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    Quote Originally Posted by layneblancaflor View Post
    There's no point of comparison between ABS-CBN Dyesebel and GMA-7 Kambal Sirena (as the first is way too first-rate compared to the latter) but to clear the huge margin (In terms of production, casting, acting level, effects, wardrobe and budget allocation) between the two Mermaid-series, let me do the ANG-KATOTOHANAN compare and contrast.

    The production (Elements such as the Colour, quality and style) bargains the value of a show.
    Dyesebel – Clear and real underwater shots, High-definition aerial and multiple angle shots, wise editing and fast-phase storytelling, excellent musical scoring and the location represent the beauty of one of the country’s island. BONUS: Lesson about taking care of the environment is incorporated.
    Kambal Sirena – Dirty underwater shots. The water seems to be soiled and polluted. (Compare underwater episodes of both to believe. Lol) not maximized camera use, lighting is bad. Musical scoring is boring.
    I don’t know how others define a quality made on-set (nature) episode, but Kambal Sirena is definitely, for a lack of proper word, Cheap.

    Casting draws public attention
    Dyesebel – Definitely a powerhouse, film-like casting and each fit to their respective roles.
    Kambal Sirena – A good way to introduce new artists but definitely not a good way to battle.

    Give us the tone and feels.
    Dyesebel – No question of acting maturity of every actor here, awards and recognitions can speak up on their behalf.
    Kambal Sirena – I wonder if the lead actor/s and actress/es undergone series of acting workshop as I see them both lousy, or is that really the character they should portray? There’s definitely room for improvement but I hope they can pull it off before the show reach its ending.

    Computer graphics/effects are something should be improved as always. It is a foundation in every Fantasy-themed show.
    Dyesebel – One thing is for sure, we are still behind in terms of technology but Dyesebel delivers tolerable computer graphics and effects quality. I was disappointed in the trailer and how the effects were made, but watching the show now, I saw great advancement. They also keen on the small things like lightings, shadows and hair movements underwater.
    Kambal Sirena – I would commend the show if they’ve shown a little improvement on their effects. The effects were a little bit off than Galema which is an afternoon show! The sea water snake is a LOL material, hair is frizzy underwater and a lot to mention. (you can help) lol

    NOTE: Just notice the Title Logo of bith Shows. How it is made! Look closer. Dun palang gets mo na ang may class and quality!

    This makes the show believable.
    Dyesebel – Dyesebel without make-up is beyond classy and genuine. Mermaid is a creature with upper body of a human with the tail of a fish. This is basically the logic of the simplicity incorporated in Dyesebel. (Also as I remember in all ABS-CBN sirena seryes)
    Good management move to retail the Golden-orange fish tail of Dyesebel as it is classic and simple and it has an amazing effect underwater unlike blue)
    Kambal Sirena – I don’t know how they come up with a gay-makeup (happy foundation day!) and very-Jolina-look way back 1980’s. It’s not just cheap but awkward.

    I noticed also that even the “mahiyain” and “probinsyana” character of the lead is wearing an over and exaggerated make up! Lol? I hope they’re realistic when they showcase the Fantaserye’s normal world. Kailangan ba talaga ni lead star ng bonggang make over?
    (I hope aljur’s wardrobe comes with class) I mean, notice how aljur and the rest of the cast is styled)

    Well, this can explain how the networks value US.

    Dyesebel – The talent fee of the powerhouse (wide and extensive) cast of Dyesebel may pay for the entire Telebabad shows of GMA-7. You can do the math for the location, wardrobe of the extended casting, effects and new cameras on the set and many more.

    Kambal Sirena – GMA always brand their show as the most budgeted but it is not working. It doesn’t look like one.

    I DARE everyone to watch both shows to see the difference. I BET you’ll agree with me. This is not a biased article. This is the TRUTH.
    I am back.

    Naku sis! Sa GME tards, WORLD CLASS at may QUALITY na yang Kambal Sirena nila At before ipalabas yang KS eh gamit na gamit sa PROMO nila ang Dyesebel huh! Habang ang Dyesebel while promoting eh NEVER na naggamit ng ibang show from the rival network para pag-usapan di gaya sa iba diyan na dinadrag pa ang Dyesebel para lang makapukaw ng attention

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    i UP natin ang thread...

    Post lang nang Post

    Maganda ang Dysebel ABS CBN Version.... walang binatbat sa Dyesbel ng GMA version na puro stryofoam ang peg....

    Congrats sa Production crew ng Dyesebel

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    ang peke ng special effects sa dyesebel, wala parin tayong technical skill for true to life visual effects

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    pasado na rin ang special effects sa dyesebel, gumaganda na rin ang technical skill sa atin for true to life visual effects

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    I stopped watching this. Parang kahit di ako manuod ng ilang buwan makaka-relate pa rin ako sa kwento kapag nasa last week na...Grabe lang.Parang di kaabang-abang

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