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UAAP Basketball Power Rankings: Week 7

With wins over UST and DLSU, the past week in UAAP can be summed up in three letters: FEU. Check out this week's power rankings here!

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PHOTOS: FEU Tamaraws Claim Top Seed

Mike Tolomia's late-game heroics helped FEU get sole possession of the number 1 seed, after a 74-70 victory over La Salle.

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FIBA FEATURE: Do We Stand a Chance?

Do we really have a shot to make it through? JPM weighs in on the the odds of Gilas Pilipinas in the FIBA World Cup.

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PHOTOS: Daquis Bags V-League MVP Plum

Wonder who won the other awards? Check out the Shakey's V-League Awarding gallery here!

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Very promising, but tries too hard to fit in the mold of the Hunger Games/Divergent series.

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    So there are two events today, the fan Meet and the press conference

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    Press conference videos

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    [Vid] When asked whether is there any similarity in characters between real life and in IG, KHJ said that fights occasionally (or must have been) happened in high school before. But when fights really do happen, he was only a onlooker! LOLOL!!!

    PD said he started noticing KHJ since SS501 days because he looked handsome and decent features. But he said that KHJ suits the character as Shin Jung Tae and joked that he was a little stiff(?) in previous characters. PD was afraid in the beginning but KHJ had opened up his acting passion so it turned out pretty well. Reply
    Report post (?)

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    - JDH: "KangHoDong also praised HJ, 'He's my friend. No need for words.' But when I met HJ personally, he's really a person with a big heart."
    *nanet: KHD really loves HJ.

    - JDH: "KHJ has a big heart, he is considerate towards his managers and other people. Now I know why he became a star."

    - JDH:"Same gender can also like each other. If lovers' relationship is 'pink' color, me & KHJ's relationship is a 'purple' or 'bluish' color.

    - HJ & Jo Dal Hwan are really fond of each other^^ HJ said in STAR mag that he likes JDH after talking only a bit. New friendship to treasure!

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    OTHER MEDIA PICS. crtoowners of pics

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    KHJ's Masterful Contrasts

    Much have been written by this time about how KHJ in his newest acting role as seen from trailers, teasers and posters comes to us as a legendary street fighter. In a time when his fans including himself were not even born.

    And the difference from the previous managed image must have been great it is not a surprising public reaction of almost disbelief. His absence from the small screen has been from three years ago. Thus, many have noted significant changes and must have quite felt uncomfortable for some since his public persona of gentleness has been frozen in the mind.

    "The Sight Becomes Insight" *

    This article is not about the pretty boy who is now manly. It is about being a man in many ways.

    In Inspiring Generation KHJ portrayed a man of the street in dirtied rough clothes that high society will not allow in its presence. His clothes completed the look of a broken man, confused and in pain.He would become the raging fist charging to his enemies. Notice how that perception changes once he is in mourning clothes or in the clothes of a "refined and acceptable" man complete with a hat. Is it a case of clothes make a man?

    In the show case a few weeks ago and in the most recent press con HJ showed up in his most sartorial elegance. Of course it helped that his clothes's fit him all the way to the last stitch and thread. He wore his striped double breasted suit in the first event and in the latter event full blacktop coat with camel colored back collar with equal crispness and style.

    The contrasts from the Inspiring Generation getup and the clothes he wore in promoting the drama are telling us without the use of words this is how HJ move from one role to the next and make each one distinct from the other.

    A psychologist calls it embodied cognition*. It means our persona changes by the clothes we wear specially if we believe they grant us that special character or even power. In street lingo we say someone can carry it.

    But I think HJ can 'carry it' because he puts his mind and soul into the character each time. Psychologists call it psyche. He can slip in and out of character depending on what he wants to portray at the moment. Did you not notice that in the MV's he has made -from Breakdown to Lucky Guy to Unbreakable and the cuteness in between? His stage presence in casual clothes tell us he is a friend and is there to enjoy the moment with his audience together. And if we can do a throwback to his pre-Jihoo days and Jihoo period the contrast borders on being unbelievable. How about when he turned beggar?

    So if you really want to know who is the real HJ -the answer most probably is : he can be all the above and more.

    *J.Gaines,Brain Babble,www.psychologytoday.
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    FAN MEET PICS (with Japanese fans). crastag

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    HYUN JOONG 4EVER lnprz's Avatar
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    Ms. Dean, thanks for another article of yours....very nice as usual...

    Have a nice day, everyone

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    Highlight preview inspiring generation

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    Fans and press support for ig

    @The Alien Prince
    HJ said, "I sincerely thank you for the warm interest and support given by many fans for IG," conveying his gratitude.
    "I'm happy to show you a new appearance & meet you as a cool character, and just like the interest shown by many people, I will put many more effort to show a good appearance in the drama," showing his determination.
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    And it's a brand new day!

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    Still at the PC in b & w crastag

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