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    Warriors win not only on sole talent. They have a system. That's what others don't understand. Curry, Klay and Draymond as talented as they are, aren't you're typical players that can get their own shots. They are not like Kobe or LeBron. That's why they needed KD. Another talent who can create.

    Now compare KDs efficiency compared when he was with iso OKC. It's not even close. To say that GSW doesn't need KD is absurd. They need to plug all the holes especially if a guy like LeBron is on the other side.
    right! those dumb casual fans say that warriors dont need kd. game 7 last year's finals, curry was struggling to create for his team. their system broke down. curry is not a good 1 on 1 scorer just remember how many times he got block in that series.

    kd's value will be realized when warriors meet the spurs or jazz (both good defensive teams).

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    In short banban talaga sila.

    Mas magaling ang team ninyo!

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    Most likely those "fans" that doesn't like KD in this team are in the same boat as him, yung mga baguhan lang sa team tulad niya. Or simply, the BANDWAGON fans

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    Quote Originally Posted by gelodude View Post
    yung body frame niya parang kay kobe. pero the comparison ends there
    okay kay McCaw yung hustle niya eh haha! sana maging consistent na shooter tska palaki pa ng katawan

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