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    hope na malipat ito sa itz section...
    what can you say about atlanta now...they suck big time, ika nga ni steve kerr, that's the basketball purgatory of the nba...ano ang kailangan gawin...sayang naman ang ganda ng arena nila...

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    Atlanta isn't bad this season. Sure the record is horrible, but for once they have nice, young, talents that they can build on -- Royal Ivey, Boris Diaw, Donta Smith, Josh Smith, Josh Childress, and if you count the overrated Al Harrington. All that's missing is a center that can bang and do the dirty work downlow and a reliable bench, and they're off to rock-and-roll.

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    and the most loyal fan in Pex goes to.......


    thru ups(?) and downs....he's still a HAWK FAN

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    the bright spot was when josh smith became the slam dunk king...maybe in next season or 2, the hawks will be contenders...i hope!

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    team ko ito sa nba live... ganda ng alternate jersey nila ehehe

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    hmmm...di ba dati...nun may lineup pa sila ng theo ratliff, jason terry, shareef abdur rahim and another guy (forgot who he is...but what the heck...) pinagmayabang ng atlanta na "playoff bound" na sila? so much so that they promised their season ticket holders that they'll get a refund if they didn't make it... hehe they were STILL one of the worst teams in the league though that season... oh well...

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    Does Ted Turner still own the team?

    Maybe he's another Ross Perot Jr. ? ( Former owner of the Dallas Mavericks ) Hehe.

    What the Hawks need is some serious changes in the front office. Once they do that, then they can start looking at their line-up.

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    Josh Childress is the future! He's gonna be better than Carmelo Anthony next year.

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    And that Sick Smithie boy!

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    Long live the high-flying 11-64 Hawks. Home-and-away series vs. Charlotte coming up. Chance to break out of the 14-game losing skid (1-27 in the last 28 games).

    Bright spot (aside from Josh Smith's winning the slam dunk title) is the development of the Joshes (Smith and Childress).

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    ang sama talaga ng hawks *****, 11-64. walang kwenta talaga yung team nia *****. Si Al Harrington na yung star player nila, sama talaga. Bright spot lang sa Hawks ***** ay yung dalawang Joshes. Baka mga 3 or 4 years from now aayos din yung team nla.

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    I think the Hawks' members don't have any winning spirit so that's why they lose so many games. They have lost 27 of 28. Next season I think the Hawks will still be struggling. Unlike the Warriors, who will not be able to go into the playoffs this season, but with their new acquisition, Baron Davis, have won 8 in a row and will likely be playoff-bound next season.

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    Ted Turner is not anymore the owner of the Atlanta Hawks after Time Warner took over some of Turner's businesses in 2001 (which also included WCW). The Hawks were later sold to a group of investors that included the Philips Arena and the NHL's Thrashers in the deal.

    BTW, Turner was retired by the Atlanta Hawks earlier this season as a recognition for his years as owner of the Hawks.

    Also, the Hawks were also known to have empty seats at home, hell even in the 'Nique era, empty seats are evident at the old Omni.

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    In fairness, some of the Hawks' losses were close ones, games that could have gone either way. Last game vs. the Raptors, they lost in OT. Mainly because of their young player's inexperience down the stretch.

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    Remember the Bulls..

    Hope they can retain the 2 Js.. Coz those two are their future..

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    I'm not a fan of Childress' game. For me their bright spots this year is no doubt, Josh Smith... and that pest defender, Royal Ivey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thunderfall
    Si Al Harrington na yung star player nila, sama talaga.
    I've always thought during the off-season that Al's acquisition was a huge mistake. It was funny to see everyone saying that he's going to have a breakout season and win MIP.

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    At least they beat KG. hehehe. spoilers role

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    guys, sila ang may hawak ng biggest crowd ever sa nba...62,000+ ang nanood sa georgia dome when mj played his last game sa atlanta...yan yung panahon na dalawa ang laruan ng atlanta...georgia tech and georgia dome...

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