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Let's go to Baguio!

Kick-off summer up north! Anyone ready for a road trip?

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A night to remember!

Let us go back to our high school days and reminisce our prom moments here. Any special memories from your prom?

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Hurray to healthy meals!

Healthy meals can also be yummy! Here are some suggestions from the PEx community. Share us your healthy meal recipes also.

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Destined To Be Yours

Napanood mo na ba ang latest trailer ng pinakaunang ALDUB serye? Kung hindi pa, silipin mo na dito!

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PROMO: Fist Fight

Check out this thread to know how to win screening tickets to Fist Fight!

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UAAP Volleyball!

There is a different action happening outside the volleyball court. Be part of the game here and talk about your favorite volleyball teams!

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    Just wanna share some fan arts of our fellow angels. they are all awesomely beautiful!
    all credits go to nickzy

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    1. marbelcrew
    2. created4kookie
    3. MarlisAngelsJoe
    4. dendz1
    5. MumChill
    6. dbuena16
    7. fmnielsen

    Kindly let us know if you want to be added on the list. Thanks!

    Last edited by created4kookie; Mar 30, 2015 at 02:19 AM.

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    pls. add my name fmnielsen :-) thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by fmnielsen View Post
    pls. add my name fmnielsen :-) thank you
    welcome aboard tita flor!

    kooks here will update the list right away! thank youuu!!

    angels, tapak na uy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by marbelcrew View Post
    ayaw talaga ma post yung pic
    anong pic??

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    Masyadong techy🙀 but i love it! Enjoy angels😍

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    Very creative😍 ..MarlisAngels are the most artistic fans ever😎💗. Thank you for sharing the love!

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    Post ko dito yung fan arts ng angels.
    Gawa to lahat ng art director natin hehe.. este ni kriz

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    Hey angels, Marlisa's single and MV are coming soooooonnnn!!!!
    Thank you for this wonderful promotion gif kriz!! love it!!

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    Me too. Lol I'm lost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fmnielsen View Post
    Im super excited :-)
    me too! we're all excited!!

    Quote Originally Posted by rjcenter View Post
    Me too. Lol I'm lost.
    hello rjcenter! welcome to the thread!

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    Hello kookie, pls add me in MarlisAngels Fan Lists. Thank you.#MingLai Jay

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    Quote Originally Posted by marbelcrew View Post
    ayaw talaga ma post yung pic
    [IMG] *insert image link* [/IMG]

    You can also sign up with Photobucket and when you upload an image there, there are links at the side and you can click the IMG tag there, copy and paste here

    MarlisAngels, thanks for visiting PEx again

    By the way, you can check out The X Factor Australia thread and see some of the PExers who supported Marlisa during the competition

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    🎵Marlisa-Stand By You 🎵 #3 on RadioG

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