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    Love the last pic, The King keeps on Winning!

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    May bagong teaser yung OTR HBO!!! Watch her cover of Bang Bang by Cher!!! Ugh!!! Sana dalawang separate DVDs ilabas niya para sa Mrs. Carter Show and On The Run.

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    I love these shots. Looks like la familia had a really great time kart racing.

    Meanwhile, we're all here patiently waiting for her VMA performance.

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    Retweeted by #BeyMAs
    Beyoncé Land @BeyonceLand · 4m
    "Beyoncé's performance is very ambitious. I don’t think anyone’s tried this before. We’re expecting this to go down in VMAs history.” - MTV

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    "Beyoncé is going to be giving something to the viewers that no one's going to want to miss." - MTV Prod. #VMAs

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    "Her [Beyoncé] performance is going to be a special treat for viewers and for her fans around the world." -MTV exec

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    y'all ready? it's gonna happen soon!!!!

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    Oh my god. Sam Smith is a big Queen B stan! They finally met.

    Brace yourselves Slayhive. Just 5 more minutes.

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    I CRIED.

    *message too short*

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    that last part made me cry.. i thought the first parts were okay, but it could have punched harder. just my opinion. but overall i was slayed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dream_star0015 View Post _gda__=1417575946_50304ff1b73a6adf8e28de4e0e158ac1

    James Smith and Beyonce
    I love them both!

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    Ang tagal matapos ng VMAs. I want to download the whole show first!

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