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    The UP Pep Squad Appreciation Thread IX

    Welcome to the pep squad ng bayan's 9th appreciation thread!

    Links to previous threads:

    Thread I

    Thread II

    Thread III

    Thread IV

    Thread V

    Thread VI

    Thread VII

    Thread VIII

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    Welcome to Thread Number 9!

    2nd to post!

    1st Runner - up me!

  3. #3
    Woohoo Thread 9.

    Go for the Ninth!
    UP Pep Squad.

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    welcome sa bagong bahay!

  5. #5
    paapak sa bagong sinulid

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    Kaloka. Ano naaaaaaaaaaaa??? Asan na mga pasabog niyo PEx? Char.

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    dragonesa under the moon quekquek's Avatar
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    Aug 2011
    I eat water.
    Hello sa ating bagong sinulid!

    @maicheemai diba ikaw madami niyan?

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    post ng pictures ng pep naman dyan!

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    magandang pambungad siguro ang pyramid ng bawat taong naipanalo ng PepSquad ng Bayan

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    ay sobrang kinikilig... fotolocco's Avatar
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    Jul 2008
    near-vana (inside)
    Wooohoo thread 9 tapos pasok ako sa tough 10.

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    Yey bagong thread! Napapanahon talaga.

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    8 Secs Left in Overtime curiouser's Avatar
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    Jan 2002
    On Your Mind
    Paapak sa 9th thread ninyo, PEx Squad! Congrats!

    Makakaasa kayo na kaming magkakaibigan ay susuporta sa minimithing pang-9 na kampeonato ng minamahal na UP Pep Squad.

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    UP Fight!!

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    Ayos, thread 9 na! Patapak sa bagong bahay. Nakakamiss din dito.

    Isang malaking kaway kay Piniskat at Mouais!

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    Kaway kaway din sayo Dakota. Ang tagal mo yata di nagpopost. Ano nangyari sayo?

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    paapak sa 9th thread!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA WOW

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