent? Crucial date ngayon... (and the nobela goes on)"
    - "Bakit ka nagrereklamo? Trabaho nya yan. Di ba entitled kayo sa 37 classes?" (while the other teachers are getting 18-22 classes, some teachers are getting 35-37 classes every day. And get the same salary.)
    - and a list of other scripts na pare parehas lang na sinasabi ng TLs.

    They say you'll get promoted here. HAHA another lie! No professional growth here. Another thing, teachers are trying their best to accommodate 37 students every day. But that's too much. Pagod na si teacher. How can she give her best to her last student if she's already tired? How can we commit excellence if you're loading us too much classes every day.
    Yes, they have changed a lot. But the changes are not for the good of the system. It is for the welfare of the Korean bosses' pockets.

    PS, Probationary employees and Regular employees get the same salary. WALANG ADJUSTMENT. And congratulations sa 500 increase every year.

    Sa management, system at sa mismong company? WALA
    INCENTIVES NA GAGAWAN PA NILA NG LUSOT PARA LANG DI MO MAKUHA (really, they find ways for you to get mistakes while working)
    But you have those friends in the company whom you share the same agony, the same pain, the same suffering. The least you can do with them is to eat out. Forget fvcking company.

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    THANK YOU for this thread! I just want to share my experience at BCM Uphone (Now CETT). I am not affiliated with them anymore but this company really gave me a hard time. This is to help other applicants to /think before applying, especially for the online proofreader position. I know this is a really long post but please take time to read to save lives, lol.

    I worked there as a full-time editor. When I accepted their offer I was in a pinch and I badly needed a job, so in other words I had no choice but to accept. In the contract that we signed it was stated that we need to edit 160 English notes written by Korean students a day. Guys, 160 is no joke. That means we are expected to edit 20 essays an hour without going to the restroom, lmao. But gladly, the management was /kind/ enough to not follow that workload intended for robots (yeah ?) so we only edit 120 essays every Monday and 100 from Tuesday to Friday. This salary is too small for a workload THIS much.

    What is the salary package? The contract stated that our salary per month is P13,500, with a P500 allowance every month so with all deductions, sss, tax, etc, we only actually get P11,000. Thing is, there is this stupid de minimis but the government requires this from any private institution anyway, (that's what they said???) so yeah the salary we should be getting is at least P12K, but well.
    This salary package really hurts me, but like I said it was difficult for me to find a job during those times. After five months of working like robots and getting a Christmas bonus of just P4K that year since I wasn't a regular employee yet, some members of the editing team and I decided to resign. Of course, employees who are this productive, resigning one by one would be detrimental to the company, so the management offered us homebased jobs to prevent us from resigning. There will be no changes in the salary, it's practically just the location of work. Things had been okay, working at home was really convenient, I admit I'd been happy for sometime, but after a while it went downhill from there.

    We were told that the P500 allowance that we are supposed to get every month (and pick up from the office) will be reduced to P300, and the P200 will be added to the salary. We never felt that. They never added it. Honestly, every cent is important for me, so not seeing a P200 whole and clear in my salary hurts. Then, they started giving the salary so late. TOO LATE. I would wait like hungry pigs at ATMs as late as 7PM. Decent companies are supposed to give salaries on the payday itself, as early as 11 AM, latest would be 3PM. Some companies even give it one day in advance. This company NEVER gave it on time since we started our homebased job. I am telling you. The payslips are also ALWAYS late. There's probably some hocus pocus thing going on with the payslips. Aren't these supposed to be ready whenever?

    Holiday pays are also not given accurately. Some P500 to P1,000 pesos is always missing during the January 15 cut off (which includes the New Year Holidays and Rizal Day). But actually, they NEVER give the correct amount of salary at ANY PAY DAY. It's always less, even though the team does so so so so much. Even the Christmas bonus when we became regular employees was only P10K. It should be P11K. Where on earth did the P1,000 go? And how can we verify the damned salary if we don't have the pay slips? It's a dirty tactic to be honest. I never got the pay slips equating to many months.

    The workload of absentees is also given to those who are
    present, but the pay of that absentee for that day is not divided to the ones present. This company just takes and takes and takes and barely gives anything. Our workload increased from 120, to 130, to 140, and there came a point when we had to edit 140 every day. It has continued for more than seven months. Naturally, the quality of our work would dwindle, which would reflect on us. I still believe it's not our fault. It pains me not to help students the way I want, but the salary and the workload don't match. It is just so uninspiring to work. I was depressed and uninspired. This is not a joke. It was so difficult. My head, elbows, and arms ache almost every day, and I wanted to go to the doctor but the health card that the company offers is so cheap it can only be used when you're at the brink of death (I AM serious, it is for emergency purposes, cannot be used for general checkups, dental services even) This workload is just so unfair and so we decided it's time to leave.
    So yeah, when the company "grew and expanded" with three or four offices??? our salaries stayed the same even though we're regular employees.

    Please don't apply in this company. It's run by greedy people and VERY unsympathetic bosses. There's no get well soon when you're sick, no nothing. They only think about work and making money, they never think about the benefit of their employees (talking about the treatment to editors). If you are thinking of applying as a fulltime editor/proofreader, PLEASE! DON'T!

    For the teacher position, I can't assure you anything, especially decent treatment. I also can't say I didn't enjoy being a homebased employee. It's convenient what with the heavy traffic and dysfunctional MRT, it's also one of the reasons why I was able to stay that long in that sheet company, but really, just because we're homebased employees doesn't mean we should be treated like garbage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by

    Sa management, system at sa mismong company? WALA
    INCENTIVES NA GAGAWAN PA NILA NG LUSOT PARA LANG DI MO MAKUHA (really, they find ways for you to get mistakes while working)
    But you have those friends in the company whom you share the same agony, the same pain, the same suffering. The least you can do with them is to eat out. Forget fvcking company.
    THIS!! Oh my god. Wala talaga silang compassion sa employees. Nagkasakit ka na't lahat lahat, wala man lang sympathy. In the first place you got sick because of the inhumane workload they give you pero wala talaga!

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    I applied yesterday sa jobstreet. Kaninang lunch tumawag agad sila. Phone interview blabla. Then I said ttry ko kung mkakapunta ako, hnd daw pde try. Dpt daw sure. Pressure ako ni mother! Hahaha sabi ko tomorrow by 10am. Then kanina around 6:30 bigla tumawag american accent eh, kinokonfirm kung ppnta ko tom. Naloka ko. Pagod ako from work tapos paulit ulit un pag confirm. Mukang nangangailangan ****. Hahaha. I think I won't go na there tomorrow, just by reading your reviews I'd rather stay sa current work ko with 11k basic wala pang tax plus friends pa. Hahahahaa.

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