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    Nancy Binay's Temporary Protection Order

    Court grants Nancy Binay’s TPO (temporary protection order) petition against any kind of discussion, debates and any form of public appearances where she will make herself look dumb, whom she accused of being a “waste of time and brain function”

    She should just quit now, while it’s still possible. The Senate is clearly not for her. She’ll drop dead before she even finishes her full term as a senator. Waste of time. I’m sooo angry that she has 98.9% chance of winning.

    The TPO is said to be good for 30 days, way past the election period, but Nancy’s legal counsel made a petition to make the protection order permanent so as to avoid other instances of embarrassing herself if ever elected into office. The proceeding is rescheduled on April 28 to 30.

    According to Fraves, the TPO granted by the Makati RTC yesterday prohibits Binay from coming within 100 meters to any form of event or gathering, where a candidate must prove their worth to the electorate, any organized scenario where Nancy is susceptible to mudslinging and or subjected to embarrassment that may cause emotional toil on the petitioner and possible health risks.

    Makati Regional Trial Court:

    The request came after the camp of Nancy Binay tried to rehearse a mock debate with one of her personal assistants in an undisclosed location, to see if their bet was indeed incapable of participating in a debate.

    The chosen personal assistant to face her was none other than her own 8-year-old son, Julius Benedict Binay Angeles.

    In the words of one insider privy to the secret mock debate, “I’ve never seen a son dominate her mom the way Julius did.”

    “First topic palang, tameme na agad si Ma’am Nancy eh (Nancy was already tongue tied even on just the first topic)!” said our source.

    “She was standing there shaking, obviously petrified,” said another. “You can literally see sweat dripping from her forehead and all she could do was take a sip of water!”
    Binay was apparently speechless and emotionless for a whole 27 minutes before demanding a “break” from the rehearsal.

    “Her parents had to calm her down to get her composure back, to which it took them a whole 2 hours before bringing her back to a normal state.”

    That was when her father, Vice President Jejomar Binay decided to go to the courts to ask her daughter to be barred from any debates.

    “For health reasons,” said the older Binay, when asked for a comment. “Only handshakes and pasmile-smile nalang ulit for the meantime.”

    As for the 3rd generation Binay, he quickly took to social networking site Facebook and posted a status update:

    Screengrab from Julius Benedict Binay Angeles’ Facebook status update after the mock debate:

    We are receiving rumors that Jack Enrile’s camp are also mulling filing a similar petition in the courts. Stay tuned.

    Vote wisely.


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    Spoof or not

    she doesnt deserve to win
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    alam ko galing sa spoof site itong news na ito. Maccie pakicheck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by razzer_rising View Post
    alam ko galing sa spoof site itong news na ito. Maccie pakicheck.
    opo madame, ichecheck ko

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    Thought this was a joke at first. But man, oh man.

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    Tunay ito...

    Duh... sa Makati yung court na nag-grant nito. Paki-apela sa SC.

    Sana kumalat ito sa international media...

    Grabe God Bless RP!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaccieForever View Post
    “For health reasons,” said the older Binay, when asked for a comment. “Only handshakes and pasmile-smile nalang ulit for the meantime.”
    Whose health? Jejomar's or Nancy's?

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    another senate seat na naman to be wasted for 6 years.

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    this is not really up to the voters. we know how filipinos vote. this is up to her opponent, who if they thread this carefully to their advantage, can pull an upset on the binay brand of politics.

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    It is a joke. The "Fraves" reference is left on the article posted above, with the original sowhatsnews article showing the lawyer as "Atty. Chank Fraves". We all know whose name that is a spoof of.

    Also, the article is neither in Rappler nor in Philstar.

    I myself don't like Nancy Binay gaining higher ground in surveys lately, but this really isn't fair. Locking.

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