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    Healthy meal suggestions

    Nagsasawa na ako sa paulit-ulit kong niluluto. Suggestions naman ng healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. O kaya i-share nyo na lang yung madalas nyong healthy meal na kinakain or pini-prepare. Hindi kelangang bonggang bonggang tipong pang vegetarian diet, basta may fruits, veggies and lean meat ok na.

    Sandwich (egg, lettuce, tomato, vegemite, mayo, coleslaw, cheese)
    veggie omelet/tuna omelet
    Weetbix and Uncle Toby's cereals

    Lunch/Dinner: This is my main concern. Ang madalas kong kayang lutuin is mamantika like tortang talong, adobo and estofado. The only healthy food I can cook is Sinigang and Chicken ala king.

    nuts, dark choco, tea,

    I hate toge, and green leafy veg. especially spinach. Kaya ko lang is cabbage and lettuce. I am more fond of starchy veggies like potatoes, corn and carrots etc... and mushrooms too. And any fruits.

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    Try salad. I use romaine, then add grapes, apples, turnips, parmesan cheese and dressing.

    For snacks, I'd rather have fruits.

    For sandwich, try using whole wheat.

    Cereals actually have more sugar than you think.

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    Try making your own soft tortillas (it's very easy, kahit walang oven, and pwedeng make ahead) or stove-top pita (flour+beer+salt, konting knead, roll into balls and let rest, flatten, then cook) and then stuff with your favorite veggies and konting meat.

    Make your own mayo! Madali lang pero nakakapagod sa braso kung manual whipping. You'll be surprised how much oil that's in it!

    Replace your meat with tofu or TVP (textured vegetable protein).

    If you have an oven, make your own bread. It's also addicting, the process of making bread itself.
    Pero kung oven toaster lang ang meron, marami rin no-knead quick breads you can make from scratch.

    Samahan mo ng red/brown rice yung puting bigas para you eat less but still feel full.

    Teka, puro carbs yung suggestion ko.

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    Have you tried fish? Fish is very healthy and generally cheaper than other meats. Minsan yung ibang kinds of fish isn't native here so mas mahal. Making your own pasta/noodles/bread is an amazing experience, though I must say noodles talaga yung kelangan ng practice to get that chewy texture that's indicative of fresh noodles. Try different kinds of stews, there's a lot depending saang cuisine galing. Stews are easy to do because you can just throw the ingredients into the pot and you're good to go. Minsan mas masarap kung mas matagal mong niluto.

    Maraming pedeng subukan, a little search goes a long way. Meron naman possible substitutes na local lang yet retain the same characteristics. Check out this small list of other healthy recipes - Most are quite simple, but the simple recipes can be one of the tastiest.

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    Thanks for the suggestions.

    Sa ngayon may pag-aaralan akong another healthy dish na pang lunch/dinner, yung chop suey.

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    ^ grabe yun breakfast ..... cereals+omelet+sandwich

    lunch: agree .... salad and toast

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    Quote Originally Posted by gotta lick it View Post
    ^ grabe yun breakfast ..... cereals+omelet+sandwich

    lunch: agree .... salad and toast
    actually hindi yun + kasi 'or' dapat yun hehehe,,,,di ko lang na describe ng malinaw

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    Try Picadillo Pwede mo siya imodify like changing the meat (I haven't tried fish though but chicken and shrimp is possible) or lessening the meat (for the souped version). You can also remove the tomato sauce (maputlang version). You can also add more water or hugas-bigas (2nd or 3rd) for the souped version. Veggies are usually carrots and potatoes but you can add sayote and add more bell pepper.

    Chopsuey is also great. Minsan nilalagyan namin siya ng fried tofu
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    for me its more on going to sandwich guy then sa mga fastfood

    -banana mango salad
    -veggie delight
    -HBLT sandwich
    -pesto pasta

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    Mga ganitong klase binabaon ko lately sa office. Yun sa Magnolia Chicken station sa Landmark - bibili ako ng mga naka marinade na chicken parts (may mga curry skewers at southern bbq varieties) tapos hahaluan ko nalang ng spinach or arugula (tulad ng nasa pic) tapos kaunting dressing (ranch).

    Pwedeng pwede na healthy alternative saka low-carb option pa

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    Tofu steak with mushrooms for packed lunch

    for breakfast, prepare the night before in a big glass or mason jar: rolled oats + chia seeds + raisins + yoghurt + enough milk (or almond milk para healthier) to fill the container. The chia seeds and oats will swell overnight youŽll have a sort of pudding for breakfast. Take it from straight from the fridge in the morning and enjoy your healthy breakfast!

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    Want to have a healthy meal and snacks? Know what you are really putting into your body?

    Here's a healthy meal suggestion!

    All manufacturer should be required to have a list of ingredients of their producrs, the number of calories, fat, sugar, carbohydrates, protein among others. And whether they contain, additives like MSG. In mgs. or as percent of minimum daily value of body requirement.

    All prices of most packaged food, snacks and pasulubongs will really hit the roof!

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    sa piling ng mahal
    ginisang munggo,pritong tokwa at pritong isda.

    nagiging mamantika lang ang pinirito kung hindi tama ang pagkakaprito. heat the pan until smoking before adding the oil. make sure the the food is dry and the oil smoking before frying. and drain on paper towels. and use lauric oil.

    try vegetable tempura. felafel.

    try mo din tahong, halaan, kuhol, suso.

    ginisang kangkong if in a bind.

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    Breakfast para sa tamad: (prepare sa gabi lagay sa ref)
    chia seeds + almond milk + honey
    muesli + almond milk + honey

    instant oats

    Healthy meals ay depende sa kung ano ang sakit ng isang tao o bawal sa kanya. Pwedeng okay sa akin ang beans at tokwa pero bawal pala sayo. But one thing you can never go wrong ay eating raw vegetables. Ito lang ata ang tanging di bawal na food dahil ang fruits ay bawal din sa iba. Eat anything in moderation but eat healthier food more.

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    Is mustard healthy ? Or a healthier option compared to mayonnaise ?

    I don't really cook kaya bibili siguro ako ng mixed greens sa grocery tapos lalagyan ng grilled chicken. Sa ngayon paborito kong dressing ay honey mustard (Dizon's, okay naman sila ?). Masaya na ako diyan.

    Pwede rin para talagang sobrang healthy ay steamed brocolli (dami daw sustansya ng brocolli) tapos samahan ng simpleng ulam.

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    Kale salad masarap din then mixed with nuts like almonds or stuff like that. If you wanna try visiting a restaurant, instead of dining in at Mcdonalds or Jollibee, why not try Subway instead? Subway's sandwiches are more healthier than other food chains in the Philippines.

    Puro toxic na karamihan na pagkain sa pinas ngayon eh.

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    Kung steak (if you get bored sa salads all the time), anything with turkey or chicken (breast) or fish (salmon in particular). Pag meat like pork or beef, choose lean cuts like tenderloin. Virgin olive oil to fry or bake na lang.

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    Quote Originally Posted by riverhorse View Post
    Is mustard healthy ? Or a healthier option compared to mayonnaise ?

    I don't really cook kaya bibili siguro ako ng mixed greens sa grocery tapos lalagyan ng grilled chicken. Sa ngayon paborito kong dressing ay honey mustard (Dizon's, okay naman sila ?). Masaya na ako diyan.

    Pwede rin para talagang sobrang healthy ay steamed brocolli (dami daw sustansya ng brocolli) tapos samahan ng simpleng ulam.
    Mustard is zero calorie compared to a tablespoon if mayo na puro fats.
    I like brocolli.I normally just sautee any protein like chicken, pork, or beef and stir fry with the brocolli florets..

    Usually, I buy lettuce and mix it with spanish sardines..minsan iyong cucumber I mix it with diced apple thej mix a little honey and mustard and we're good.
    Pwede rin iyong white fish fillet just fry then halo sa steamed veggies

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