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    I've visited the one in Maginhawa. The place is pretty chill and it was actually nice to watch cats laze around while I'm drinking coffee The cats there are all up for adoption as well so that's a plus for me

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    There are 2 cafes in my city. So far I have visited only one. I love animals and especially cats, but I cannot stand the smell there. I know they are using some kind perfumes and desinfection but it's not enough. Moreover, I doubt that cats are happy to live there.
    After visiting the second cafe, I will write my essay or an article about this type of cafe.

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    I'm planning to start one myself. My package from Amazon has just arrived:

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    it's good for cat lovers who can't allow a cat at home.

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    Yeah i'll also try to visit i love cats but my kitten was died about six months ago.

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