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    Harden might be the 3rd best rockets player of all time right behind former MVP's Hakeem Olajuwon, and Moses Malone. He's the perfect player for the D'Antoni Offense.

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    it is just another day in the park for LWilliams. 27pts in 26mins

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    Nice game Rockets.

    Swerte talaga ni idol at wala siya sa West.

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    CP3 to the Rockets in exchange for Williams, Beverly and Dekker + 1st round pick(2018).

    Will the CP3 + Beard backcourt work because they both need the ball in their hands.

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    tsk tsk ........ LAC wins, HOU loses. one bad trade.

    CP3 loves to dribble and this would limit the touches of JHarden. Plus they loss some key players like PBeverly and LWilliiams. this is an offense defense combo. the Clippers just lost their best flopper.

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    this trade as I see it is a bad one for the Rockets. I dont think they need CP3. They could have used a PG13 or probably a big to complement Harden but not another point guard. They'll be murdered by other opposing backcourts who are way bigger than them

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    strange trade for the Rockets. Harden (who in my book, was the MVP) put up career numbers playing PG. Beverly was an all NBA defense guard while Lou Williams was arguably the most efficient and productive bench player in the league. why swap for another ball dominant point guard?

    also, like I said in the Rockets' ill-fated series San Antonio, as long as Mike D' Antoni runs your team, you're guaranteed a 50-win season, a spot in the Playoffs, but that offense will predictably conk out at some point. and with no one committed to playing defense, this team still wont get past the Spurs, let alone the Warriors.

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    this is one terrible deal. CP3 is a sign and trade plus he is only under contract for a year. after next season, he can leave the HRockets if things dont go smoothly with JHarden.

    worse, HOU paid other teams just to get players for the multi-player deal.

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    The Rockets think they can get PG13 or Carmelo Anthony.

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    Melo want to go to Clutch City!!!

    CoachMDAntoni's days are numbered. if he got booted out of NYC because of Melo, why would he think he, CP3 and Melo would click as a team again?

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    MDA got kicked out of the big apple coz they were not winning, it's the opposite in clutch city. winning heals everything, melo might have matured at this point, he may be ready to put aside personal glory/pride to have a chance to get a ring, he ain't getting any younger. same situation happened with KG when he went from minnesota to boston.

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    just in, leslie just put rocs for sale, espn reports.

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    does did mean the Melo trade is off the table?

    this is unusual. most of the time poorly performing teams are the one being sold like the SSupersonics, NJNets, CHornets, and LAClippers.

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    still a possibility, but the new knicks guy- perry, he replaced phil jackson, wants to make a name for himself, he wants melo to stay or leverage for a much better deal. the problem with the current set up is that even with a 3 team trade( ny-hou-portland) nobody wants ryan anderson and meyers leonard, they're trying to bring in the pelicans( they still love anderson) as a 4th team in the deal but leonard is still unwanted. another option - perry is asking for gordon,ariza and capela for a straight up 3 for 1, hou gets melo.

    word in the dealership is leslie feels like retiring already, he's not well, wants to go back to his hometown in new jersey, talks are on going with local houston groups to buy the team, galveston based business man, reality tv personality and landry's restaurant grp. owner tillman fertitta is said to be the front runner in acquiring the team, fans are worried that if someone from out of state buys the team he might move the team to another city.

    other potential buyers include beyonce-jay-z and obama partnership group- beyonce is a native houstonian. jim mcingvale owner of houston's largest furniture dealer, he is a hardcore supporter of houston sports teams, duncan family- houston's 1st oil and gas magnate owner of enterprise oil, other non houstonians who are rumored to be interested- larry ellison, oracles top man has been trying to own a pro team but has been unsuccessful trying to buy GSW, memphis grizzlies and the pelicans. another buyer is ex nba players partnerships led by ex player junior bridgeman owner of bridgeman foods inc. who's partners include grant hill and christian laettner they tried to buy the bucks and the hawks when they were up for sale but got out bid.
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    nakakatakot naman ang Rockets. they have 2 top 10 best players in the ESPN NBA rankings.

    CP3 does not deserve his ranking. DGreen is better than him.

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