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    A collective slap in the face of the brethren

    July 13 2017 at 3:33 PM SquirmINC (Login squirminc)

    Response to The blind faith is ridiculous...

    I see your point, and I raise you. Because spending church offerings on things unrelated to chapel repair and maintenance is not only questionable, it's insulting to the members of the Church. The Administration's lack of action concerning existing repair and maintenance issues with many of its chapels should raise red flags with the brethren using these chapels, and are constantly prodded for donating more money and goods towards repair, rather than the Administration funding any of it. And worse, the Administration requires the brethren to cheer and applaud this decision to ignore their chapels, and ignore the verses in the bible they (used to) love quoting about maintaining the house of the Lord. No, that doesn't matter anymore, because look! We bought another ghost town! Cheer now!

    So when the brethren are asked to give more and donate more towards the maintenance of their chapel or neighboring chapels in their district, what follows next from the Administration is not actual repair. It's a collective slap in the face of the brethren. Many of us see that, and that's the first step.

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    (Login underarmour)

    This is how its done in the USA...Oh Yeah....

    July 9 2017, 10:09 PM

    “We're always looking for properties where our brethren can spend their activities and enjoy this

    "...A Resort for its Members..."

    Yeah...you have that overpriced Arena and other venues that no one uses in the Philippines......
    but we here in the USA have TWO..yeah...TWO GHOST TOWNS!!!! USA..USA..USA...

    (Login underarmour)

    Publicity....What's Iglesia Ni Cristo, The Church That Bought An Abandoned Connecticut Vil

    July 14 2017, 2:53 AM

    Interesting article by the local CT folks:


    After years on the market, the abandoned 19th century Connecticut village called Johnsonville
    was purchased last week. The Philippines-based international church Iglesia Ni Cristo scooped
    up the property for $1.8 million.

    According to the Iglesia Ni Cristo website, the group has churches in 110 countries, including the
    U.S. The group has three churches in Connecticut: Bristol, Windham, and Stamford.

    The church is highly structured, with all authority coming from the INC’s Executive Minister,
    Eduardo Manalo, the grandson of the church’s founder. Many of its teachings are considered
    outside of mainstream Christianity. Some people even consider Iglesia Ni Cristo a cult.

    Anne C. Harper spoke with WNPR. She was a professor of intercultural studies in the Philippines
    for 15 years, and wrote the book Understanding the Iglesia Ni Cristo. She contends that the
    religious group is not a cult, but admits there are cult-like aspects to the church.

    Anne C. Harper: They have many of the characteristics of that type of group. They're very
    clannish; authority flows from the top down. It's very controlled. They don't marry outside
    the group. Things like that.

    WNPR’s Ray Hardman: You write that there are teachings within the church that place it
    outside of the realm of traditional Evangelical Christianity. What sticks out to you?

    It's not just Evangelical Christianity, but also Orthodox Christianity. The big difference would
    primarily be the teaching on the Trinity. They don't believe that the Trinity exists. They believe
    in God the Father, and that Jesus is a created being. The Holy Spirit has a special power, but
    it's not God. They also teach that their founder, Felix Manalo, is a special being. He's the
    “last angel” to come before Christ returns, and the whole world goes away and the New Jerusalem comes.

    So to them, Jesus is not as high as God. He’s not part of the Trinity. Jesus is not considered
    God incarnate.

    That's correct. He is the one who has called the flock. He is one of a series of messengers that
    have come from God to human beings, like Moses, to bring people into right relationship with
    Him -- what they perceive as a right relationship.

    When I think of evangelicals, I think of this notion of being “born again.” Does the Iglesia Ni Cristo
    have that as part of their teachings?

    No. They have something that’s maybe is a little similar. Their teaching is that you can only be saved
    if you're a member of their church, because they consider themselves the last remnants before
    Christ returns. But if for any reason they're expelled from the church, they lose their salvation.
    Iglesia Ni Cristo church in Ugong, Pasig in the Philipines.
    Credit icarusrising / Creative Commons

    Because the church is believed to be the one true church, and followers believe that as well, I guess
    excommunication from that church is a pretty big deal.

    It is. And there are a number of reasons that can happen. One of them is if you marry outside the
    church. And so, when Filipinos go to other countries and maybe they start dating somebody who's
    an American or European, they cannot marry them. Now, there's pressure on them to get married,
    and that they can't marry that person unless that person converts and joins the church.

    They also have a unique view of the Bible, and more importantly, interpretations of the Bible.

    Yes. They believe that they only have the correct interpretation. And of course, this is true of a number
    of groups. They believe their interpretation is true. Felix Manado, the founder of their group, he was
    considered the last messenger from God, and the teaching of the church can only come through the
    people who've taken on his role. Those are his son, Erano, and now his grandson, Eduardo. The
    teachings can only come through him, and they only have the correct interpretation.

    The church has been pretty successful since its inception in 1914. It has spread to 110 countries,
    according to their website. What makes them so successful? What brings in the people?

    It's largely a church of the diaspora, the Philippine diaspora. There are Filipinos all over the world.
    It does emphasize stewardship. It is largely a church of the poor in the Philippines, but they give
    incredible amounts of money to build these beautiful, beautiful buildings that really stand in stark
    contrast to the poverty all around, and that's attractive to people. It's also a group that has political
    clout. They have enough clout that they will approve different political candidates. They can tell
    their members: “don't buy stuff from them -- go to a different store because of how they treat
    our workers.”

    Good! This information should spread through out the country...

    July 14 2017 at 2:30 PM Iam1plus1plus1 (Login Ador_De_Leon)

    Response to Publicity....What's Iglesia Ni Cristo, The Church That Bought An
    Abandoned Connecticut Vil

    They should do more research on the Church. Find out about corruption, the
    alleged death squads and all the happenings going on in the Philippines. That
    Professor Harper was being too nice about the description of the Church saying
    that the religious group is not a cult, but admits there are cult-like aspects to the
    church. IT IS ONE!!!

    But this should really keep going, news outlets need to do research and expose
    what the INC is really about. It's basically a Filipino Scientology.
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    latest controlling nonsense

    July 13 2017 at 3:39 PM hoopdedo (Login hoopdedoo)

    So now apparently ministers and deacons/overseers along with members
    are gonna have a card to sign when they visit you to prove you were visited.
    More EVM paranoia. How folks can't see the craziness of this organization is

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    John Snow
    (Login TheOtherOzzy)

    Re: latest controlling nonsense

    July 17 2017, 10:54 PM

    There is now a new thing starting where Minister and Deacons are requiring members to add them to their facebook so they can be monitored of their facebook activities. This is happening in Philippines. I do not know if it is happening anywhere else.

    The control is incredible. I have a feeling the church is losing a lot of members and feel the best thing for them to do is tighten the noose around the necks of members to control them. If anything, this will make members want to leave even more.

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    (Login iamonewithGod)

    When this mess started back in 2015, I started deleting my minister friends on Facebook.

    July 18 2017, 5:24 AM

    Lately, some ministers and their goons have adding me again. There is this one worker whose friend request I deleted, only to send it to me again.

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    (Login Deacon646)

    My wife and I share a facebook page

    July 18 2017, 3:43 PM

    So I have all this ministers and church members always posting crap. Fortunately, I know my way around Facebook fairly well, and I know how to control who sees what, and how can tag or post stuff on my facebook feed. I set it up so that none of them can tag me and have it show up in my feed. Don't want my side of the family to think I have gone off the deep end. happy.gif

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    Sis Lori
    (Login SisLori99)

    EVM controls every INC minister's activities

    July 18 2017, 3:28 PM

    EVM now requires daily pictures of every minister's accomplishments, pictures of indoctrination sessions, propagation, visitations, and other adjunct responsibilities that ministers trick EVM with fake visitation pictures purporting to be brethren residences, but in fact, done in a secret corner or office inside INC chapels. "Brother excuse me, but, I need to send a picture to the church administration of our conversation right there at the corner, Sister could you please take my camera and snap a picture of us?" "Yes, po."

    On the propagation, one visitor with six or more brethren seated next to her is passable as seven or more visitors attending the propagation.

    Of course, there is a checklist on ministers that haven't sent their day's photo. And the DREADED call ups come ringing...! "What are you doing there! Sleeping? Bear in mind, you are still short 105 of your 106 fruit quota for the year."

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    (Login Deacon646)

    I dislike all the picture taking

    July 18 2017, 3:50 PM

    I was thinking it was just a Filipino thing, as my wife and her family take tons of pictures when we travel. And of things that don't even rate a picture. But what you said makes sense, that they are taking pictures to provide proof of activities. It does show an increasing level of distrust that they have in their ministers/workers. Even in a corporation, this would be quite odd. In a Church, it seems to indicate an increasing level of paranoia.

    stupid admin

    July 18 2017 at 4:27 PM hoopdedoo (Login hoopdedoo)

    Response to latest controlling nonsense

    what I find funny is they are desperate for members cash and more members but then they try to exert more and more control over people which will make members flee. The level of EVM worship is sickening. during this weeks video crapfest the guy praying actually prayed that EVM never be sad but that "it would be us" WTF.

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    3 dead 1 missing What is Manalo trying to hide??

    July 11 2017 at 6:40 AM Hijo (Login hijo7591)

    What did they know that would require them to be silenced.
    Why else? Couldn't be just because they helped the Manalo's who have been cast out.

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    (Login Ador_De_Leon)

    All 3 helped Manalos... all 3 dead...

    July 11 2017, 2:20 PM

    So there's a definite connection... all 3 helped Manalos... all 3 dead... the one that's missing probably is dead too. I really can't fathom any person seeing this will still want to be part of this organization. Question... did the Church even give an excuse of these? Last time I went to a service the WebExecutive Minister said that those that opposed the church "disappeared" then right after Lito Fruto is murdered. WTF?!

    ok, people get killed all the time in the Philippines for various reason. Are we jumping to conclusions that these 3 confirmed murders were related to the same killers? Maybe.. maybe not. But we do know all 3 had one... and only one common opposition... the INC. Lito Fruto I think said in a video that if something would happen to him it would be Church related.

    I'm calling out to brethren who are reading this who've had enough of this... take a stand, do what I did, do not attend anymore. Aren't you tired of the lessons? Aren't you tired of what's happening in the Church? What do you get from going? Even if you have family pressures, like I did, it shouldn't stop you from taking a stand. It took me a while to do it, but I just had enough of it. If they are your true family and friends, they will accept you for who you are and respect your beliefs. If not, they are the ones that should be ashamed.

    Quote Originally Posted by kanotokapitolyo View Post

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    INC members game to read this should not be members afterwards

    July 17 2017 at 5:07 AM HiJo (Login hijo7591)


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    EVM Airbus Landing in Melbourne July 2017

    July 19 2017 at 12:29 AM Kim Jong Il (Login KimJongIl)

    Looks like EVM has landed in Melbourne.


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    John Snow
    (Login TheOtherOzzy)

    Re: EVM Airbus Landing in Melbourne July 2017

    July 19 2017, 1:35 AM

    Oh must be that time of year to start going around and pick up briefcases of cash.

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    (Login hijo7591)

    Oh yeah thanksgiving time again I think? Finance Officers get that cash changed into

    July 19 2017, 9:28 AM

    $AUD 100.00 notes quick smart, the auditor will be there to collect.

    How they labour for your souls, up and down the Airbus stairs with those big wads of cash.

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    (Login Ador_De_Leon)

    Do we have a corresponding visitation?

    July 19 2017, 2:20 PM

    What's EVM's schedule? Do we have a confirmed corresponding visitation around
    Melbourne to confirm, yet again, that this is the airbus they deny "owning"?

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    (Login Deacon646)

    How do you know

    July 19 2017, 2:39 PM

    That Airbus belongs to INC?

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    (Login ManalosEmpire)

    because its registered under skytrooper ltd. out of the Cayman Islands...

    July 19 2017, 2:50 PM

    This has all been exposed in previous forums tracking the tail call sign and when
    mouthpiece edwin zabala lied 3 seperate times about the Airbus so he had no such
    knowledge blah blah detractors blah blah, then suddenly a year and half ago eduardo
    called a emergency all member/officer mtg. Explaining the airbus was necessary to
    travel to hot places such as Dubai and "how do you expect me to cross the Ocean,
    swim?" with a condesending smirk to add.

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    (Login Ador_De_Leon)

    He didn't technically lie...

    July 20 2017, 1:42 PM

    It's all about a play on words... the plane is leased, so not owned by the Church.
    Zabala said, we do not OWN an airbus. It's all about how you word it just like how
    they word things from the Bible.

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    (Login ManalosEmpire)

    it is not leased. purchased and registered under skytrooper ltd. sits at Clark when not...

    July 20 2017, 7:29 PM

    In use. Feel free to dig around in this forum with the exposure, pictures, flight logs,
    etc. Unless you possess information regarding the lease similar to the leases and
    documents that show the oil for profit in tarrant county, Texas. Shortly after
    Rappler, this forum, and other blogs started tracking Manalo and his goons
    entourage whereabouts the VP-CBE call-sign was removed from flight tracker
    databases throughout the web.

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    Kim Jong Il
    (Login KimJongIl)

    EVM Private Airbus

    July 20 2017, 6:01 AM

    Yes this is EVM's aircraft. This is not a secret anymore it is quite well known that
    this is what he flies on.

    EVM is currently in Melbourne to dedicate the new house of worship.

    This is the link, lots of evidence tying the planes logs and the visitation at
    different pastoral visits.


    There is even audio file of EVM justifying the use of the private airbus.

    So Deacon646, do you have doubts that this is EVM on the private airbus?

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    Important Message for Connecticut and Scenic

    July 19 2017 at 4:51 PM Rod Bruno Sr. (Login RodBrunoSr)

    Response to IMPORTANT: To the Locals and People of Connecticut
    To the locals of Connecticut. Be careful with this OneWithEVM Church. We are former INC Members that separated ourselves when the Cult Leader EVM took over our beloved Church reestablished in 1914 by our Beloved Messenger Brother Felix Manalo. The INC Church now is no longer the church that once was. It is ruled by a Cult Leader Eduardo V Manalo who put the rest of the Manalo Family in hiding or in jail. He allowed himself to be glorified by forcing all members to bow down to him and you will see the Thumbprint Logo on all devout followers of EVM. You may google One With EVM and click on Images, you will see the thousands of this Thumbprint Logo all over the chapels and pins on the Ministers. this was not like this before 2009 when EVM took over. there is a rebellion inside the church and these former and expelled members are currently exposing this EVM Church. In the Philippines many of these brethren exposing this cult have now been killed and many more are missing. Some Ministers that exposed the EVM Cult are now in hiding or seeking asylum here in Canada, New Zealand and the United States. Please go to Facebook Page "Human Rights Violation of the Iglesia Ni Cristo" and also visit the facebook page of Antonio Ramirez Ebangelista. You may google "Iglesia Ni Cristo Silent No More" and see all the expose of this OneWithEVM Church Cult. You may also google INCReflections by William Smith. Please visit these links and see the truth about Iglesia Ni Cristo of EVM. They are very armed and dangerous religious organization. They are a very powerful and wealthy religion and are known to control and influence the Philippines and its Laws. EVM is known to be more powerful than the Philippine President himself. To all locals of Connecticut, please do your own research and visit the facebook pages and blogs that i mentioned above. May our Lord God protect all of you for this powerful EVM Empire that are purchasing many US Towns for some evil purposes such as using these towns to use as collateral to pay off loans or using these towns for business purposes while enjoying tax exempt status.

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    If they are used for business purposes -

    Deacon646 on Jul 19, 2017, 6:44 PM

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    The screaming Matt Pareja

    July 19 2017 at 9:32 AM HiJo (Login hijo7591)

    Seems to have been told to cut his bible verse reading down to the level
    of a scream, bit easier on the ears than his previous shrieking noises

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    Where is Villocino's car?

    July 24 2017 at 10:03 AM HiJo (Login hijo7591)

    Someone must know may be a clue, then again at a guess it was Iglesia Cops
    who did it and who will investigate. Case closed.

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    July 31 2017 at 8:26 AM Kim Jong Il (Login KimJongIl)

    For those that were fortunate enough to be blessed with the opportunity
    to witness another webex, what is happening with the new titles of Bishops?

    Definition from Dictionary.com

    1. a person who supervises a number of local churches or a diocese,
    being in the Greek, Roman Catholic, Anglican, and other churches a
    member of the highest order of the ministry.

    2.a spiritual supervisor, overseer, or the like.

    Does anyone have any insight as to what this new title is???

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    (Login hoopdedoo)

    EVM's Bishops

    July 31 2017, 4:30 PM

    he is setting up generals to get the troops in line or perhaps EVM's obsession
    with world records has kicked in and he will soon ordain knights and rooks and
    set up the worlds largest chess board.

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    Kim Jong Il
    (Login KimJongIl)

    EVM Bishops

    August 2 2017, 12:59 AM

    In the last webex, there were 9 Head Deacons that were "ordained" as bishops.

    That's all the details that I know, is there anyone here that attended that Webex?

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    Both INC and the "Defenders" love twisting what other Christians believe

    August 4 2017 at 4:05 AM John Snow (Login TheOtherOzzy)

    I was just checking out Sher Lock on Facebook. In one of his most recent posts,
    he makes a curious statement before his discussion about Access the Lies...ooops,
    I mean Access the Truth.

    And I quote...
    "In the discussion of the nature of Christ, those who preach that Christ is also the
    Father use the familiar verse I AND THE FATHER ARE ONE (John 10:30) and then
    make a conclusion that Christ is also the Father. This conclusion is CRUSHED by
    simply reading the preceding verse John 10:29 that will give the correct conclusion
    that Christ and the Father are one - not in the state of being but as one in taking
    care of the flock."

    Trinitarian believing Christians do NOT believe that Christ is also the Father.
    How many times do they have to be corrected? Actually, they do not need to be
    corrected because they know they continue to LIE LIE LIE to their brainwashed
    faithfuls. EVERYONE knows that Trinitarian believe that 3 persons make the one
    true God. Each one has taken on different roles and functions. If a Trinitarian
    ever said that Christ is the also the Father, they do not understand their own
    trinitarian belief.

    As far as I'm concerned, both groups are as bad as the other. The truth
    does not matter at all to either of them.

    We can only hope they destroy each other.

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    (Login PuksainAngTaglish)


    August 1 2017, 4:22 PM

    Just more proof of the detrimental effect of religion on humanity.
    Is it a stretch to think that telling a child that he/she will suffer eternal
    punishment in a blazing furnace is traumatic and should be considered
    child abuse? This stuff of nightmares is being taught to very young
    children in the INC and other religions. We know the reason the church
    does it is to ensure a future revenue stream. But why otherwise rational
    human beings (the parents) would allow this is beyond me.

    When religion tells us that a person is being possessed by evil spirits, it is
    science that will say no, he is having an epileptic seizure and this is how
    we can help him. I am sure we can all imagine where we will be if
    remarkable people in the past did not have the courage to think and
    stand up to the powerful religious leaders at the time. They did it at
    great risk of torture and death. We owe them a debt of gratitude and
    ought to follow their example.

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    (Login Ador_De_Leon)

    Why do you always put the topic Infidel?

    August 1 2017, 9:16 PM

    Why don't you respond to the topic by naming your title that relates
    to the post you're replying to?

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    (Login PuksainAngTaglish)

    August 1 2017, 10:52 PM

    My apologies. Didn't mean to cause you any offense. Just wanted to
    get my message across.

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    (Login Ador_De_Leon)

    No worries..

    August 2 2017, 2:13 AM

    I was just wondering why... it did seem confusing. Yeah, this forum has
    some weird mechanics though that you'll figure out sooner or later. Like
    some posts are automatically locked for no reason.

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    we are all infidels in the eyes of the Manalo

    (Login ManalosEmpire)

    4 practices repeated constantly

    August 2 2017, 12:42 PM

    For any curious individuals that have stumbled upon this cult and its core

    Felix Manalo 28 core doctrines come before the BIBLE, but these statements
    below are effective at further brainwashing its subjects:
    1. Never leave the church/cult
    2. Always recruit more victims
    3. Always give money and increase year by year.
    4. Take a job in the cult salary-free and attend every activity, except ministers
    and the goons which love controlling your life and monies.

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    (Login ManalosEmpire)


    August 3 2017, 11:11 AM

    Gaslighting is a form of manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a
    targeted individual or members of a group, hoping to make targets question
    their own memory, perception, and sanity. Using persistent denial, misdirection,
    contradiction, and lying, it attempts to destabilize the target and delegitimize
    the target's belief.

    I'm back once again trying to help those experiencing cognitive dissonance or
    stockholm sydrome within the INc.

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    INCs interpretation of John 20:28

    August 1 2017 at 12:59 AM TaichiPanda (Login TaichiPanda27)

    “And Thomas answered and said unto Him,” My Lord and
    my God” (John 20:28).

    Do you believe it's just an "expression of faith"? Really?

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    Author Reply
    (Login TomasSedlacek)

    The INC doctrinal experts have not studied Greek. Had they done so, they would have seen

    August 3 2017, 6:14 AM

    that John wrote "My Lord and my God" in the nominative case, not in the vocative case, so clearly
    Thomas was talking to Jesus about the Father.

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    (Login hijo7591)

    Doctrinal experts?????? What an expert

    August 3 2017, 8:59 PM

    as a total liar.
    The INC has explained this verse -
    1) "Is Christ God" by one Bienuenido C Santiago in this official INC booklet we have the following explanation "Thomas erred,
    that's all it was one of those few but sad moments when even the Apostles of Christ, human beings as they were, had, out of doubt,
    terror or fright, uttered words and done things they should not have uttered, nor done otherwise.

    The INC the masters of finding things in the bible that aren't there.

    Tomas you are also an expert.

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    John Snow
    (Login TheOtherOzzy)

    Re: Doctrinal experts?????? What an expert

    August 4 2017, 3:55 AM

    This thread just made me realize that Tomas, like Jose Ventilation, denies the incarnation of Jesus.

    (Login TomasSedlacek)

    Yes, INC experts in their doctrine do not know Greek, so they have erred,

    August 4 2017, 6:00 AM

    they have assumed that Thomas, in his shock made an error, but they are wrong, he made no error, he was speaking to
    Jesus about the Father.

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    (Login hijo7591)

    Experts at leading a flock of gooses

    August 4 2017, 11:03 PM

    For the golden eggs

    (Login TaichiPanda27)

    Re: The INC doctrinal experts have not studied Greek. Had they done so, they would have seen

    August 7 2017, 6:01 PM

    I wonder how far you got into Greek, sir.

    I have not studied Greek, I don't know about any grammars. But as what I have researched, the argument that the words
    uttered by Thomas in John 20:28 were addressed either wholly or in part to the Father is not a new one. Theodore of Mopsuestia
    ( also known as Theodore of Antioch), at about 350AD argued that the words were directed not to Jesus but to the Father.

    Here's Bart Ehrman, The Orthodox Corruption of Scripture, p. 266:

    "Another passage that can be taken to suggest that Christ is "God" himself (i.e. o theos with the article) occurs near the end
    of the fourth Gospel, and here again one should not be surprised to find scribes modifying the text. Upon seeing the resurrected Jesus,
    Thomas exclaims, "My Lord and my God" (o theos mou). The passage has caused interpreters problems over the years; Theodore of
    Mopsuestia argued that the words were not addressed directly to Jesus but were uttered in praise of God the Father..."

    It seems really unnatural that he would look to Jesus and address the father, especially considering "Doubting" Thomas' history
    with the works and ministry of our Lord. Its almost as though Thomas is saying "I'm sorry Lord for doubting you! I see now!"

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    I asked Matt Slick on his livestream a question

    July 27 2017 at 9:02 PM Eric (Login sheepfound)

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    (Login sheepfound)

    Matt: What message u have for INC on their 103rd anniversary?

    July 27 2017, 9:04 PM

    His answer:

    " REPENT or burn in HELL"

    I could have not answered it any better..lol

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    (Login ManalosEmpire)

    helpful info to aid in deprogramming your loved ones trapped in the INc.

    July 28 2017, 1:43 PM


    Cults will in some way isolate their members to prevent them from a balanced world view. This begins from the start, when the potential recruit is taken from the street and brought into a strange enclosed environment on their own, persuaded, cajoled and pushed into joining, rather than making a balanced decision in their own time and space.

    On the whole, cults will attempt to diminish their members' ability to think for themselves by controlling information, being the only voice which knows what is right, what is best, and, in fact, where possible, the only voice at all. To a certain extent, this information monopoly can also be attempted as public relations tactic on the outside world.

    Cults will make demands on their members to fit the cult's requirements, and in a black-and-white worldview, anything seen not to fit these requirements is seen as wrong, a failure to be shunned or shamed, or the enemy to be excluded or hounded. These demands are often justified with mystical or spiritual reasons which purport to give powers or benefits to those who observe them, or terrible (sometimes divine) afflictions to those who do not.

    The worldview given by the cult is the only truth, and nothing else can be accepted. Those who do not accept it are liable to punishment or dismissal, because many cults maintain their own corrective regimes, courts and systems of justice which pay little or no heed to the real law of the land. This monopoly on "truth" and judgement may be supported by the use of a code, language or jargon which makes the group more inscrutable to outsiders and help maintain a feeling of superiority or separateness to insiders.

    A cult member may be made to confess sins or faults, sometimes presented as counselling or advice but often kept for the purposes of blackmail. The cult members' own thoughts and ideas are increasingly subjugated or overridden by the doctrine of the cult as it pursues its totalitarian ideas to complete its control over its slaves. The control may be aided by hypnotic or other mind-altering techniques to induce extra suggestibility.

    The process of taking an enthusiastic recruit, who may see certain aspects of the cult as being exciting or different, and then making this the chief weapon by which they suborn all other ideas in the member, is amongst the most disingenuous and manipulative of crimes to enslave an individual without their knowing it.


    Cults will often encourage the separation of loved ones within families, business associations or friendships if it leads to unwelcome attention to the more unsavoury aspects of their dealings, or the hurt they cause. They will carry out harassment of critics who go to the press to highlight the damage they inflict, or disseminate negative publicity about their critics in the press or on the internet, to draw away attention from any directed at the cults themselves. More persistent critics may be subjected to a grinding process of litigation, which can, at times, continue into bankruptcy.

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    (Login hijo7591)

    Never ever

    July 28 2017, 2:17 PM

    The true INC will never see to the truth about their "religion". Blind obedience is the
    defining characteristic. Nothing can shake them. Like Sargeant Schultz, they know nothing, they see nothing.

    Just leave them to it.

  17. #777
    Malakas pa ba kumita ang manalo inc?

  18. #778
    Quote Originally Posted by kanotokapitolyo View Post
    Walang Selebrasyong nangyari o naganap sa Philippine Arena,

    kaugnay sa ika 103 taong pagdiriwang

    Halos lahat ng Lokal ay "URONG" ang abuluyan

    iglesia ni cristos bago ma expel
    ay leave na agad so money no
    more to give sa soul salvation
    na free naman sa sulat ni isaiah

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    Sher Lock and others keep up the good work

    ugust 9 2017 at 3:32 PM Hijo (Login hijo7591)

    They have it half right. The INC is now a money grabbing lying cult,
    the half thy haven't realised is thats what it always was.

  20. #780
    Isn't the Church against being gay?

    August 14 2017 at 4:08 PM Iam1plus1plus1 (Login Ador_De_Leon)

    So please explain this...


    He's an INC lawyer. This came out a few years ago. What did
    the church say about this?

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    Author Reply
    John Snow
    (Login TheOtherOzzy)

    Re: Isn't the Church against being gay?

    August 15 2017, 5:51 AM

    It's ok because he has a job that he can give a lot of money and also,
    they can use him for legal issues. So in this case, it's completely ok.

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