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    Kim Hyun Joong performs at U EXPRESS LIVE In Japan - 2013.03.02

    Credit: murdererq

    Credit: tomonatu1

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    KIM HYUN JOONG 2013 Japan Unlimited Tour

    2013.03.24 Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen Hall, Hiroshima

    [Photos] Kim Hyun Joong “UNLIMITED” Japan Tour 2013 in Hiroshima

    [HQ Photos] KIM HYUN JOONG 2013 JAPAN UNLIMITED TOUR in HIROSHIMA Day1 – 2013.03.24

    Credit: 1986rainforest

    Tweet Upodates by: Die Hard Henecians ‏@OnlyKHJtimes

    hiroshima update: hyun joong said “i've prepared my activity in Korea, and also the world tour...“ RT @eri6296: 韓国でも活動を始めます。ワールドツアーの準備もして…

    hiroshima update: the job, singer is the happiest job (for hyun joong?) RT @eri6296: 歌手という職業は、とても幸せな職業です。

    hiroshima update: the job, singer is the happiest job (for hyun joong?) RT @eri6296: 歌手という職業は、とても幸せな職業です。

    hiroshima update: hyun joong said? “just before i sleep... (i wonder) untill when i would be able to keep dancing... My mind follow (the wish i wanna dance), but my physical strength won't follow that... I should live in hard day by day. I shouldn't drink at night. kkk RT @eri6296

    hiroshima update: *it's abt before one hour* hyun joong seemed to say “Hiroshima suki jyaken“ meaning “I love Hiroshima.“ in Hiroshima dialect. cr: @eri6296

    hiroshima update: so funny that hyun joong said that?! “if you feel you're already tired, please go home with your bag.“ So cute hyun joong! RT @michi_loves_khj: もう疲れたと思うので疲れた方はカバンを持って帰ってください爆

    hiroshima update: so funny that hyun joong said that?! “if you feel you're already tired, please go home with your bag.“ So cute hyun joong! RT @michi_loves_khj: もう疲れたと思うので疲れた方はカバンを持って帰ってください爆

    hiroshima update: ??? hyun joong left the stage without singing the last part of “Your Story. “ RT @michi_loves_khj: your story最後歌わないで下がっていきました…

    hiroshima update: hyun joong said? “Do you miss me? but i'll come back to (TV?) program in Korea, so that (you'll be able to) watch (me?) every week. RT @startomo: さみしい?でも、韓国の番組に復帰します。毎週観られるって。チンチャ!リダ〜\(^o^)/

    from now, anchor tme! RT @michi_loves_khj: これからアンコール!

    hiroshima upload: hyun joong said? “thanks for all, hiroshima. i still have one more day, but i could show all. i wanna return (thanks?) with album. *wonder what “album“ means... what album (CD) he wanna return his thanks to fan???* RT @eri6296: 今日の広島の皆さんありがとうございました。後1日残ってますが全てを出しきりました。アルバムでお返しをしたいです。

    hiroshima upload: finished... RT @eri6296: 終わりました。。。

    hiroshima FA: (hyun joong) passed by in front of me~!! he came to the 2nd floor too. it's just awesome live we can't imagine how the one tomorrow would be. cr: minami66chi: 目の前通った〜!!2階にも来てくれた(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))明日どうなるんかと思うぐらい最高のLIVEでした♡♡

    hiroshima update: hyun joong walked? run?? from the right and left sides on the 2nd floor. cr: 9eve2eve9: 終わりました!リダ広島一日目。2階を端から端まで(;∀

    hiroshima update: the sentence hyun joong learned “Hiroshima, Suki jyaken“, meaning “I love Hiroshima“.cr: ri_best: 広島で覚えた言葉!広島、好きじゃけん(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))デターww

    hiroshima update: hyun joong said to fans? “i don't wanna go (leave? finish??) at the end of concert. RT @ri_best: 最後、帰りたくない~~って言ってくれました(๑´ω`๑)♥私もだよぅ♪♪

    hiroshima FA: (during the concert) hyun joong towarded to his mike to fans, and fans responded to sing loudly. He seemed that he was happy to see fans singing loudly. cr: momo4562: みんなにマイクを向けたリダ。みんなが大きな声で歌うのが嬉しそうだった。

    hyun joong already left the venue. He waved his hand n walked slowly. cr: midoriminn: リダ会場出ました。 みんなに手振って、ゆっくり歩いてくれた!

    Tweet Updates by: lovingkimhyunjoong ‏@loving_khj

    HJ in all black ^^ black coat, black pants & black shirt for HEAT, Rize Up & Save Today ^^

    Kiss Kiss in white t shirt & black vest ^^ Did the kiss kiss dance while orange, pink & blue balloons bounced around the audience ^^

    Starling jacq said he's dancing sexily to fans keke even threw flying kiss to fans #^.^# awww...

    HJ took off his vest for Smile ;p Cheeky boy did his butt dance on left side of stage... keke... can see clearer without vest #^.^#

    A lot of dance auegyos ^^

    Seems like HJ is in extremely good mood \^.^/ he's throwing kisses left and right earlier

    HJ really singing his heart out

    HJ singing U... and pointing to fans left and right again ^^

    aki ‏@Hyun_jooong_ Hj said "Starting to work in Korea. Also be prepared for World Tour.."RT @eri6296: 韓国でも活動を始めます。ワールドツアーの準備もして…
    Two continuous Jap crowd favourites, I'm Yours & Let's Party!! ^^

    the fans in hiroshima is getting high! he danced for let's party, dylt & lucky guy ^^

    HJ came down from stage during Break Down!! And the fans went crazy!! ^o^

    HJ joking after Lucky Guy ^^

    Ok... slowing down now with If You're like Me ^^ Fans prob need this to cool down a bit keke

    HJ getting fans to fold green paper planes & practising 'I'm your woman' again ^.^ diff is, he flew one down to a fan b4 the song today ^^

    Alex and keyboardist playing interlude ... Beautiful mix

    HJ singing Please in black t-shirt & sunglasses ^^ Cool!!

    He forgot his lyrics in the middle for I am your man

    Dear all, sorry for a mistake just now #^.^# HJ left stage during Lucky Guy, NOT Break Down

    Now is Break Down... Rock Version!!! \^.^/

    Wow!! muscular arms #^.^# HJ in black sleeveless t-shirt for Please Be Nice to Me ^^

    Fans getting really high during Love Like This ^^

    Let Me Be The One is over... fans getting ready for encore ^o^ 5 songs? 6 songs? or more? ^^

    Awww... HJ appeared on level 2 for encore! Let's Party!!! ^^

    HJ's making his round on level 2, fans there must be ecstatic ^^ Not often for him to go up there due to security reasons... so nice ^.^

    Starlings are getting crazy! HJ sang right in front of them for 2 min! ^^

    HJ is intent on bringing the house down! He's standing on elevated areas, jumping from seat to seat... all over the arena!

    Break Down again for encore! So we have 6 songs now? More? ^^;;

    HJ Jap encore is always a sight to behold... how he tries to get to every fan. Nightmare for security but dream come true for many fans^^

    HJ at encores snakes thru fans, jumps across seats, climb onto high points, even brings his own self-made stool to stand on...all for fans!

    Fans waiting outside for Wuri Only One.

    Thank u for supporting HJ! Band members: Miguel drums julia bass dominic bass alex guitar sunny keyboard; backup vocals mark eunae jiyoung

    HJ has left the venue... in the same black t with green heart and beanie ^^

    HUGE THANKS to Starling Jacq @jwong283 & Starling Jo @neongreenribbon for their kind updates during the concert \^.^/


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    KIM HYUN JOONG 2013 Japan Unlimited Tour (The Finale)

    [TweetBits/TwitPics] KIM HYUN JOONG’s FINALE @ Hiroshima – 2013.03.25

    [Trans] TOUCHING MOMENT with KHJ @ Hiroshima Day2 – 2013.03.25

    Credit: HollisHyun

    Credit: murdererq

    ※재업로드,2차 변형 금지!!!

    This is the one I LOVE most in this Tour together with the one in Kagawa hmmm hee heee heeee

    HJ ah… Really appreciate your hard work and I am sooo glad for having such a amazing Journey….

    p.s. Please Please Please DO NOT CRY in front of me again T_T

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    KIM HYUN JOONG 2013 Japan Unlimited Tour

    Kim Hyun Joong’s Japan nationwide tour ended,”concerts with 100% satisfaction” for 60,000 fans – 2013.03.27
    Tweet by : OceanGreen-SS501 @KRIS_0707
    Source: Hong Kong’s Wen Wei Po

    JapanTour2013UNLIMITEDKimHyunJoong Fansong

    Credit: hinokosan0076

    [Fan Account] 2013 Kim Hyunjoong Unlimited Japan Tour Hiroshima (last stop)

    [HQ Photos] KIM HYUN JOONG 2013 JAPAN UNLIMITED TOUR @Hiroshima Day2 – 2013.03.25

    [Info] A Henecia bought a star for KHJ at Orion Galaxy which will come into force on Apr 14th 2013.

    Credit: @a40Santos39 reposting this here ………………….

    The STAR certificate and location has been posted by the blog mention earlier. I wanted to wait bcz I made them a promise. But what I wrote was changed a little by the person who posted the message in hyunnies pexer’s blog. This is what I wrote.

    To: KHJ this might actually be crazy. There was a video posted on youtube that actually gave me the courage to write this now I was not going to write or even say anything. But here it goes. Once you said you wanted to go to space. That maybe a little harder to do one way, but in another you can so there for I named a STAR a real STAR after you. I sent the package to your fan mail but you receive multitudes of fan mail. But see me writing this is crazy bcz that’s not the kind of person I am. But is not about me is about you. You are in space by name and also the actual package launch is in April. Now having to do a world tour does not mean you are on top of the world. But see bcz of the STAR named after you in the ORION GALAXY which is closest to Earth puts you on top of the world. There for: You KHJ are on top of the world you deserve this to the fullest. Here is the song I wrote in an earlier post. Twinkle twinkle little STAR how I wonder what you are up above the sky so high like a diamond there you shine KHJ. I did not write the song its actually a kids song but it goes with the STAR. Good Luck! KHJ.

    Kim Hyun Joong’s Wax Figure for Madame Tussauds Unveiled

    Credit: http://mwave.interest.me/enewsworld

    Kim Hyun Joong’s completed wax figure has been unveiled.

    The world-famous Madame Tussauds previously announced in November that it was working on a full wax figure of the popular hallyu star and had promised its unveiling in December.

    The completed figure was finally unveiled on December 21.

    Costing some 200 million won to create, the completed replica shows Kim Hyun Joong standing in a charismatic pose in a black leather outfit with his arms to his side as he gazes off into the distance.

    After having gone through a three-hour sitting for the wax figure artists, Kim Hyun Joong was nearly perfectly replicated, down to his accessories and shaggy hair.

    The completed figure will be housed in the upcoming Busan Madame Tussauds which will be opening n March of 2013.

    Kim Hyun Joong’s figure will be joined by such stars as Bae Yong Jun, Nichkhun, Michael Jackson, Spiderman and more.

    Photo Credit: Madame Tussauds

    Credit: KimHyunJoongThailand


    [Info] KIM HYUN JOONG WAX FIGURE to be Displayed in Australia
    Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong Wax Figure to be displayed in Sidney Australia [네이버] 뉴스 : 한류스타 김현중 밀랍인형, 호주에서 전시

    Source: http://news.naver.com/

    Kim Hyun Joong’s Madame Tussauds Wax Figure gets kissed at the Sydney Tower Eye

    In this handout image provided by Madame Tussauds, the wax figure of Korean entertainer Kim Hyun Joong receives a kiss on the viewing platform on SKYWALK at the Sydney Tower Eye on May 7, 2013 in Sydney, Australia. Kim Hyun Joong’s wax figure was sculpted after he completed a sitting in 2012 and is wearing clothes personally donated from the star which he wore on his 2012 tour of Asia.
    Meanwhile, Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong will release his 3rd japanese single called ‘Tonight’ on June 5th.

    Credits: Kpop7Seven Tip: rzrblade
    Take out with full & proper credits
    Pics: Gettyimages
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    [News] To see Kim Hyun Joong!… Tickets to Okinawa sold out

    Credit: @501wangja

    Local movie festival’s special stage… Japan’s domestic flight tickets sold out in a flash.

    Singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong is heating up Okinawa.

    Kim Hyun Joong will be performing at the “5th Okinawa International Movie Festival” to be held at Okinawa’s Ginowan City, after this news was released, Japan’s domestic flight tickets to Okinawa were sold out, enormous crowd gather at Okinawa to see Kim Hyun Joong.

    The Okinawa Convention Center that Kim Hyun Joong will be performing at can hold 2000 people, Okinawa Movie Festival’s related personnel said “The entrance tickets were sold out very early, enquiries on the tickets came in non-stop from other areas in Japan, flights to Okinawa were all sold out.”

    Kim Hyun Joong arrived in Okinawa on the 26th, on the 27th Kim Hyun Joong will be resting for only a day to enjoy scuba diving water sports, and will be performing on the 28th. The person-in-charge expressed “The day of Kim Hyun Joong’s performance, received official invitation from the movie festival, PD Lee Yong Joo of ‘Introduction to Architecture’ will also pay a visit to Okinawa. Korea’s music and movie will meet in Okinawa.”

    Meanwhile, began on 6 Jan starting from Kobe, 11 cities Japan nation tour ended and Kim Hyun Joong will return to Korea after the special performance at Okinawa ends.

    (News: http://news.nate.com/view/20130328n02607 + trans: kelemama)

    [TweetBits/TwitPics] KIM HYUN JOONG’s OKINAWA Beach Stage Special Live – 2013.03.28
    OKINAWA FILM FESTIVAL Bits and Pieces – 2013.03.28
    [Media Photo] Hyun Joong @ 5th Okinawa International Movie Festival


    [HollisHyun Fancams] Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 Okinawa Rehearsal Videos – 2013.03.28

    [News] Kim Hyun Joong Wins Best Actor Award at the ′Okinawa International Film Festival′

    Credit: enewsworld.interest.me

    Kim Hyun Joong won the Best Actor Award at the 5th Okinawa International Movie Festival.

    The Project Creators Factory ceremony, which aims to dig up new talents to lead the next generation, was held on March 28, and Kim Hyun Joong won the Best Actor Award for his appearance in his music video for Lucky Guy.

    The singer appeared in person this day in a black tuxedo, and fans promptly screamed out their joy at the sight of him.

    Judge Okuyama praised, “He has an aura of James Bond, the likes of which are rarely seen in Japan. He′s a handsome man like Yujiro Ishihara and Keiichiro Akagi.”

    Kim Hyun Joong said, “I was touched by the Japanese film Be with You. I hope to film a movie in Japan someday.”

    Kim Hyun Joong performed at the Music Stage, the highlight of the ceremony, to great applause. He sang a total of 12 songs, including his hits Heat, U and I′m Yours, before 2,000 fans.

    [News] Kim Hyun Joong Wins Award at Okinawa International Film Festival

    On March 28, singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong won the “Best Male Actor” award for his role in the music video, “Lucky Guy,” at the ”5th Annual Okinawa International Film Festival.”

    Okuyama, a judge at the festival complimented the artist, stating, “He has the aura of James Bond, which is hard to find in Japan. “

    During his award speech, Kim Hyun Joong revealed, “I was touched by the Japanese move, ‘Be with You’.” He added, “I would also like to act in a Japanese movie.”

    The artist also performed 12 songs at the event, including his hits, “Heat,” “U,” and “I’m Yours,” in front of 2000 fans.

    Kim Hyun Joong will be heading to Laos, Vietnam, and other Southeast Asian countries from April 4 to April 8 to film for SBS’ upcoming variety show headed byKang Ho Dong. He is joined by actor Yoon Si Yoon and singer Kim Bum Soo, among others. The producer is Jang Hyuk Jae of “Family Outing“ fame and the show will have its members travel around to different countries completing missions. The show will air after the finale of “K-Pop Star Season 2.”

    Credit: murdererq

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    [2013.04.03] [Tweet Updates] KIM HYUN JOONG’s New Variety Show

    Credit: : @Triplekwan501: New Duo !!! 😬😄😁

    Credit: @5StarsAs1

    [KHJ] According to latest Korean news, the SBS variety programme will be titled ‘Barefoot Brothers (맨발의 형제들)’ instead of ‘Dream Route’

    [KHJ] According to SBS news 2 mins ago, the SBS programme is NOT confirmed to be ‘Barefoot Brothers’.

    [KHJ] However, the SBS representative mentioned they will announced the confirm title for the programme before the first shooting.

    [KHJ] The production team are still discussing some matters for the show before deciding the confirmed title. If possible, the confirmed title will be announced before first shooting which is on 4th April.

    [KHJ] Another news stated the SBS programme might be titled ‘Barefoot Friends’ but yet to be confirmed. Also, news also confirmed Lee Su-Geun will NOT be joining the programme due to conflicting schedules with his current ’1D2N’ filming.

    Credit: 민 (Minao) ‏@Minao_UFOH606

    (Correct) 13-4-4 HJ flight schedule from Incheon to Ho Chi Minh City KE

    Credit: Lala, Henecia ‏@howlovelylala

    #김현중예능출격 “The Barefoot Friends” confirmed as KHD’s sbs show title http://m.news.naver.com

    HJ’s new show title can be called “men-chin”, short for “menbale chingoodle” pronounced in Korean #김현중예능출격

    Credit: TheAlienPrince ‏@AlienPrinceKHJ 14m

    So this is final? Title will be ‘Barefoot Friends’ and final 8 members (minus Lee Su Geun) http://star.mt.co.kr

    [Info] 7 KHJ-fansites from Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Thailand & Korea gathered to support Kim Hyun Joong who came back with a new variety show

    Credit: DeannaDsc

    7 KHJ-fansites from Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Thailand & Korea gathered to support Kim Hyun Joong who came back with a new variety show. We warmly welcome Barefoot Friends who look for the true meaning of life’

    LovingKimHyunJoong, Doublena Hyun. @ Magic Yin Kim Hyun station, hyuniversal0606 ,KHJPERFECT and Kim Hyun Joong Chinese Mother Fans.

    Included are: sunscreens, after-sun care & whitening masks for outdoor shooting, eye masks for swollen eyes & dark circles, spray toners for moisturizing, multi-vitamins & red-ginseng for replenishing his energy.


    [2013.04.16] Schedule updated for Barefoot Friends broadcast on April 21 and 28 at 4:55 PM KST

    Source: http://hyun-joong.com
    Credit: TheAlienPrince ‏@AlienPrinceKHJ

    Schedule updated for Barefoot Friends broadcast on April 21 and 28 at 4:55 PM KST

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    Photos Credit: Ahlia0606

    *Just click on the images to take you to the following sites *

    BAREFOOT FRIENDS from DramaCrazy




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    KIM HYUN JOONG's Third Japanese Album: TONIGHT

    [2013.06.04] Kim Hyun Joong CDCommemoration release event at Nakano Sun Plaza plus “KHJ TONIGHT Poster”

    [2013.06.04] Kim Hyun Joong CD Commemoration release event at Nakano Sun Plaza (Part 2)
    [김현중 Media Photos] Kim Hyun Joong @ Nakano Sun Plaza – 2013.06.04

    [News] Kim Hyun Joong Celebrates his album release in Japan with 10’000 fans - 2013.06.05

    Source: allkpop

    What better way to celebrate an album release than with fans? Well, Kim Hyun Joong did just that by hanging out with 10,000 fans who attended his fan meeting in Tokyo.

    The multi-talented hallyu star held an event on the 4th at Nagano Sun Plaza in Tokyo, where he unveiled the music videos for his new tracks, such as “Tonight” and “Cappuccino”, from his third Japanese single album ‘Tonight’.

    Japanese fans also showed their love for Kim Hyun Joong by singing “Happy Birthday” in Korean to celebrate the singer’s upcoming birthday on June 6.

    The gracious star also entered the crowd to shake hands with his fans who attended the event, spending 6 hours to greet and thank them. Unfortunately, an additional 8,000 fans waited outside as they couldn’t make it into the packed venue.

    HJ's TONIGHT #2 on Day 1 in Oricon Daily Chart
    Source: http://www.oricon.co.jp

    [News] B-day boy Kim Hyun Joong sells 100,000 copies of new single

    Source: http://mb.com.ph/Entertainment/Enter...e#.UbAvMthdyQ1
    By Jonathan M. Hicap
    Published: June 6, 2013

    Kim Hyun Joong at his fan event in Japan (Photos by KeyEast Entertainment)

    Korean star Kim Hyun Joong is celebrating his 27th birthday today, June 6, and has released his third Japanese single as a gift to fans.

    The singer released his maxi single “Tonight” on June 5 and in just one day, it sold 101,818 copies to rank second on Japan’s Oricon daily singles chart. It also contains two other songs and was released in five different CD covers.

    “Kim Hyun Joong is ranked #2 in Oricon Japan Chart today, selling over 100,000 copies on the 1st day of release! Let’s Go!!! #GOLD,” posted Steven Lee, the main album producer, on his Facebook page.

    Lee co-wrote “Cappuccino,” which is included in the maxi single.

    To celebrate the release of his new single, Kim Hyun Joong held a premium event at the Nakano Sun Plaza concert hall in Tokyo.

    About 2,200 fans packed the concert hall and about 8,000 fans waited outside the venue.

    For six hours, Kim Hyun Joong shook hands with each fan in the venue to show his appreciation for their support.

    “It’s a given that he shows mature music every time he releases a new album, but it’s Kim Hyung Joong’s special charm to take care of the well-being of his fans, who have waited a long time to see him – that’s something you don’t find in every star,” said a staff of the single’s publisher, according to ENewsWorld.

    Kim Hyun Joong is also giving his Korean fans a birthday gift with the release of his digital single “Why I’m Alive” today.

    “Kim Hyun Joong has been trying to figure out a special event for fans in Korea as his promotional activities abroad with his Japanese and Asia fan meeting tours took over a long period of time. He was pondering what he should do to repay for his fans’ love, and he decided to release a new single album on his birthday,” according to KeyEast Entertainment, Kim Hyun Joong’s agency.

    This is his second digital single since he released “Marry Me” in 2011.

    He will hold his Seoul fan meeting called “2013 KHJ Show – Party People” on June 8.

    Last March, Kim Hyun Joong won the best actor award at the 5th Okinawa Movie Festival in Japan.

    Kim Hyun Joong, who was born on June 6, 1986, debuted as the leader of boy band SS501 in 2005.

    [News] Kim Hyun Joong Greets Fans for Over 6 Hours at Fan Meeting in Japan

    Kim Hyun Joong Meets With Fans For Six Hours

    For a total duration of six hours, Kim Hyun Joong shared unforgettable memories with Japanese fans in attendance at his premiere event for the new single, “Tonight.” According to Kim Hyun Joong’s management company, the event that took place at Tokyo’s Sun Plaza on June 4 brought out around 10,000 fans.

    Starting with handshakes, the K-pop star shared his recent whereabouts and personal stories with the fans and also premiered his music video of “Tonight.”

    With Kim Hyun Joong’s birthday fast approaching on June 6, the Japanese fans had a bit of a surprise in store for the unsuspecting celebrity. The fans began to sing the happy birthday song in Korean and presented an extravagant bouquet.

    At the press conference that followed after the fan meeting, reporters from Fuji TV, Nippon TV and many other media networks were in a frenzy to get an interview with Kim Hyun Joong.

    An associate from Universal Music commented, “Kim Hyun Joong matured a lot in terms music style and talent as well as his sensitive care for his fans He is concerned about their well-being, which is one of the reasons that he has a deep fan base in Japan. A guy like him is hard to find in entertainment circles.”

    source: http://www.kpopstarz.com/articles/30...-six-hours.htm

    [News] Kim Hyun Joong becomes first solo Korean artist to sell over 100,000 copies for first 3 Japanese singles
    Kim Hyun Joong has set another record for himself.

    On June 11, Japan’s music chart company Oricon stated, “All 3 of Kim Hyun Joong’s Japanese singles have consecutively sold over 100,000 copies in the first week of release. It’s the first time this has occurred for any Korean solo singer active in Korea.”

    His newest single ‘Tonight” sold 116,000 copies in the first week, placing him at #2 for both the Oricon daily and weekly charts only behind Japan’s SMAP. His previous singles “KISS KISS / Lucky Guy” and “HEAT” have also achieved over 100,000 sales in the first week of release.

    Kim Hyun Joong’s label in Japan, Universal Music Japan said, “Looking at his large fanbase, the sales of his first 3 Japanese singles in addition to his first Japanese album ‘Unlimited’, the effect Kim Hyun Joong has on the Japanese music market is very big.”

    Congratulations to Kim Hyun Joong!

    [News] Kim Hyun Joong, the first Korean solo singer to sold more than 100,000 copies for 3 consecutive Japanese singles

    Tweet by: TheAlienPrince ‏@AlienPrinceKHJ

    Kim Hyun Joong, the first Korean solo singer to sold more than 100,000 copies for 3 consecutive Japanese singles

    Source: http://www.newsis.com


    Credit: 잠꾸러기현중 ‏@jamkkuleogihj

    TOWER RECORDS ONLINE 가게 전체 종합 싱글 차트 2013/06/03 – 2013/06/09 김현중 TONIGHT 2위


    [Info] Kim Hyun Joong Japanese Album ‘Tonight’ Certified Gold Record in Japan

    credit: @elley0606


    [HQ Screencaps] Kim Hyun Joong “TONIGHT MV” ( 김현중 / キム・ヒョンジュン)

    [HD Screencaps] Kim Hyun Joong ( 김현중 / キム・ヒョンジュン ) – “Cappuccino MV”

    [HD Screencaps] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중キム・ヒョンジュン) – “TONIGHT THE MAKING”

    [HD Screencaps] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중キム・ヒョンジュン) – CAPPUCCINO THE MAKING

    [HD Screencaps] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중/キム・ヒョンジュン) – “TONIGHT : 君だけを消せなくて”

    [HD Screencaps] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중/キム・ヒョンジュン) – ” 君だけを消せなくて THE MAKING”
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    Happy birthday kim hyun joong!!!

    Fans All Over The World Celebrated Kim Hyun Joong’s Birthday!

    [News]Kim Hyun Joong releases surprise single for fans “Why I’m Alive…” as he celebrates his birthday!

    (Digital Single) Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) – 나 살아있는 건 (The Reason I Live) [Hangul + Romanize Lyrics] – 2013.06.06

    Reposted from: http://kathysbench.blogspot.com

    (Digital Single) Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) – 나 살아있는 건 (The Reason I Live)



    멍하니 서있었어 아무말도 못하고
    meong-ha-ni seo-i-sseo-sseo a-mu-mal-tto mo-ta-go
    정신이 없어서 그대 내게 오는 길
    jeong-si-ni eop-sseo-seo geu-dae nae-ge o-neun gil

    나 너무 설레서 바보처럼 한참을 웃었어
    na neo-mu seol-le-seo ba-bo-cheo-reom han-cha-meul u-seo-sseo

    사실 나 아픔이 많아서 쉽게
    sa-sil na a-peu-mi ma-na-seo swip-kke
    누구도 맘을 못열죠
    nu-gu-do ma-meul mo-syeol-jyo

    그대는 정말 했어요
    geu-dae-neun jeong-mal hae-sseo-yo
    나 같은 사람을 해냈어요
    na ga-teun sa-ra-meul hae-nae-sseo-yo
    아무말도 못하게 만든 하나뿐인 내 사람
    a-mu-mal-tto mo-ta-ge man-deun ha-na-ppu-nin nae sa-ram

    나 살아있는건 너야
    na sa-ra-in-neun-geon neo-ya
    바로 너 하나뿐야
    ba-ro neo ha-na-ppu-nya
    모두 안된대도 정말 안되더라 넌
    mo-du an-doen-dae-do jeong-mal an-doe-deo-ra neon

    두손 꼭 잡으면
    du-son kkok ja-beu-myeon
    내가 사는 이유 느끼고
    nae-ga sa-neun i-yu neu-kki-go
    살죠 또 살죠 나 살아있는건 너야
    sal-jjyo tto sal-jjyo na sa-ra-in-neun-geon neo-ya
    한숨이 자꾸만 늘어서
    han-su-mi ja-kku-man neu-reo-seo
    매일 가슴만 짓누르다가
    mae-il ga-seum-man jin-nu-reu-da-ga
    그대가 곁에 없음을 살아도
    geu-dae-ga gyeo-te eop-sseu-meul ssa-ra-do
    사는게 아닌 난데
    sa-neun-ge a-nin nan-de

    내 심장에 가까운 소리
    nae sim-jang-e ga-kka-un so-ri
    하나 뿐인 그대 목소리
    ha-na ppu-nin geu-dae mok-sso-ri
    나 살아있는건 너야 바로 너 하나뿐야
    na sa-ra-in-neun-geon neo-ya ba-ro neo ha-na-ppu-nya

    모두 안된대도 정말 안되더라 넌
    mo-du an-doen-dae-do jeong-mal an-doe-deo-ra neon
    두손 꼭 잡으면 내가 사는 이유 느끼고
    du-son kkok ja-beu-myeon nae-ga sa-neun i-yu neu-kki-go

    살죠 또 살죠
    sal-jjyo tto sal-jjyo
    나 살아있는건 너 때문이야
    na sa-ra-in-neun-geon neo ttae-mu-ni-ya
    남자로 태어나 지금껏 살아온 동안
    nam-ja-ro tae-eo-na ji-geum-kkeot sa-ra-on dong-an

    한번도 고개 떨군적 없던 내가
    han-beon-do go-gae tteol-gun-jeok eop-tteon nae-ga
    너여줘서 고마워 um~
    neo-yeo-jwo-seo go-ma-wo um~
    살아있는건 나 살아있는건 너 때문이야
    sa-ra-in-neun-geon na sa-ra-in-neun-geon neo ttae-mu-ni-ya

    바로 너 하나뿐야 모두 안된대도
    ba-ro neo ha-na-ppu-nya mo-du an-doen-dae-do
    정말 안되더라 넌 두눈에 가득찬
    jeong-mal an-doe-deo-ra neon du-nu-ne ga-deuk-chan

    눈물이 다 말해주네요 살자
    nun-mu-ri da mal-hae-jju-ne-yo sal-jja
    또 살자 살자 um~
    tto sal-jja sal-jja um~
    나 살아있는건~
    na sa-ra-in-neun-geon~

    The translation of “The reason I Live” by Kim Hyun Joong 김현중

    Tweeted by Lala, Henecia ‏@howlovelylala

    #HAPPYHYUNJOONGDAY 김현중 ‘나 살아있는 건’ Kim Hyun Joong, expressing his feeling of gratitude to his fans ‘The reason I exists is you, who keep loving and supporting me’, through the lyrics of the song.

    김현중, 너여줘서 고마워. 사랑해♥
    HJ. thank you for being you ♥♥♥

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    KIM HYUN JOONG Party People

    [Fancams/Photos] KIM HYUN JOONG 2013 SHOW Fanmeeting Concert PARTY PEOPLE – 2013/06/08
    [Fancams/Photos Part 2] KIM HYUN JOONG 2013 SHOW Fanmeeting Concert PARTY PEOPLE – 2013/06/08

    [Fancams/Photos Part 3] KIM HYUN JOONG 2013 SHOW Fanmeeting Concert PARTY PEOPLE – 2013/06/08

    [Fancams/Photos Part 4] KIM HYUN JOONG 2013 SHOW Fanmeeting Concert PARTY PEOPLE – 2013/06/08

    [Fancams/Photos Part 5] KIM HYUN JOONG 2013 SHOW Fanmeeting Concert PARTY PEOPLE – 2013/06/08
    [Fancams/Photos Part 6] KIM HYUN JOONG 2013 SHOW Fanmeeting Concert PARTY PEOPLE – 2013/06/08
    [Fancams/Photos Part 7] KIM HYUN JOONG 2013 SHOW Fanmeeting Concert PARTY PEOPLE – 2013/06/08
    [Fancams/Photos Part 8] KIM HYUN JOONG 2013 SHOW Fanmeeting Concert PARTY PEOPLE – 2013.06.08
    [Various Fancams] KHJ SHOW PARTY PEOPLE plus ENG TRANS :: 김현중 Kim Hyun Joong Lotte FM – 2013.06.08

    Phoitos Credit: griggin0606

    [Translation+ Video] Kim Hyun Joong Last Talk Before Encore at PARTY PEOPLE


    English translation: @howlovelylala
    Video credit to: onlyleader HJ

    【EN TRANS :: 130608 김현중 KHJ Last Talk Before Encore at PARTY PEOPLE 】

    0:16 The last song… I feel like I have to sing.. (Audience: Let’s stay up all night!!)

    0:28 I don’t feel not good enough to stay up all night. (giggling)

    0:33 okay, it’s my birthday party, well not a pary though, it’s my birthday party and my 6th debut anniversary, (corrected) 8th debut anniversary as well. (Audience : Congrats!!)

    0:52 So quickly.

    0:55 Well, what I was talking about? We receive 12 years of (formal) schooling, right? We don’t? We receive 12 years of schooling. (Audience : you don’t count years for college)

    1:18 College education is not a schooling. All my friends haven’t been to college but they eat well and live well. Well, they work at night though. (all laugh) Of course it’s better if graduate college.

    1:47 It’s my birthday, and it’s very grateful to see many fans come together to celebrate my birthday. I will keep making great efforts on and on for my fans and also for a person, Kim Hyun Joong to become more mature. As I told you before, I should be also happy so that you guys can feel happy to see me. (Audience: yes~)

    2:22 For me, as I always say, I feel happiest on the stage. (applause)

    2:33 I will sing on the stage and act on TV as a happy person somehow, you guys, anytime, when you feel down, please be happy again because of me.

    2:57 For today’s ending, I think this song best fit. I will sing ‘Let me be the one’

    [Aegyo Photos by nomad0606] KIM HYUN JOONG @ Party People – 2013.06.10
    Credit: nomad0606

    [HQ Photos by Ahlia] KIM HYUN JOONG 2013 SHOW Fanmeeting Concert PARTY PEOPLE – 2013/06/08

    [Photos by 賢나의천국】 and DoublenaHyun] KIM HYUN JOONG 2013 SHOW Fanmeeting Concert PARTY PEOPLE – 2013/06/08
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    [News] Kim Hyun Joong celebrates his birthday with 5000 fans – 2013.06.10

    On 8th, Kim Hyun Joong held ‘Kim Hyun Joong Show Party People’ at Koryo University in Seoul. After 1.5 years, Kim Hyun Joong finally held another fanmeet in Korea, celebrating his birthday with 5000 domestic fans.

    Kim Hyun Joong performed a total of 18 songs, including latest songs from his 3rd Japanese single ‘Tonight’ and Korean digital single ‘The Reason I’m Alive’. The fanmeet lasted for 2 hours and every moment was a joyous one for both Kim Hyun Joong and his fans.

    The highlight of the birthday fanmeet was when a VCR of Kim Hyun Joong doing ‘Kwiyomi’ was shown to fans. This came as a real surprise for his fans as they did not expect Kim Hyun Joong to do so, since he is always awkard about such cute gestures.

    During the fanmeet, Kim Hyun Joong also expressed that “I’m the happiest when I’m on stage performing for my fans, I will not forget about the good times I had with you today. I hope to return with being more matured in the future”.

    김현중 Kim Hyun Joong, gwiyomi, “Can’t do this when sober!”

    Translation: Die Hard Henecians ‏@OnlyKHJtimes

    Source: http://news.nate.com


    Official Videos Party people
    Credit: kimhyunjoong606


    Kim Hyun Joong Doing The Gwyomi @ Party People Fan meet

    Credit: HollisHyun

    Giyomi ScreenCaps by Ahlia

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    Tweeted by: DeannaDsc ‏@DeannaDsc

    Drama digest video of HJ which is not seen only in DATV! Air date: July 21 (Sun) 23:00

    Source: http://datv.jp

    [Videos] DATV Japan Special City Conquest Episode Zero

    [News] ‘Episode Zero’ of Kim Hyun Joong’s starring drama ‘City Conquest’ gives a peek at the drama that will never air

    Kim Hyun Joong‘s starring drama ‘City Conquest‘ was previously canceled with KBS deciding to drop the show from its line up, leading Kim Hyun Joong himself to withdraw from the drama as well. However, fans are now able to get a peek at what the drama could have been like if it had aired with the reveal of an ‘Episode Zero’.

    DATV, a Japanese cable channel, recently decided to air the finished scenes of ‘City Conquest’ which were shot in Japan in a special preview titled, ‘City Conquest, Episode Zero’.

    Through the snippets of the drama that never made it to the small screen, you can check out Kim Hyun Joong’s acting skills as well as BTS footage above!

    Source: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/...will-never-air

    Captures Credit: elley0606

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    KIM HYUN JOONG New Drama: ‘Inspiring Generation’ [ 감격시대 (gam-gyeok si-dae)]

    [News] Kim Hyun Joong Chosen as the Male Lead in KBS2 TV Mini Series ‘ Age of Feelings’
    Source: http://sports.hankooki.com/lpage/ent...7032894350.htm

    English Trans by: @5StarsAs1

    [News] KHJ confirmed to cast on KBS2 new Wed-Thurs drama called ‘Age of Feelings’ as the male lead. It is based on manhwa written by Park Ha-Gi and the story depicts in year 1930 Shanghai, with the theme of ‘love, friendships, patriotism and desire’

    P/S: this story’s background depicts the Japanese occupation era in Korea.. and it had been reported previously the drama will be aired on November.


    배우 겸 가수 김현중이 3년 만에 안방극장으로 돌아온다.

    김현중은 하반기 방송되는 KBS 2TV 새 수목미니시리즈 ‘감격시대’(극본 김진수 고영오 이윤환ㆍ연출 김정규)의 남자주인공 신정태 역을 맡을 예정이다. 제작사의 섭외 제안을 받고 긍정적으로 출연을 검토한 김현중은 최근 제작진과 미팅을 갖고 합류할 뜻을 밝힌 것으로 알려졌다.

    김현중은 2010년작 ‘장난스런 키스’ 이후 3년 만에 연기를 재개한다. 당초 동명 만화를 원작으로 한 ‘도시정벌’의 주인공으로 낙점돼 일부촬영을 마쳤지만 편성이 불발돼 하차 수순을 밟았다.

    한 드라마 관계자는 “한 차례 아픔을 겪은 터라 김현중은 더욱 신중히 작품을 골랐다. 연기에 대한 갈증이 컸던 만큼 ‘감격시대’에서 달라진 모습을 보여줄 것”이라고 기대감을 드러냈다.

    ‘감격시대’는 1930년대 중국 상하이를 배경으로 사랑과 우정, 애국과 욕망에 아파한 젊은이들의 이야기를 그린 드라마다. 김현중은 극중 악동 같은 영웅 신정태를 연기한다. 평소에는 엉뚱하고 덜렁대지만 가족과 나라를 사랑하고 주먹 하나로 상하이 뒷골목을 제패한 대륙 최고의 파이터이자 낭만주의자다.

    ‘감격시대’는 ‘바람의 파이터’ ‘다모’ 등으로 유명한 방학기 화백의 동명의 만화에 뿌리를 둔 작품이다. 1930년대 중국 상하이를 배경으로 사랑과 우정, 애국과 욕망에 아파한 젊은이들의 이야기를 그린 로맨틱 누아르를 표방한다.

    [News] Kim Hyun-joong comes back with a drama in 3 years

    re-posted from: http://www.hancinema.net/kim-hyun-jo...medium=twitter

    Kim Hyun-joong is coming back with the role of hero Sin Jeong-tae in the new KBS drama “Generation of Youth“.

    “Generation of Youth” is based in 1930 Shanghai about youths who go through love, friendship and passion. Sin Jeong-tae is clumsy and random at times but he is the greatest fighter in all of the backstreets of Shanghai.

    Based on the original by Bang Hak-gi, Kim Hyun-joong is finally making his first drama come back in 3 years. He was to return sooner with “City Conquest” but had to step down as it fell through.

    Source : tvdaily.mk.co.kr/read… ( English )

    Copy & paste guideline for this article
    Always put a link back to the source and HanCinema permalink

    [News] Kim Hyun Joong to possibly return to the small screen through ‘Inspiring Generation’ [ 감격시대 (gam-gyeok si-dae)]

    source: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/...ing-generation

    Singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong may be returning to the small screen after all for it’s been reported that he’s currently reviewing an offer to star in upcoming drama, ‘Inspiring Generation‘.

    The singer-turned-actor was already supposed to have made a drama comeback through ‘City Conquest‘, but many of you know, the production fell through and the drama never ended up being picked up for airing. So this news should definitely come as of interest for those anticipating his return as an actor!

    It was said actor Lee Jun Ki was also reviewing an offer for the drama, so it’s not clear if he opted out and Kim Hyun Joong was offered the role instead, or if the two are just cast for different characters.

    ‘Inspiring Generation’ is an action-packed drama which takes places in Shanghai, China during the 1930s and the stories that unfold for the youth of that time.

    His agency has stressed that nothing has been confirmed as of yet and they’re still in the reviewing stage, so keep your fingers crossed!

    [News] Kim Hyun Joong confirmed for KBS 2TV ‘Grateful Generation’

    It has been announced that singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong will lead upcoming KBS 2TV Wed-Thu drama ‘Grateful Generation’, where he will star as the hero Shin Jung Tae.

    A KBS 2TV staff revealed on July 5th, “Kim Hyun Joong deliberated over the offer for a long time after receiving it. After our final meeting yesterday, he decided to participate in the drama.”

    ‘Grateful Generation’ is an action packed drama set in Shanghai, China in the 1930s, and is about the pain suffered by youths through love, friendship, patriotism, and desires. Shin Jung Tae which will be played by Kim Hyun Joong, is described as someone who rises to prominence on the streets of Shanghai with his bare fists, but is clumsy and random at time.

    ‘Grateful Generation’ is based on the original manhwa by Bang Hak Gi whose previous works include ‘Fighter in the Wind’ and ‘Damo’. This will mark Kim Hyun Joong’s return to the small screen after a 3 year hiatus following his 2010 MBC TV drama ‘Playful Kiss’.

    Kim Hyun Joong was in the midst of filming a drama called ‘City Conquest’ since July of last year but dropped out of it in February of his year after the drama failed to secure a time slot with broadcasting stations.

    Kim Hyun Joong is currently a fixed cast member of SBS TV variety show ‘Barefooted Friends’.

    By: Park Jin Yong
    Source: http://ph.omg.yahoo.com/news/kim-hyu...-2tv-grateful-
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    KHJ & Barefoot Friends at the Gimcheon International Diving Competition - 2013.07.11

    [Notice] KHJ to attend diving competition on July 11, 2013

    Credit: 4everhyun ‏@4everhyun

    Notice KHJ to attend diving competition 7/11.15 Henecian will be invited.If u interested,plz apply via e mail.1 tix.per person

    [Application fr diving competition]
    Date: 11 JUL (Thurs)
    Location & Time : Gimcheon /detailed info. will be announced fr winner onlyApplication time: 5 JUL (Fri) 0:00 am
    Winner announcement : 5 JUL (Fri) 2 pm

    [Tweet Updates/Fancams/Photos] Gimcheon International Masters Diving Event – 2013.07.11

    Fancams Crredit: http://www.youtube.com/user/HollisHyun?feature=watch

    Published on 8 Jul 2013

    I couldn't take the diving point unfortunately.
    He dived so many times successfully.
    Hyun Joong is training the new diving skill now.
    He tried the skill and dived successfully.

    Don't re-upload, re-edit & erase the logo!
    Don't re-make any other video using my video!
    (No capture & No flash video)
    Don't move this video to everywhere that are related "We got married"

    【Translated Fan Account】김현중 Kim Hyun Joong – endless training to get over shortcomings

    According to HollisHyun (@arteHJ0606) Kim Hyun Joong practiced new diving skill on the day. Seems the new skill of diving from the head was more scary than diving from the legs. When you see her fancam below, you can see that HJ was hesitating before jumping into the water.

    However, HJ finally made it from 7.5m.

    KHJ just checked 7.5m’s height first, and right after tried to dive from the 5m board, went back to the 7.5m board and jumped into the water in a split second. So she failed to film his diving moment from the 7.5m’s board.

    She also said, KHJ was practicing platform diving, spring board diving and doing all of these more than double other members were doing.(that’s so HJ!)

    source: http://blog.daum.net/arte_hyunjoong/293
    fancam and fan account by @arteHJ0606
    translated by @howlovelylala

    [Fancams 2/Photos] Gimcheon International Masters Diving Event – 2013.07.11

    [Photos] Kim Hyun Joong @ Diving Masters Competition (Credit: CHINESE MOTHER FANS + blog.daum.net/06060306/1540 + Griffin + Miya0909)

    [Photos by Ahlia] Gimcheon International Masters Diving Event – 2013.07.11

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    KIM HYUN JOONG Third Korean Album: ROUND 3

    Round 3
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Round 3

    Round 3 album cover
    EP by Kim Hyun-joong
    Released July 22, 2013
    (see Release history)
    Genre K-pop
    Language Korean
    Label KeyEast
    Producer Steven Lee
    Kim Hyun-joong chronology
    (2011) Round 3
    Music video
    "Unbreakable" on YouTube

    Round 3 is Kim Hyun-joong's third Korean mini-album, which was released on July 22, 2013.[1]

    Two days after "2013 KHJ Show - Party People" fanmeeting in Seoul, Korea, KeyEast stated that Kim will be releasing his third mini album Round 3 on July 22.[2] Before its release, they pre-released three photo teasers: the first photo teaser shows his back muscles with Korean traditional pattern tattoos,[3] the second photo teaser shows his intense gaze downwards with a tattoo on his neck,[4] and finally the third photo teaser of him staring at the camera with intense gaze, but the focus is on his torso, which is covered with a clearer tattoo, particularly Korean goblin, emphasizing the mix of tradition and modern sounds.[5][6] Jay Park and Dok2 participated in the lyric-making as well as featuring in the songs "Unbreakable" and "Your Story" respectively.[7][8] In addition, both songs are created by Steven Lee, who produced Kim's previous Korean and Japanese albums. Also, "Unbreakable" was choreographed by Lyle Beniga and directed by Hong Won Ki, while "Your Story" was choreographed by Keone Madrid and directed by Jo Soo Hyun.

    On July 15, KeyEast announced that Kim Hyun Joong's new song and music video "Unbreakable" will be released on July 18 at 12 noon prior to the release of the album.[9] Four days later, "Your Story" MV teaser was released on July 22,[10] together with its other tracks.

    Track listing
    No. Title Lyrics Music Arrangement Length
    1. "Unbreakable (ft. Jay Park)" Lee Seung Jae, Jay Park Steven Lee, Goldfingerz, Jimmy Richard Steven Lee, Goldfingerz
    2. "Your Story (ft. Dok2)" Dok2 Steven Lee, Jimmy Richard Steven Lee
    3. "예전처럼" (As Before)
    4. "Gentleman"
    5. "I'm Yours" Steven Lee, Jimmy Richard, TC Carter Steven Lee
    6. "Let's Party" Kim Ji Hyang Steven Lee, Jimmy Richard Steven Lee
    Music videos

    [News] Jay Park and Dok2 Participate in Kim Hyun Joong’s Upcoming Album

    Source: http://mwave.interest.me/enewsworld/article/40267

    With a new Korean album in store after two years, Kim Hyun Joong decided to pay special attention to it, having Jay Park and Dok2 participate in the making.

    According to KeyEast on July 10, Jay Park worked on the song Unbreakable, helping in the writing of the rap lyrics as well as featuring in the song.

    Dok2, on the other hand, worked on the new title song, Your Story, adding in fitting lyrics to the urban R&B song. He will also be rapping.

    KeyEast stated that with the featuring of the two talented rappers will help create close to perfect songs for Kim Hyun Joong’s new album.

    The album, Round 3 will be released on July 22.

    Photo Credit: KeyEast

    Kim Hyun Joong Album Jacket for ‘Round 3′

    source: http://star.mt.co.kr/view/stview.php...pe=1&outlink=1
    credit: @onlykhjtimes
    Kim Hyun Joong catching eyes with ‘doggabi (Korean goblin) tattoo 김현중, 새 앨범 재킷 보니…도깨비 타투 눈길 http://me2.do/xztNDMny

    [News] Kim Hyun Joong shows off more tattoos in a hot teaser image for ‘Round 3′

    Kim Hyun Joong continues to leave us fanning ourselves with a new hot teaser image for his 3rd mini album ‘Round 3‘.

    Kim Hyun Joong showed off more of his new intricately drawn tattoos on his chest and fingers this time, leaving fans wondering more about the concept he plans to utilize for his return.

    Key East Entertainment stated, “Kim Hyun Joong’s new album contains tracks of various styles from powerful to soft ballads and fans’ anticipation is at an all-time high.”

    The music video for “Unbreakable” will be unveiled on the 18th ahead of the online album release of ‘Round 3′ on the 22nd. The album will also be available in stores on the 29th.

    Source: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/...ge-for-round-3

    Credit as Tagged

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