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    Post Atlanta Hawks Thread: True Believer

    Anyone out there an Atlanta Hawks fan?

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    The Hawks franchise have been on the downhill ever since the Steve Smith-Isiah Rider deal (one of the most lopsided deals). They were doing fine with a lineup of Dikembe Mutombo, Alan Henderson, Steve Smith, and Mookie Blaylock. They lost to the powerhouse Bulls of a certain Michael Jordan in the East semis. Then they decided to tear this team apart, trading their starters.
    Gone are the days when the Hawks compete for division title in Central with the likes of Dominique Wilkins, Kevin Willis, and Doc Rivers. Is there any hope for this franchise now with Shareef Abdur Rahim, Jason Terry, Toni Kukoc and Theo Ratliff.

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    The Atlanta team of the late 80s was a solid bunch. From the high-flying Dominique Wilkins, rebounding monster Kevin Willis and shot-blocking Tree Rollins together with Jon Koncak as backup, and Antoine Carr and Cliff Levingston, forming the frontline, they gave the Bulls, Pistons and Celtics the fits. Their backcourt of Randy Wittman, Doc Rivers, Spud Webb and John Battle although unspectacular were solid and steady. The Hawks now are pathetic. If not for the Bulls, they'd be dead last in their division. How the times have changed.

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    on paper, they look promising. but that's it, they're only promising, which means that they are not that good right now (obvious ba, 2nd to the last sila sa Central e). i think they made a good deal with the Mutombo trade. they acquired players such as Ratliff and... well I forgot the other good ones (Kukoc is no good). I don't think they can make an impact with Kruger and if they don't make a drastic change again.

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    That Hawks team of the 80s was once considered the most athletic team in the NBA. They had every position covered, but never quite broke through the glass ceiling that the Celtics, Pistons, and Bulls occupied. One might say that Mike Fratello couldn't do enough with that powerhouse lineup, and that's the reason for his first stint as an NBA analyst on TV.

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    In one of their very rare appearance on Philippine TV, the Atlanta Hawks were demolished by Kevin Garnett and his T'wolves. The Hawks look lost on the court, they were outrebounded and overmatched on defense. Shareef Abdur Rahim at times look very frustrated. Coach Lon Kruger should be fired and assistant Rick Mahorn should replace him. This may give the Hawks a tough attitude with Mahorn being one of the original Bad Boys in the Pistons era.

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    during the 80s the hawks were one of the best teams in the nba. with the frontline headed by dominique wilkins and kevin willis, they were a solid if sometimes unspectacular bunch. their backcourt provided steady support for the frontcourt guys.
    the arrival of steve smith was one of the high notes of the hawks franchise. although he suffred from a slew of injuries, smith provided a great play day in and day out. some botched draft picks waylaid their chances of becoming a solid competitive squad. start with donnie boyce who played for only 30 something games and retired after one year. allan henderson was a great pick for the hawks but his effectivity has been curtailed by injuries. priest lauderdale would have provided size (7 foot 3 in) but he did not fit in the scheme of things so he was let go. dikembe mutombo was once the steal for these guys servingas a cornerstone for a few years.
    the present lineup which features kukoc, terry, ratliff, abdur-rahim and company should give others a run for their money provided they play enough on court. s it is, the hawks will be mired in mediocrity for a few more seasons as injuries continue to plague their roster.

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    IT all depends on Theo Ratliff Status. if he became healthy! I know they could make a run for the playoffs, if not. it will be hard for them to win)they just don't have any defensive presence). And I think Kukoc is stil recovering from an injury, and that's another factor. If those three is well and helathy (Ratliff,KUkoc and Abdur Rahim), just imagine how good is their frontcourt. And I also agree that they need to change coach, you need someone who is willing to make a gamble and let your young playe play(Crawford, Mottola and Johnson) At least Shareef is becoming comfortable and people are realizing how good and versatile this guy is.

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    they just need more consistency and Ratliff

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    Finally, an All-Star Game appearance for the Atlanta Hawks’ star forward and leader Shareef Abdur-Rahim. After years of hibernating in Vancouver, the Marietta, Georgia native came home to play for the hometown Hawks. He deserved the recognition given to him by Eastern Conference coaches.

    I still pity him though. During the All-Star Game in Philadelphia, he seldom touched the ball on offense. He concentrated on the dirty jobs like rebounding and defending. He gave way to his more offensive minded teammates like Ray Allen of Milwaukee and Paul Pierce of Boston. In the few minutes he was on the floor, he managed to score nine points, including a 3-pointer.

    Hopefully, the struggling Hawks will improve their game during the second half of the season with the expected return of center Theo Ratliff. The Hawks haven’t really fully utilized Ratliff ever since he came from a trade for Dikembe Mutombo. Assortments of injuries continue to hound him.

    The Hawks are one of the worst defensive teams in the NBA. Gone were the days when they had the league steals leader (Mookie Blaylock) and shot-blocks leader (Mutombo). The return of Ratliff to the lineup may help improve their situation.

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    Mukhang Shareef Abdur Rahim wanted to prove something to East coach Byron Scott when Atlanta upset New Jersey 105-103. Shareef played one of the fewest minutes on the East team during the All-Star Game in Philadelphia. Abdur Rahim went on to score 34 points and had 8 rebounds against Scott’s Eastern Conference leading Nets.

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    Another giant upset win by the Atlanta Hawks. This time they beat the Shaquille O'Neal-less LA Lakers, 93-90. With or without O'Neal, it was still a big morale-boosting victory for the struggling Hawks. The absence of Shaq made things easier for the smaller Hawks who have only 6-10 Nazr Mohammed to man the post. Hopefully, more upsets to come...but making the playoffs is still a long, long way to go.

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    GO KUKOC!!!!

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    Three game winning streak!!!

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    This might be a little off topic, but since you guys are Hawks fans, do any of you guys live in Atlanta? I do, and for the longest time, ive been looking for people to go to games with. Anyway, just thought id ask!

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    Atlanta is one of the least popular ballclubs in the NBA. I became a Hawks fan during the Dominique Wilkins era (mid-80s). Eversince, I'm a loyal Hawks fan, win or lose!

    I'm not from Atlanta, dito ako sa Pilipins. Have you watched any of the games at Philips Arena? lagi daw konti nanonood. If ever nanood ka, share mo naman dito...thanks!

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    In a rare appearance on local Philippine TV (NBN-4), the Atlanta Hawks were featured, this time against defending Eastern Conference champion Philadelphia 76ers. As expected, the Hawks were dominated by the Sixers, 112-91. Dikembe Mutombo was back in Atlanta, playing against some of his former teammates.

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    With the recent acquisition of Glen Robinson, things look bright for the Atlanta Hawks.

    The question is, can they make the playoffs this coming 2002-03 NBA season?

    The Hawks had earlier guaranteed that the team would make the playoffs this coming 2002-03 season. They were so confident that they even offered a rebate to season ticket holders should Atlanta fail to make it past the regular season.

    With Theo Ratliff, Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Glen Robinson, Nazr Mohammed, Chris Crawford and Alan Henderson up front, Jason Terry, DerMarr Johnson, Dan Dickau and Dion Glover in the back court, the Hawks look formidable on paper. It's all up to coach Lon Kruger to blend his talents together to form a cohesive unit.

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    I've been a Hawks fans also since the Dominique Wilkins-Glenn Rivers era.

    The other NBA team I still follow closely to this day is the Golden State Warriors.

    The acquisition of Glenn Robinson potentially gives the Hawks a very scary frontline specially if Theo Ratliff is healthy. Imagine, three All-Stars including Shareef Abdul-Rahim.

    The key will be their backcourt play. If Dan Dickau is as good as advertised, this team is on its way!

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