The Ateneo de Manila Degree Programs is not mostly AB dominated. It is also equipped with BS courses.

Degree Programs Offered:

School of Humanities:

1) AB Communications
2) AB Humanities
3) AB Creative Writing, a new course.
4) AB InterDisciplinary Studies
5) AB Literature- English
6) AB Philosophy
7) AB Literature-Filipino
8) AB Philosophy: Pre-Divinity Track
9) AB Theater Arts, a new course.

School of Social Sciences:

10) AB Development Studies
11) AB Economics
12) AB European Studies
13) AB Economics (Honors Program)
14) AB Political Science
15) AB Social Sciences
16) AB History
17) AB Psychology/BS Psychology

School of Science and Engineering:

1) BS Biology
2) BS Chemistry
3) BS Computer Science
4) BS Chemistry with Computer Engineering
5) BS Electronics and Communications Engineering
6) BS Environmental Science
7) BS Mathematics
8) BS Physics
9) BS Applied Mathematics ( Major in Computational Science)
10) BS Physics with Computer Engineering

School of Management:

11) BS Communications Technology Management
12) BS Legal Management
13) BS Mangement Economics
14) BS Management (Standard Program)
15) BS Management (Honors Program)
16) BS Management Engineering
17) BS Management Information Systems
18) BS Management of Applied Chemistry


Ateneo de Manila has NO Education, Accounting majors and Engineering courses, except for the ECE, which is a relatively new course. An average of 1,000 to 1,500 students graduate from all of these courses mentioned every year with a slight increase from time to time due to the increasing number of students, courses and facilities. Law, MBA and other graduate courses are also offered by Ateneo de Manila. The Law and the MBA courses are situated at Rockwell Center while the M.S. Information Technology and M.S. Information Management are located at Salcedo Village, both in Makati City.

De La Salle University Manila has more courses, both AB and BS. Lia-Com courses are unique to the De La Salle System. For more information, please check . UP also offers other courses like BS Tourism, BS Statistics and many more. Kindly check at . UST is like UP with Nursing, Pharmacy and other medical-related courses. Their website is at .

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