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    I found a rant from tfc.tv Alyssa Park that makes sense and I would like to share it with you guys.

    Alyssa Park 28 minutes ago

    well, i haven’t really watched all of the epis from dec 20th onwards but i did manage to catch the epi for dec 30th, 31st & jan 1st live during broadcast & also saw some trailers. so i kinda have an idea what’s going on. something’s really starting to bug me about the #G2B storylines – it’s starting to feel rushed & busy with so many side arcs & characters whose behaviour erratically vacillates from being goodies to baddies or vice versa, symptomatic of a script that is most likely undergoing a lot of revision & costing its viewers an unwieldy storyline. the timeline also sort of doesn’t make sense anymore to the behaviourable changes going on with the characters. from what i’ve seen, the full timeline for when chichay first became joaquin’s yaya to current is only prolly a little more than 5 months – only one semester has gone by, chichay only worked 2 weeks as joaquin’s yaya then it was almost time for the semester to start so if you think about it, the timeline started about mid-may. lolo isko died on sept 11, 2013 & the storm started soon after so really it’s just a matter of maybe 5 months that this whole story has unfolded.

    so, even though i know that, being a pinoy teleserye, there will be the typical emotional rollercoaster, what i’m having a problem wrapping my head around is how characters basic behaviour can completely change back & forth in just a matter of days/weeks/few months. yes it’s possible for a goodie to become a baddie as well as a baddie to become a goodie but for god’s sake, don’t dumb this down for viewers – like i stated many, many posts ago, the pendulum is swinging way too fast, too far in such a short period of time to be really sustainable … to wit,

    a. juliana’s extreme mood swings has become way too erratic for someone “normal” – yet viewers have never been shown a window to her psyche – why juliana might be the way she is … her behaviour is too damn mad for a supposedly sane person.
    b. papa bear’s all but inexistent guilt feelings about “accidentally shooting” joaquin – we were led to believe that for 10 yrs, he was full of guilt & then when he discovers it was joaquin he resolves to make it up to him but in just a few weeks, he seems to have completely forgotten that. WTF?
    c. papa bear’s violence towards jaime – that was very jarring to me & so uncharacteristically papa bear that he kinda lost points from me due to that incident.
    d. amanda suddenly becoming a good girl – it’s great to see that amanda has a heart but how do you switch from being a super ***** whose only goal is to get joaquin to suddenly being chichay’s defender in such a very short period of time – too contrived!
    e. whatever happened to bechay’s conviction on the importance of education – that with it, no one can step on you so it’s a priority to have, yet they seem to be content for chichay to lanquish in the peryahan ?!? what are they doing for chichay to go back to school – she’s already sacrificed so much for her family starting with giving up her P10K scholarship to redeem the carousel! sheesh! i’m starting to think chito/bechay are oblivious to chichay’s real feelings after all. if they really know their daughter, they SHOULD know how she really feels & not just take her word for it since they should know that chichay will think of her family first before herself – what about chito/bechay – are they doing the same for her?
    f. what is up with this new character pedro – i mean, seriously, is he really necessary? aren’t there enough characters & arcs that need closure before new conflicts are added? maybe it’s just me but i find him excruciatingly irritating & completely gratuitous – it’s really annoying that most characters were slowly built up & this one just popped out of thin air – is this supposed to be magic interpreted literally, like a bunny rabbit that just magically materialized?
    g. now dominic is about to turn baddie … i mean, from a total goodie to suddenly just turning bad !?! so this is the exchange for amanda’s redemption … sheesh, if this can happen to amanda & dominic, then why not the san juans – since it now seems that in the #G2B world, characters can change colors so fast !!! is this supposed to be part of the “magic” too ?!?

    yup, i’m being a smart *** now cos i’m just getting pissed with how the story is progressing !!! it’s starting to have the feel of being “all over the place” – for god’s sake focus on the 2 leads !!!

    Alyssa Park28 minutes ago
    continuation ...

    isn’t two weeks enough bad vibes? i mean, honestly, what is wrong with having several episodes of just straight, raw, honest convos between characters. there’s not very many scenarios like that in this serye yet if they did that, it would be something that a lot of viewers would welcome.

    i’m just finding the storylines too fragmented at this point. and the flip-flopping of the characters’ behaviour is happening FASTER THAN USAIN BOLT ON A 100-METRE DASH !!! nakakaloka na & not in the usual funny nakakaloka way !!! it started so well with a well-developed storyline where the timeline & story flow fit perfectly but now i feel like the storylines are a lot more patchy and the timeline rushed. the linear, tightly woven, simple flow and rom com feel of the main story has somehow disappeared. the *****iness is too overstated when it shouldn’t be. there are way too many arcs that are opened but never go anywhere … is it because this serye is being extended? fine, but don’t make the storylines too busy, disjointed & giving too much time on minor characters. if the goal is to show the changes in the characters’ characteristics over time, by all means do so but please do using appropriate timelines. i don’t even mind time skips but just make it a little more believable! this is why serye extensions aren’t good when the storyline changes on the fly without much planning.

    sorry for my rant. i really like this serye & to somehow see a well-thought through storyline regress a bit to something fragmented where the story is starting to lose its essence (that is, a light rom com with 2 lead stars!!!) is frustrating & sad. if this is truly a light rom com, why has it started to feel so heavy? the tampipis don’t even sound funny anymore. they’re losing their humour – what the **** is happening ?!? i feel sad that i’m starting to lose interest in following this daily cos of the arcs that don’t look like they’ve been well thought through – like they were just hastily added to the main story … SIGH  and i think that the number of comments that have started to dwindle down in this tfc.tv forum is proof that people’s interest level is starting to ramp down. and i truly believe it is cos of this erratic storyline.
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    I appreciate how much effort the writers are trying to build a good and wholesome epic love story which gives good lessons to all the viewers via this serye but personally I think they need more practice on being creative and meticulous in writing their stories. Well more power to you G2B writers.

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    guys chillax lang alam ko marami kayo maganda ideas at suggestions, I know naman na nagbabasa rin dito ang mga witers kaya chill lang let them do their work kumbaga tiwala lang. basta ako Im just enjoying every episode ang tagal ko rin hinintay ang G2B at ayoko rin matapos din ito agad ayoko mapalitan ito agad lalo pa may Mirabella pa parating at ayoko palitan ang G2B agad agad kung pwede lang i extend pa to mas ok kasi i know matagal pa ulit bago magkaroon ng series ang kathniel. basta kung saan man dalhin ang istorya ng G2B di ako bibitaw kasi I still believe in magic hehehe...


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    Seryoso 3 months pa ang itatakbo nito?

    Going nowhere ang story eh... So tapos na ang 2013 na tag na kilig serye now na 2014 na eh parang ordinary teleserye na lang? Hehe..

    Di ko ka gets ang twists... Pampahaba lang ng series parang obligated na lang ang writers na magsulat para lang may itaping ang mga artista for the holiday airing..

    Sana lang next series ng kathniel ibang creative group naman... Ang daming magkaparehas sa pai and g2b.. Ang theme lang ng gtb ang naiba sa ibang series eh..

    Isa din ako sa di na excited manood kaya kong di panoorin the next day ang na air ngayun unlike noon na abang na abang talaga

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    YES! Mabuti naman at sinubukan na ni manang sumuway. now that is what we're talking about.

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    i want to see chichay start standing up to her family – not abandon or disrespect them but show them that they need to understand her feelings too, that she should have a say in her life too, not just them! she’s been sacrificing so much for them! i want her to start being a teen for once, not the perfect martyr that she is.
    I agree here with Alyssa Park's comment gawin nyo sana ito writers

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    Happy New Year to all!

    More power to G2B! Nakakatuwa ang mga comments dito...parang nagbabasa ako nuong mga comments sa soompi forums! Di magkamayaw ang fans sa pagkainis sa mga writers...

    While I do respect your comments...may mga ilan na I do disagree.... maraming nagsasabi na di strong at di lumalaban ang mga characters nina Joaquin at Chichay for their love... aba eh... pinapaalala ko lang na they are both 18 years old...pero they are standing firm to fight... Joaquin does not have a clue on how to live outside of their mansions and his mom's shadow pero he found the strength to do it for Chichay! Si Chichay is also fighting for Joaquin in her own way...kaya lang talagang very close siya sa pamilya nya.... si Joaquin walang pinanghahawakan dahil from the start ay naghahanap ng love sa pamilya....si Chichay from the start ay very family oriented na... kaya natural it will always be hard for her! Wala pa silang maipagmamalaking dalawa kaya di natin sila masisisi sa mga decisions nila...they are still teenagers at sa Pilipinas ang setting nito, ang mga 18 sa atin eh di kagaya sa Estados Unidos na puede nang umalis ng bahay and settle on their own.

    Ang napansin ko lang dito sa G2B ay talagang di na-consider ng kaunti ang Pasko at New Year! Lahat na yata ng Teleserye may kahit papaanong Christmas Spirit pero ito...ni parang walang ganuon! Sabagay parang start pa lang nang new semester so I guess mga November pa lang ang setting? Medyo parang may mga part din ng story na parang hango sa mga Korean drama (sorry medyo korean drama fan ako) -- kagaya lang nuong kailangang i-consider ni Chito ang mga matatanggal sa Bright Star City kung di siya aalis (just like Gu Jun Pyo sa Boys Over Flowers)... tapos iyong ilang scene naman parang sa The Heirs...

    But I do commend the acting of DJ and Kathryn...nakikita ko that they can portray their parts well ....those of 2 lovestruck couple... so naive and innocent, so in love...
    I like how Chichay went back to Joaquin to directly ask him if he is really no longer in love with her! I love it...and I love how Joaquin was dumbfounded again...nakikita mo na lahat ng talino at lakas niya eh naglalaho kapag kaharap niya si Chichay... pero nanindigan pa rin na mahal na mahal niya ito! katuwa lang.....

    So goodluck and keep it up G2B...for me...kahit lagyan pa ng ibang manliligaw si Chichay o may ibang girls na aaligid kay Joaquin.... sa kanila pa rin ang focus...ng story at di iyon naaalis!

    BTW, isang tanong lang...ilang taon ba ang mga Freshmen sa College sa atin? di ba 16? bakit sila Joaquin at Chichay 18 na? Iyong niece ko kasi graduating sa March pero 16 lang... baka lang kako may mga grades 7 and 8 na diyan? huminto ba sa schooling si Chichay kaya? nagtatanong lang po at matagal na akong wala sa atin....

    Happy New Year!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ilovekorea View Post

    BTW, isang tanong lang...ilang taon ba ang mga Freshmen sa College sa atin? di ba 16? bakit sila Joaquin at Chichay 18 na? Iyong niece ko kasi graduating sa March pero 16 lang... baka lang kako may mga grades 7 and 8 na diyan? huminto ba sa schooling si Chichay kaya? nagtatanong lang po at matagal na akong wala sa atin....

    Happy New Year!
    16-17 depende actually, na pin-point ba age ni chichay? pwede kasing mas bata sya kay wacky ng isang taon. si wacky kasi 18, pwede ring na late sya ng isang taon dahil sa nangyari sa kanya dati?

    ok imbento ko lang to

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    Naaawa na ako sa kaso ng first love story nila. Yun lang.
    At Kumpare Chito, may I remind you lang po 'no, although it hasn't been proven YET, it seems may atraso ka big time kay Joaquin, that totally changed his life. I thought you had realized that before. It doesn't make any sense. Or, maybe ganun ka lang ka-protective after everything.

    Patricia Grabeng friendzone ata ang nagaganap. hehehe

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    wow! unexpected yung scene last night! finally nagtagpo na ulit ang ChiQuin. I hope this is it na, ito na ang start na ipaglalaban ni chichay si joaquin!

    sana man lang habaan yung chiquin part, mas mahaba pa yung amanda-joaquin episode eh!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ilovekorea View Post
    Happy New Year to all!

    BTW, isang tanong lang...ilang taon ba ang mga Freshmen sa College sa atin? di ba 16? bakit sila Joaquin at Chichay 18 na? Iyong niece ko kasi graduating sa March pero 16 lang... baka lang kako may mga grades 7 and 8 na diyan? huminto ba sa schooling si Chichay kaya? nagtatanong lang po at matagal na akong wala sa atin....

    Happy New Year!
    May K-12 na dito sa pinas kaya baka ginawang applicable dito sa serye

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    nakakatuwa naman yung mga posts here. it's been awhile since the last time i posted/visited this thread. I am glad na medyo nabawasan ang exposure ng evil mom na si Juliana although nagkahiwalay ng landas sina Chichay and Joaquin atleast nafocus sa kanila yung show.

    It's ok with me kahit ma extend pa ng ilan months ang G2B (parang Please be Careful lang) as long as ma-sustain nila yung flow ng story not to the extent na para humaba na lang.

    i am still watching and will still watch G2B kung saan man abutin ang story ni Chichay and Joaquin. Like some of here, less expectations na lang.

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    Is it true na papasok si Lisa Soberano as love interest ni Joaquin?

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    Pansin ko from last night epi parang kulang sa intense yung pagkakasabi ni Joaquin kay Chichay ng feelings niya but i love that moment!

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    Push na lang nila yung Dominic-Patricia
    and Amanda-Kit kesa magpasok pa ng new conflicts sa show. They should focus more sa romantic side ng show since its a romcom.

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    Happy New Year!!!

    luker po dito, nakakaenjoy lang mag basa ng mga comment nyo dito.

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    Medyo nakakainis na ngang panoorin ang G2B ngayon. Hindi gaya dati nung umpisa.

    Hindi ko alam kung anong nangyari pero parang naging boring na nakakainis.

    Hindi na rin nakakakilig sina Chichay at Joaquin. Medyo nabawasan ang kilig nung naging sila na or nagka-aminan na sila....

    Saka medyo nakakainis na din yung palagi na lang iyak ng iyak si Chichay.

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    GREENer everyday.
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    My Joaquin!

    I am enjoying reading the posts here. Actually, this is not my account but my daughter's. I am into my 50's and recenly widowed. Ok naman ang twists ng story nila. Sometimes, let's try to be light-hearted. Sometimes we do not enjoy because we keep on looking for something which we like that they did not show. The show itself is simple and light. The TAMPIPI family is showing good positive values and thT's good. In any story, there will always be a "contravida" to make the story realistic. If you admire the actors then enjoy if not then stop watching sothat you will not be annoyed. AKO? I enjoy the face and the calmness of Joaquin's voice. His persona greatly shows his love for Chichay. Although a bit bland, Chichay compliments bJoaquin. Let's just enjoy the show while it lasts.

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    Give credits sa writters sa episode tonight...

    Kung maganda eh di. Maganda .. May papuri din naman di lahat eh puru negative comments

    Mukhang maganda ang twists na darating... So si jaime lang ang mag hk .. Tignan natin kung hangang saan ang connection ni juliana

    I love the episode tonight..

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