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    Good Luck!

    It is a great blue collar job! From what I have heard, anyone with some kind of medical or nursing background, for example, nurses and/or Med Techs are the most qualified for this position. Having marketing experience will also help you land the job!

    Perks include: an expense account, access to a company car, drug samples, ample supplies of ballpens, bags, etc. And with your special clietele, you get free medical consultations.

    If you don't get GSK, try Pfizer. Their main product - Viagra is still a big hot seller. The docs will treat you as a favorite drug rep and perhaps even invite you to free lunch (or a round of golf) at their clubhouses.

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    PM me for details

    if you were to work as a Med Rep, what company would you choose and why?

    hi guys, i just wanna know your opinion regarding this matter.

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    1. Janssen Pharma - subsidery of Jhonson & Jhonson
    2. Zuellig Pharma

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    PM me for details
    any idea which company offers the best benefits? any rankings?

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    Career path of a Medrep?

    Can someone tell me how it is like?



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    **excellent pharmaceutical companies to work for (medrep)**

    ...especially in terms of compensation/benefits.

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    **cool And Un-cool Things About Being A Medrep**

    pls keep em coming

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    medyo hindi raw intellectually challengingna job to, according to a friend of mine who's a med rep at pfizer. writer sya dati kaya naninibago sya. at dapat daw masanay ka na utus-utusan ng mga doctors (papahatid sa airport, papasundo, etc.). kwento nya lang yan ha, hindi first hand experience.

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    Just passed an exam at GSK. Scheduled for an interview tomorrow. What should I expect from this job? Is it really hard? And yeah, I also heard horror stories of med reps being glamorized drivers of doctors. A sister of my friend personally experienced this in Novartis. But, she took it all in. She's now in the marketing dept of Novartis.

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    im currently working in unilab not as med rep, if u ask me here's what i observed in being a med rep:
    1. yup ul b defintly a glamorized driver, u are expected to find tym for ur doctors **** madaling araw basta humingi ng favor syo sori ka u need to give in to them.
    2.minsan pabalik-balik ka sa ofis just to get ur samples.
    3.harass ka sa field at usually may car ka nga pero maglalakad ka pa rin dahil malayo ang parking sa mga hosptal[under the blazing sun rays]
    4.ul be dragging a trolley bag for ur samples while walking up the stairs ksi bawal mga elevator mga reps.
    5.pipila ka sa harap ng clinic ng doctor ksi may time kang sila pwedeng kumausap syo.

    ok so wag masydo matakot, ok namn mga benefits like:
    1. Car..balang araw syo na rin mappunta un
    2. may pa-cellfone
    3. all ur expenses can be reimburse
    4 ofcors CASH incentive
    5. not a 8-5 dead end job

    nsa tao tlaga yan if wanted all these things then go for it, lahat nmg trabaho namn mahirap basta maghanap ka *** na dapt compensated enuf ka.

    ako... all my bosses our asking me to become a med rep pero hindi ko kaya kumausap sa mga tao [lalo doctor] araw araw ng ginaw ng dyos kaya heto andito ako sa harap ng pc habang ngttrabaho....

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    sabi nila mas malaki daw *** salary pag sa drug manufacturers (like pfizer?) ka talaga mag work kesa daw sa mga distributors lang (zuellig?). totoo ba yun?

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    medical representatives

    hi, interested akong mag apply as a medical rep. baka meron kayong alam na magandang company. baka may alam kayong contact person na pwede kong bigyan ng resume. hehe

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    Apply at Janssen pharma....subsidery ng Jhonson & Jhonsons (J&J)

    every 5 years BAGO TSIKOT MO.

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    medical representatives

    gumawa ako before ng thread about finding a job as a medical representative but i cant find it anywhere. so i made a new one.

    guys, may alam ba kayo na magandang company to work for as a medical representative? maybe there are some med reps here. help me out pls. im interested kasi about the job e. thanks

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    I'm a new med rep, and I love my work.. this is the job that I want after working in an office for 3 years.. daming perks dito and hawak ko ang oras ko.. so far, all the posts here are true.

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    ei, *** company are you working for?
    can you give me an idea about the benefits and the pay?
    panu ba commissions dyan? and pwede ka ba pumili ng area mu?
    kung di pwede dito yun mga answers to my question, pls email them to me. [email protected]
    ill be waitin for your reply. thanks ; )

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    I sent you an email =)

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    hi wittygurl! that's nice to hear... i was supposed to switch from office job to medrep last year eh kaso nag ka problem before.. but i'm thinking to shift na for real this time. just like skull breaker asked, can you give me the details as well? you can send the answers to [email protected] thanks! hmmm i assume you're pretty ..

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