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    recommend any good vet clinics?

    my dog has these lumps on her belly and i really need a good vet clinic. any recommendations?

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    It would be helpful if you actually mentioned where you're based.

    Congressional Animal Clinic in front of S&R Congressional are pretty good, and open 24/7.

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    if you are looking for a clinic with complete facilities like ultrasound and xray machines, you might want to visit the Regalado Veternary Medical Center.

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    If you are looking for a clinic with GOOD vets, UP Veterinary Teaching Hospital is the best one. Simply because vets there are from UP. They give you the best advise and best price as well. Located at UP Diliman back of College of Fine Arts.

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    ^ can you post the rates of UP Veterinary Teaching Hospital?

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    ^ naku, I graduated 2008 pa haha. sensya na po matagal na po kase ako last nagduty doon. Pero trust me po, cheapest talaga doon.

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    show proof muna that their services are the cheapest.

    do they open for night emergencies too?

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    Ikaw po kung gusto nyo talaga malaman, pumunta nalang kayo dun. Check their FB page. UP Veterinary Teaching Hospital Diliman, you can call their office to inquire for more. Like I said, I was there 2008 pa so yung rates na alam ko ay super outdated na.

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    why travel to a vet clinic which is miles away and it does not have provide personal service?

    meron bang Sunday clinic ang UP Vet Hosp? every Sunday, im there but that area looks deserted. there entrance looks grassy and they havent used it for years. so who will take care of our confined dog on Sundays?

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    May nagbabantay po sa mga confined patients tuwing weekends. Like I said, you can always call their office to inquire for more info. Seems to me you haven't really tried going there. Yes, it is grassy to maintain it's lush environment. That's a given in UP Diliman po.

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    UPVTH rates pf=150 5-in-1 = php 400 deworming 50 for the first kg. 20 pesos succeeding kilogram. Rabies shot = Php 200. telephone number po ng VTH ay 9285436

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    400p for 5-1 vaccine is expensive
    50p for deworming is cheap

    150+400+50 = 600p

    other clinics charge 350p+150p for both vaccinations and deworming, respectively. meron friendly 5% discount for patrons and no professional fees.

    that would be around -600p.

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    I liked my experience when I went to the UP Vet Hospital. Cheaper by 40% as compared to the quote of the private vet i went to. Too bad they are now closed on Sundays.

    I now bring my dog to Ask a Vet Medical Clinic. Check out their FB page. Hindi siya mura pero ok naman. Feeling mo worth it binayad mo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gotta lick it View Post
    400p for 5-1 vaccine is expensive
    50p for deworming is cheap

    150+400+50 = 600p

    other clinics charge 350p+150p for both vaccinations and deworming, respectively. meron friendly 5% discount for patrons and no professional fees.

    that would be around -600p.
    I guess having a companion pet is not cheap and the responsibility attached to it is not to be taken lightly. As in everything else, consider other factors as travel costs, time involved, etc. before factoring out which service to go for. Oh and do consider that UPVTH is a training ground for future vets. And so for sure there are no quack doctors there.

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    traveling to the UPVTH would be a burden to others especially their are no PUVs going there.

    a neighborhood clinic is still the cheapest.

    about quack vets, there many clinics which are not really attended by certified vets. some aging or moonlighting vets would assign their personal assistant who is skilled in minor medical procedures. an experienced vet can easily spot a sick dog and suggest a laboratory test to completely diagnose the illness. a quack doctor will just force medicine based on observation which can delay and worsen the disease.

    the clinics of quack vets are just grooming shop with plaques.

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    Ugh. That reminded me of the previous vet we went to in our neighborhood. Siya na kasi yung vet nung nagbigay sa amin ng aso, so sinundan lang namin yung naka-sked sa vaccination book. By the time we got him at 4 months, his previous family had already had him in for 6 vaccines and 2 microsporum injections - so many stickers...

    I took him for the 7th vaccine because that was written in his book and I didn't know better. At that time I also asked him to check his ears kasi he was always scratching one side. Sabi lang nya na mawawala din daw yun pag na-inject ng anti-parasite (500 petot) sa next visit namin. Di man lang sinilip.

    We never went back. Lesson learned. We have to advocate for our animals and not follow blindly what the vets say. Research-research den pag may time. Nag plan kami mag visit ng mga vets sa area and lucked out at the second place we went to. Polar opposite nung old vet. He entertains all our queries and explains stuff very well.

    Hay naku, namemera na lang yung first vet na yun sa kakavaccinate paulit ulit kahit excessive. Nagte-take advantage sa mga uninformed na customers na nagtitiwala sa kanya. Yung cousin ko naka 5k sa vet na yun...9 vaccines so far, may mga naka-sched pa. Pinalipat ko na den sya sa bagong vet after that. 5-in-1, 6-in-1, 7-in-1, and 8-in-1 -- our dogs had them all. smh.

    Sorry for the rant. I'm done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chromechrome View Post
    my dog has these lumps on her belly and i really need a good vet clinic. any recommendations?
    if you're in manila area .. nasa recto besides Metrobank and almost in front of UE.. SPCPA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal) monday to sunday (half day) open sila.. yan ang website nila you can check their services..
    if mandaluyong area MM Grooming & Veterinary Services
    422 Barangka Drive Mandaluyong
    984-7742/ 654-6813 look for dr. john tabiar .he's there every sunday

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    ^Monday to Saturday na ang schedule ng PSPCA - Philippine Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Recto, Manila).

    PSPCA Tel. No. (02) 733 9427

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    maaf, mohon informasi untuk klinik perawatan ayam laga. terima kasih

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