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    Post 2002 Mitsubishi ADVENTURE. Problema!!!

    I would have let this go but I see their ads in the papers again.

    We bought a Mitsubishi Adventure last year (same low down promo they're having this time around). After undergoing its mandatory 1000km check-up, the car broke down. They repaired it and after a few days it broke down again. After another repair, another breakdown. Something to do with the clutch they say. The vehicle just loses power until it just stops. Imagine this happening in the middle of the highway.

    We demanded a new unit, but Citimotors won't budge. We plan to file a complaint with the DTI. With the kind of customer relations they have shown, we're also asking for a refund if they don't give us a new unit.

    I understand we are not the only ones having problems with this car. In our research, there have been buyers who've had complaints on transmission, brakes and especially suspension. But their experiences were not as harrowing as ours so they settled for repairs.

    If you are thinking of buying an Adventure, ask around first. Don't be tempted with promos. This is one car that takes its name to heart -- every ride becomes an unpredictable ADVENTURE!

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    Are you able to tell us exactly what you noticed with the car before it breaks down?

    Can you post here some specs for this car?

    What type of engine has it got?

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    Gaunun talaga ang Mitsubishi. Their cars are lemons. It happened to us a couple of years back when we bought a Mitsubishi L200. In a span of 6 months we had to bring it to the shop 5 times for repair.

    My mom demanded for a refund but they wouldn't budge and they ignored her. So she called all her press friends and reported it to Hoy Gising as well.

    After a week of appearing in the newspapers and Hoy Gising, a lot of owners of the '95 L200 came out and also reported the same problem. Hala, Mitsubishi recalled all the L200's that year and gave us a full refund. They were even giving my mom a pajero to shut up. My mom naman, full of integrity and mistrustful of Mitsubihi cars declined the Pajero (sana tinago na lang niya tapos binenta heheheheh ) Mitsubishi had to offer a lot of no interest promos after that cause their sales severely dropped after that fiasco.

    We never bought Mitsubishi again. I suggest you start calling the press. Mitsubishi can't afford to have bad press and they will give you a refund. Who knows, you might even get a Pajero. hehehehe

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    Sorry for the delayed action, but I think this is more appropriate in the Hobbies and Rec. thread, where I see most of the car-related topics going. )Although I admit it's just as much an Issue, eh?)

    Moving now.

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