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    is it true that the players of the dlsu soccer team are using drugs?

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    the dlus mens soccer team are using drugs? is this true?

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    What kind of nonsense topic is this?

    Green & Blue - bakit mo sinisiraan ang DLSU Football Team? Wala ka bang magawa sa buhay mo?


    Coach Hans Smit and the De La Salle Christian Brothers would never condone it.

    For your info, ALL La Salle campuses in the Philippines are NO-SMOKING CAMPUSES and Drug usage if proven is punishable by EXPULSION.

    Rumor-mongering by stupid people like you has NO PLACE in this FORUM.

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    the team aint using drugs. thats all i can say. thats what i know cause i know them eh. wala lang.

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    What kind of a question is that????!!!!
    If they take drugs, noone can last the training, for sure, of Coach Hans. I've watched their training and it's so intense. Someone taking drugs won't last that kind of training. Baka ikaw ang nag-drugs

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    dudes, why are you defensive? i had good friends in the DLSU soccer team naman, not that they take drugs ha.. pero don't be so defensive... your violent reactions seem to say something else.

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    my friend told me that she knows somebody from the mens soccer team and that he said that they are taking drugs. I dont know if it is true or not.. but i hope it isnt. im just asking....

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    Relax people!
    Nagtatanong lang yung tao. wala naman syang kino-confirm eh. Tanong lang. Kayo naman masyadong hyper! Para kayong under the influence of ....Sugar Cubes!Hehehe peace

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    well, check the standings of the past two UAAPs....then make your judgment. why do you think they went from first place to not even qualifying in the finals?

    Buti pa nga yung women's team!!! At least they delivered!!

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    Why don't I deliver my ____ in your mouth.

    I love losers who can't do anything but critisize. Y don't u list your accomplishments studly, or are u still in the closet.

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    a football UAAp championship...would that count as an acclompishment?

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    we gave u 2 championships already!!! did we get anything?-hell no!it was just a "thank u and gdluck the following year!" how can you say athletes are very well taking care of!go ahead and say its a wrong attitude but f**k that! i regret playing 4 this school! w
    drugs?...try practicing with us!

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    Sabi ni dudutt, non-smoking campus ang lasalle eh mismong c hans smith nakita kong nagsmosmoke mga 7:00 ng umaga na wala pa masyadong tao last term sa pebblewash.
    ARCHERGUY: mabuti at may natutunan ka k atty. deveza na nagturo daw kna quinito henson, rolly dizon, etc. sana ako rin ipagmalaki nya sa mga students nya pagdating ng araw...

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